average price for new windows

Average Price For New Windows

The average price for new windows in your house is between £400-600. However, the cost can vary depending on style, size, material and installer. As well as that, there are options for the type of glazing, frame and other accessories that can affect the price you pay.

When you install new windows, however, you’ll be investing in quality and performance. Today, many double glazing specialists are able to offer new windows that feature advanced technology. Because of this, you can save money across your home, make it warmer, and even keep you and your family safe with their robust design.

With a range of these windows, you’ll also benefit from bold style. Some feature sliding openings, as well as tilting frames that give you more flexibility. On the other hand, you could install windows that turn a wall of your home into a stunning view of the outside. Each one uses double glazing and slim frames to let in natural light and warmth from outside, too.

Also, new windows have outstanding insulation, meaning you can stay warm when the weather turns cold as well. As a result, the average price for new windows in your house can vary, but your comfort and warmth will be reliable all year round. With Double Glazing Quoter, you’ll only work with local specialists too, meaning you’ll get a stunning new addition no matter what.

Why Should I Get New Windows in My House?

New windows can make a genuine difference in how you use and enjoy your home. At the moment, you may feel that your house loses its heat regularly, or that your current windows are wearing down. That’s because older designs often use less efficient materials, like wood. These frames can lose their shape over time and in bad weather.

average cost of new windows

Additionally, many older windows only use single-glazed glass, which allows more heat to escape your home and more cold air to enter it. As a result, your home can grow colder, especially in the wintertime, and you can end up relying on your central heating to make up the difference. As well as that, you may want to update your windows to reflect your home’s style.

With new windows, you can invest in real quality that solves all of these issues. The average price for these designs can be less than you think, and offer you more potential to save money too. That’s because all the windows our trusted network of suppliers will provide you use market-leading materials, to ensure you give your home the best chance of staying warm.

You’ll also get a wide choice of windows when you use the suppliers in the Double Glazing Quoter network. They offer casement, tilt and turn, sash, and even bow and bay windows that all help your home save energy. With their slim frames and advanced double glazing panels, they’ll let in vast amounts of natural light that make your living space warm and welcoming.

Average Price for New Casement Windows in Your House

The average price for new casement windows in your house can range from £150-450. These designs are the most popular across the country, and a staple of efficient homes. They use a straightforward layout that combines double glazing and a slim frame. You can choose from double and triple glazing as well as uPVC, aluminium or composite frames to get the design that’s right for you.

average price for casement windows

Casement windows also help you increase the light in your home. With slimmer frames, you’ll be putting less in the way of the natural world and your home. The natural light can warm your home gradually, giving you a consistent feeling of comfort. Additionally, it can make your living area feel more spacious, providing you and your family with more freedom.

By investing in this window style, you also get the ability to customise and control its design to make it suit your home. You can choose the material of your frames, as well as the colour and finish, to add a personal touch. With many of our suppliers, you can also get A-C energy-rated glass, meaning you’ll add stunning performance to your living space.

Additionally, you’ll be able to save money. The average price for new casement windows in your house is cheaper than any other window style. That way, you can save money while also saving energy and improving your home’s comfort. With A-rated glass, you can save over a hundred pounds a year on your bills too, meaning you can pay your investment back in full.

Average Price for New Tilt and Turn Windows in Your House

Another option for your home is the innovative tilt and turn window. The average price of adding new tilt and turn windows in your house ranges from £400-700. Unlike casement windows, which only open outwardly, you can open these designs in several ways, such as upward, downward and inward. As a result, they have unrivalled flexibility and give you greater control of your home.

tilt and turn windows

Because you can open these designs in various ways, you can fit them into smaller spaces in your house. That way, you’ll add light and warmth to places you otherwise wouldn’t reach. They’re also easy to clean, as you can tilt them towards you to make them easy to wipe down. However, you won’t need to clean them much, as they use durable materials across the design.

Tilt and turn windows are particularly good options for people with busy lives. These windows can last for years, even decades to come, without regular maintenance. That’s because you’ll get toughened glazing and robust frames that are fully weatherproof so that they won’t wear down in wind and rain. You can also choose self-cleaning glass for your window too.

You can also help get the average price for new windows in your house down by getting a smaller window. As they’ll use fewer materials, they won’t cost as much, and you won’t have as long of an installation period either. You’ll also be able to get the same benefits, fit them into smaller rooms in your home, and save energy across the house, putting more money in your pocket.

Average Price for New Sash Windows in Your House

Sash windows are a timeless design, giving your home an elegant addition that stands out. The average price for new sash windows in your house ranges from £500-1000. While they are more common in traditional homes, you can add sash windows to any property and give them a window that enhances your house inside and out.

For a start, sash windows use two framed panes of glass that slide over the top of one another. You can select horizontally opening windows, or a vertical opening that lets fresh air and light flood your living space. That way, you can make your home feel brighter and more open, while also helping it to save energy.

sliding sash windows

You can also choose to invest in flush sash windows, which sit flush within the frame for a sleeker, more air-tight design. That way, not only do you reduce the space your home’s heat can escape through, but you also get a safer window that secures your living space. As a result, you’ll be able to keep unwanted visitors out, and you’ll get essential peace of mind.

Not only can you stop threats from outside, but you can even improve your home’s safety inside. With the suppliers in our network, you’ll only get sash windows that use advanced hinges and bolts. Many feature weighted springs that stop you trapping your fingers in the opening. Not only that, but your durable frames will ensure a smooth operation every time.

Average Price for New Bow and Bay Windows in Your House

If you want to give your home a stunning new focal point, then look no further than bow and bay windows. Unlike the other styles on offer, they extend outward, giving you more genuine space in your home. These designs use multiple panels of double or triple glazing in an angled design, giving you light and warmth from all sides.

bay window

Bow and bay windows have subtle differences. The crucial one is that bow windows use a softer curve with more glass, while bay windows use severe angles and more of the frame. However, they both give you outstanding energy savings, and you’ll be able to save money on your household bills throughout the year.

The average price for new bow and bay windows in your house ranges from £1050-2300, making it a more expensive investment. However, you’ll benefit from a beautiful design that can save you more money on your bills. Working with Double Glazing Quoter, you can get the most comprehensive range of offers for your new window though, meaning you’ll be able to find a stunning deal.

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