upvc window parts

Cost of uPVC Window Parts

uPVC window parts can often be costly to replace. Not only that but, as your windows get older, you could find that you end up doing it a lot more. Older windows leave you trapped in a vicious cycle of […]

double glazing reduces heat loss

How Does Double Glazing Reduce Heat Loss?

Installing double glazing in your home could help you reduce heat loss. Right across your living space, there are windows, doors and even conservatories that might be losing heat. Designs that use single-glazed glass don’t provide a lot of insulation, […]

modern windows

How Secure Are Modern Windows?

How Secure Are Modern Windows? Modern windows can keep your home secure and your family safe. In your current home, you may have old windows that are starting to become fragile. These designs wear down over the years and don’t […]

patio doors cost

How Much Do Bespoke Patio Doors Cost?

Bespoke Patio Doors Cost Bespoke patio doors cost as little as £455 to install in your home. The price of patio doors can vary, though, depending on the design and dimensions you decide are right for you. For example, you […]

upvc windows

Should You Choose uPVC Windows?

Should You Choose uPVC Windows? Should you choose uPVC windows for your home? Getting the right windows for it can be crucial. You can lose up to 10% of your home’s natural heat through underperforming windows, so the difference having […]

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