Bespoke Coloured uPVC Windows

Coloured uPVC Windows

You can invest in bespoke coloured uPVC windows that can make your home stand out. When you invest in your home, you want to make sure it suits the style of your living space. But, in many cases, you end up having to compromise on their look. Windows and doors can sometimes come with only a handful of design options, limiting what you can do with them.

However, with Double Glazing Quoter, you can find suppliers that provide uPVC windows with a limitless range of customisable options.

Thanks to the flexibility of uPVC, you can style these windows in almost any way that you want. The material is a durable design that doesn’t fade for years and years and even retains its vibrancy while dealing with the worst conditions possible.

Because of this, you can invest in a bold and bespoke colour for your uPVC window in confidence. uPVC coloured windows won’t lose their shape, fade, rot or twist either.

Colours aren’t the only way to customise your windows. You can also outfit uPVC models with features like handles, extra locks, and visual touches like Georgian bars.

Not only that, but you can choose from a variety of woodgrain finishes which give your window timeless appeal. And, finally, you’ll be able to select from a broad range of innovative window styles which elevate the look of your home and could transform the way you use it.

Because of all this, you won’t have to settle for anything less than your ideal window. Also, no matter how you customise your windows, they’ll be able to enhance your home enormously.

You’ll be able to preserve more of your home’s natural heat, protect what matters most to you, and even save money on your energy bills. That makes bespoke coloured uPVC windows ideal.

uPVC Window Colours

When you choose bespoke coloured uPVC windows, you can make a splash in your home. uPVC is a material that will always retain its vibrant colours, meaning your windows will look like new for years to come.

You can choose from an almost endless range of RAL colours for your uPVC windows. While you could go with muted options that give your windows a professional look, like anthracite grey or a classic white, these designs allow you to be bold.

uPVC is a fully weatherproof material that doesn’t need maintenance as well. That means, unlike timber windows, you won’t have to repaint your colour on to the window. Instead, it’ll stay bold and colourful on its own, saving you time so you can spend more of it enjoying the new style of your home.

Whether you want to blend it into your home seamlessly or use it to restyle your living space completely, the options are at your fingertips.

uPVC Window Finishes

Adding a bold colour isn’t the only way to customise the look of your windows. Instead of that, you can fit your uPVC frame with an authentic finish that adds even more quality to your investment.

If you have wooden windows, you may want to retain their look and feel and preserve your home’s natural character. However, you can invest in new uPVC windows with woodgrain finishes that allow you to keep the look of timber, but without any of the drawbacks.

As well as woodgrain, you can also choose other finishes to achieve whatever look you want. If you want a window with period quality, you can fit it with stained glazing, Georgian bars and accurate handles to achieve a look that’ll fool anybody.

However, you can also modify your windows with foils and finishes that make your windows appear effortlessly modern. Anthracite grey is a particular favourite, with an understated colour that comes alive when the sun shines on it.

Customisable Coloured uPVC Windows

One of the most crucial choices you’ll make when getting bespoke coloured uPVC windows is the style of the design. There are several innovative windows out there, each of which can give your home a unique focal point.

You could choose windows that sit flush within the frame, ones that open in multiple ways or designs that genuinely create new space inside your home. You can add bold colours to your uPVC frame with every style too, so you won’t have to compromise to achieve your dream look.

Coloured uPVC Casement Windows

If you want bespoke coloured uPVC windows, then a casement design gives you limitless possibilities. You can change the colour and finish of these windows, but also how they open, how they close, and what advanced glazing they use.

Casement windows have millions of combinations to choose from, and it’s all because of their straightforward design. With double or triple glazing and a slimline uPVC profile, they brighten up your home and keep it warm as well.

Casement windows are efficient designs, too. Because of this, you can preserve more of your home’s natural heat, meaning you can control its climate more naturally. As a result, you won’t have to use your central heating as often, meaning you can save money on your energy bills.

Also, you can ventilate your home with ease, with a vast choice of opening systems. You can select from side-hung, top-hung or another opening entirely, and your coloured uPVC frame will ensure it opens smoothly.

Coloured uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows

You can customise uPVC casement windows before you buy them. However, you can change the way you use your tilt and turn windows every single day. These designs use an innovative opening system which locks into the central bar of your window.

Because of this, you can tilt the window inward, outward, and in various other ways too. That way, you can fit these windows into smaller spaces, and pull them towards you to make cleaning them a doddle.

Tilt and turn windows are also incredibly secure. You can ventilate your home even when you go to sleep, as you can open the windows while keeping them locked to the central bar. As a result, intruders will have far less space to get through, protecting you at all times.

Not only that, but tilt and turn windows are ideal for high-rise buildings, and as fire escapes. With a coloured uPVC frame of your choice, these designs are a beautiful blend of style and safety.

Coloured uPVC Sash Windows

Sash windows are stylish and sleek, sitting flush within the frame for a snug fit. Designs like these are ideal for traditional homes and cottages, as they imitate timber joinery. Due to this, you can customise them with a woodgrain finish to create a window that has a timeless quality to it.

However, sash windows are even more flexible than that. You can choose between flush sash windows, which open like standard designs or sliding sash windows which have a vertical opening which you slide upward.

Sliding sash windows are stunning options, made even better with a uPVC frame. Your coloured uPVC will protect the internal hardware of your windows. As a result, you can slide them up and down without feeling wear and tear. You’ll be able to open up your home to outstanding natural light which gleams off of your coloured uPVC frame as well, brightening your whole living space.

As the windows sit flush within the frame, there are fewer gaps for cold air to enter your home through too, making it warmer.

Coloured uPVC Bow and Bay Windows

For a grand design that provides your home with a new centrepiece, look no further than coloured uPVC bow and bay windows. These designs extend a wall of your home outward to fit their angled shapes, meaning you’ll get more genuine space in your home.

Also, with full panels of glazing, you’ll turn your living room into a front-row seat to nature. While these designs use plenty of glass, you can still fit them with a coloured uPVC frame for an extra touch of personality too.

Bespoke Coloured uPVC Window Costs

Coloured uPVC windows don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. You can add one of these stunning designs to your home for as little as £150, for a casement model with double glazing and a uPVC frame.

The cost can rise though depending on the style of window you get, the glazing you use, and the size of the window. For instance, tilt and turn windows cost around £500, sash windows £600, and bow and bay windows can cost over £1000.

However, with Double Glazing Quoter, you won’t have to spend more for customisable colour. You can get a choice of colours as part of your quote with many suppliers in our network. That way, you won’t have to spend more money to get your dream window – we believe that’s the kind of quality you should always get.

Many of the specialists from our network also have approval from bodies like Checkatrade and Which?. They’ll even install your windows for free as part of your quote.

Bespoke Coloured uPVC Windows Prices

Find better prices for bespoke coloured uPVC windows today with Double Glazing Quoter.

You can use our online quote builder to get an accurate, instant price for any ideas you have for your windows. Choose from styles, shapes, sizes and customisable colours to get the window that suits your style and your budget.

Then, we can refer your quote to our network, and you can speak to several local installers to compare their quotes and get a better deal for your coloured uPVC windows.

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