The Benefits of UPVC Double Glazing

Why Choose UPVC Double Glazing?

UPVC double glazing is quickly gaining popularity with home owners due to its durability. The British weather can often wreak havoc on the external parts of our properties and constant rain can lead to the gradual rotting away of wooden frames – putting the security of our homes at risk.

UPVC Double Glazing

This is where the benefits of UPVC double glazing come into play: unlike traditional, wooden framed windows, UPVC windows are significantly more weather-proof, and prevent damp from penetrating a frame’s surface.

Consequently, UPVC double-glazed windows require significantly less maintenance, meaning that your property stands the test of time and weather.

This also leads to the additional bonus of a dramatic reduction in your energy bills.

Energy Efficient Double Glazing

Benefits of UPVC Double Glazing

As more and more of us become concerned about our carbon footprint, making our homes more eco-friendly is a very attractive prospect. Environmentally sound, UPVC double glazed windows are also the perfect choice for maximising energy efficiency.

The vacuum between the panes of glass acts as a fail proof insulator, preventing heat from escaping whilst keeping out cold air and draughts.

Reputable installers will be able to offer your BFRC energy rated windows. This energy rating scheme tests UPVC windows on their energy efficiency and rates them according to their efficiency level. A energy rated windows are obviously the most effective but B and C energy rated windows are also seen to be very effective.

Another benefit of UPVC double glazed windows is that they come in an extensive range of different colours and styles.

This allows you to source the specific style which is most in-keeping with your home; particularly beneficial if you are looking to renovate a period property, allowing your UPVC windows to blend in seamlessly with a traditional exterior.

Indeed, developments in recent years have also extended to offering a wood grain finish for these windows, allowing you to have the age-old aesthetics of wood, without the high-maintenance demands that result: essential in an era when time is always of the essence.


UPVC Double Glazing Prices