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Looking for aluminium windows?

When deciding on what kind of new windows you want installed onto your property, it is important that you know the full range of options available to you.

Double glazed windows are an incredibly popular commodity for any home, with millions of homes all across the UK having double glazing installed in their windows, doors, conservatories and more, because of its increased security and thermal efficiency.

While the most commonly seen material chosen for window and door frames is uPVC, standing for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, a hardened plastic resin that proves to be highly durable; Aluminium windows are becoming an increasingly popular alternative and we here at Double Glazing Quoter are dedicated to helping you find the very best window design for your property for the very best price.

By using our free online quotation calculator, you can design your very own bespoke double-glazed window from scratch. We will then put you in contact with a number of installation companies operating in your local area, who will offer competitive quotes for high-quality installation work. Our service is entirely free of charge and with zero obligation to you.

Strong, Durable and Stylish

Aluminium windows are made, unsurprisingly, from strong and durable aluminium metal. Responsibly resourced and renewable, aluminium is far more environmentally friendly than uPVC and is also able to be widely and easily recycled and remade into something new once its lifespan as a window comes to an end.

Unlike other window frame materials, aluminium doesn’t warp, crack or discolour even after years of exposure to the elements, and is also able to withstand large amounts of force from anyone trying to gain entry. Not only that but because of thermal breaks placed strategically throughout the frame, your aluminium windows trap pockets of warm air to act as a barrier; preventing any cold air from entering and stopping any warm air from escaping. This will allow your home to remain warmer for longer, meaning you do not have to rely so much on your central heating, saving you money on your energy bills and even helping to decrease your carbon footprint.

Aluminium windows are incredibly sleek in their design, with a flat, flush frame that doesn’t protrude out of the frame and potentially draw attention to itself. In fact, aluminium windows are able to suit both contemporary, minimalist homes and traditional and ornate properties.

How Much Do Aluminium Windows Cost?

Like all kinds of windows and double-glazing products, the price of an aluminium window varies on a number of factors, often relying on its size, what materials it is being made out of and what additional features you want attached. For instance, aluminium windows are a little bit more expensive than uPVC, but with an increased lifespan and superior levels of security and durability, it is worth that extra money.

Typically, an average aluminium window can cost between £150 – £450, although this price goes up with the number of windows that you want installed, as well as what kind of windows you want.

Casement windows are the most popular, being incredibly customisable and adaptable to suit your property, and are also the most affordable. However, a bay or a bow window can easily cost upwards of £1,000, because of the additional structural work that needs to be done.

If you are concerned about how much your new aluminium windows may cost, please contact a member of our team today through our online contact form or speak to your chosen installer for more information.

What Colours Do Aluminium Windows Come In?

While uPVC windows are more limited in range of colours, usually with choices of white, black, Chartwell green and a more traditional woodgrain colour, aluminium frames have potentially hundreds of different colour options.

Aluminium frames are all available to come in any RAL colour, ranging from muted, more natural tones, to bright primary colours. These colours can also be chosen for both the interior and exterior of the frame, allowing for the outside to be more natural to match the exterior of your property, while the inside can be any range of bright or dark colours to match the interior decoration of the room.

Once the colour has been applied, the frames are then covered in a special powder coating that prevents the colour from fading or bleaching even after years of exposure to direct sunlight and day-to-day use. No matter if you are looking for a natural timber-effect colour or bright yellow or blue frames, simply find the right RAL colour and your windows will be able to match your vision and your overall design aesthetic.

Planning Permission and Aluminium Windows

Planning permission can be the bane of a home improvement project, causing homeowners months of waiting around, wading through red tape and even costing more in fees. However, do you require planning permission when getting aluminium windows installed?

On the whole, no. Planning permission is typically reserved for more structural installations, such as extensions, with more cosmetic installations of windows and doors not usually requiring it. This means that your installation work can begin almost immediately from when you receive your initial quotation and can be easily completed within a couple of days to a week, depending on the nature, size and number of installations.

However, there may be certain regulations for planning permission in place if you are living in a listed property or within a protected area, such as an area of outstanding natural beauty, scientific interest or a conservation area. If this is the case, then you may require additional listed building consent from local authorities, as well as other additional restrictions depending on the type of property you live in and what agreement you have with the local planning authorities.

If you  believe that you may be affected by these regulations, it is important that you speak to your local planning authorities, local council and check online with the government’s Planning Portal for more information on building regulations.

Which Is Better: Wood or Aluminium Windows?

Wood and timber-framed windows are still a highly sought-after commodity for many traditional and period homes, thanks to their classic appearance and desirability as an ornate aesthetic. Some even go so far as to find reclaimed wooden windows and doors for an authentic look to their property. However, are timber frames all they are cracked up to be?

Over recent decades there has been a massive improvement in the manufacturing and design of windows, with uPVC and aluminium frames now able to be far more thermally efficient and secure than traditional wooden windows.

One of the downsides of timber frames is that they often suffer from general wear and tear even after a few years of exposure to the elements, with their paint and outer layers chipping, flaking and even growing damp. Because of this, wooden frames often need sanding, varnishing and repainting every few years in order to keep their appearance looking fresh. However, both uPVC and aluminium frames are able to last for almost their entire 30-year lifespan without any real need for additional upkeep or maintenance, aside from an occasional wash down to get rid of any residual dirt or grime. uPVC windows are also able to come in both natural colours and a woodgrain foil that gives it the look and feel of original wooden windows if you have your heart set on that classic look.

How To Get The Best Aluminium Windows

You naturally want to make sure that you are getting the best aluminium windows available, which is where we here at Double Glazing Quoter come in. We understand the stress that comes with choosing the right products for your home, with windows being a vital element in a home that can easily make or break the look of your property.

Because of this, we have put together our very own bespoke double-glazing cost calculator, which allows you to design your very own bespoke aluminium windows from scratch. Once this design is to your liking, we will pass it along to a number of reputable and top-quality window manufacturers and installers operating in your local area, who will offer you competitive quotes for your installation work.

Our service is entirely zero obligation, allowing you to use it any number of times in order to find the very best quote for your installation work.

Aluminium Window Security

Another major benefit of aluminium windows is their added security, being far more durable and hard-wearing than timber and uPVC windows. Being made of metal, aluminium windows aren’t able to be cracked to broken with excessive force; while uPVC is similarly hard-wearing, they are still susceptible to breaking under large amounts of force, while aluminium is far harder to manipulate.

Many installation companies include multi-point and high security locking systems installed as standard into their supplied windows, so it is always best to ask your chosen installer about standard and additional security features you can have added to make your home feel more secure against anyone trying to gain entry from outside.