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Bay Windows Vs Bow Windows

Bay Windows Vs Bow Windows: What’s The Difference?

Bay windows and bow windows have subtle differences that make a significant impact. The first difference you’ll notice is in their looks.

Bay windows use an angled design, while bow windows use softer angles to give the impression of a curve. Because of this, bow windows use more double glazing, while bay windows are more reliant on their frames.

Bow windows, have a unique curved look. Unlike bay windows, these designs can also go around corners in your home.

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However, one thing that isn’t different between bay windows and bow windows is the cost. Both of these bold designs start at just over £1,000. While this is more expensive than many other window styles, you’ll get multiple double glazing panels, more light and more genuine space in your home.

Why Should I Get Bay Windows or Bow Windows?

Bay windows and bow windows are a classic piece of design that can light up your home. Unlike other windows, they extend a wall of your home outward to fit their impressive, angled design. Also, unlike other windows, they use multiple panels of double glazing to give your living space a panoramic view of the outside world.

These designs first rose to prominence in Victorian times, where they would be a status symbol. Today, their effect is still striking.

Bay windows and bow windows achieve a similar effect, but with slightly different designs.

Bay windows use a more angular design, with more frames for added strength and robustness. Meanwhile, bow windows have softer edges to form a curve, using more glass for added natural light and warmth.

Create a Sense of Space

In your current home, you may feel like you lack space and light. Often, older living spaces don’t put natural light at the forefront of their design. Because of this, your living area can get darker and colder. As well as that, your windows may only use single-glazed glass, which is prone to excessive heat transfer.

Because of this, warm air can escape your home through the glass, and cold air can enter it in the opposite direction. As a result, your home can become more uncomfortable, especially in the winter months. Additionally, older windows use wooden frames that can lose their shape in adverse weather, creating more space for draughts to develop.

While some windows give you the impression of adding space to your living area, only bow windows and bay windows do it for real. In these designs, they protrude from a wall in your home, creating a pocket of space that’s full of light and warmth. As well as that, their angled design concentrates light into your living space to brighten it massively.

Are Windows Are Right for My Home?

Because bay windows and bow windows come at a similar price, the choice you’ll have to make is on which is right for you. You could either choose the angled look of the bay windows or select the soft curves of the bow windows, depending on which suits you better. However, either choice you make will be a worthwhile investment for your home.

A significant factor in which design you choose could be the current style of your home. If you have a traditional property, then bow windows can give them an unrivalled period quality that stands out. Meanwhile, bay windows suit more modern homes, with their slim, clean lines complementing their design.

As well as that, your decision will depend on what you prioritise most. If you want to add a robust window that keeps unwanted weather and intruders well away, then the bay build gives you more protection. However, if you’d prefer to brighten up your space and make it more energy efficient, then a bow window than fulfil your desires.

However, both designs can do it all, meaning you won’t have to worry about sacrificing any benefits with bay windows and bow windows.

How Much Do Bay Windows and Bow Windows Cost?

Both bay windows and bow windows start at just over £1,000. However, this cost can rise depending on how you want to customise these designs. With the Double Glazing Quoter network, you’ll get all the options at your fingertips. You can choose how many panels of glazing you want, the frames and much more, to stay in control of your style.

Of course, the more panels you choose, the wider your windows will be, and the cost will also increase. Additionally, if you want to install bow windows around a corner of your home, you can expect this to cost more. However, we at Double Glazing Quoter only work with suppliers who have extensive ranges, meaning you can work within your budget.

Finally, you can drive the cost of bay windows down with our revolutionary service. Rather than find a supplier on your own, which can be risky, you’ll be sure of working with a trusted supplier with regulatory approval from bodies like FENSA. That way, you can have peace of mind that your new windows will suit your home precisely.

Get Quotes for Bay Windows and Bow Windows with Double Glazing Quoter

With Double Glazing Quoter, bay windows and bow windows are affordable options that can change your home for the better.

Start the journey to a brighter home by designing your new windows in our online quote builder. With this tool, you can customise your new windows to get a bespoke design, and then we’ll give you an instant quote for your ideas.

Then, we’ll connect you to our network of suppliers, who you can talk to to get even lower offers. You can compare their prices to get the best deal for your windows, and you’ll get an expert installation as part of your quote.