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Best Conservatory Doors

What are the Best Conservatory Doors?

With Double Glazing Quoter, you can find the best conservatory doors for your space. If you already have one of these builds, your door may not let you feel the benefits of them. However, you can replace one of these old entrances with a sleek design that uses full glazing for less.

These doors can open up your whole living space with natural light, bringing the outside in, and making your home feel more welcoming.

If you’re looking to add one of these builds to your home, getting the best conservatory doors is vital. They can make an enormous impact, inside and out. You won’t only get to choose a unique door to connect your new space to the rest of your home, but you can get one that opens up to your garden as well.

Because of this, you can make the outside world more accessible in the summer, and make your home feel closer to nature.

You can choose from a vast range of unique designs for your conservatory doors. You’ll be able to select ones that swing outward, slide inward, or even disappear entirely.

That way, you can make entering your conservatory an event every time. Not only that, but these doors use the latest technology. You’ll get a smooth operation time and time again, a robust frame that improves security, and glazing that can help you save energy inside your home.

Also, you can customise your doors with unique colours and finishes that won’t fade. These designs will be weatherproof, meaning that they won’t wear down in wind and rain. As a result, you can style your doors without worrying about them becoming tatty over time.

With a wide range of benefits and applications, these modern doors can make a transformative impact on your home.

What Conservatory Doors Are There?

There are four main types of conservatory door you can select for your space. These designs make any home stand out with their streamlined style and bold look.

You’ll be able to choose advanced glazing for the doors which lets vast amounts of natural light into your home, as well as a durable frame that prevents heat from escaping it. Because of this, the best conservatory doors will even help you save energy inside your home, reducing your household bills.

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French Doors

French doors add a touch of European flair to any conservatories. When you open these double doors, they swing outward to open your space up to the outside world. These doors come in a wide variety of sizes, and have a full aperture, meaning you can ventilate your home with plenty of fresh air.

These doors bring the outside in with full glazing panels. They’ll open up your home to warmth in the summer, but their weathertight design will keep winter well away too.

You can style your French doors with either a uPVC or aluminium frame. uPVC is a durable material that doesn’t wear down in poor conditions and doesn’t need regular maintenance like timber.

The structure can protect the internal hardware of your doors, including the hinges and security bolts. That means you can open the doors smoothly for years to come, and the design will stay secure as well, keeping you and your family safe.

Patio Doors

Alternatively, you could choose patio doors for your conservatory. These doors work on an in-line slider, meaning all you have to do is push them to one side. Then, you’ll have a wide-open space to enter your conservatory or your garden. These doors are beautiful inside and out, and they’re easy to use as well.

Because they have no swinging hinges, they can help you save space inside your living room, and their full glazing panels can bring light into any home.

You can choose from several glazing options for your patio doors too. For example, if you want a little more privacy in your home, you can install obscured glass.

The obscured glass prevents people from looking into your home, giving you a little more peace of mind. Also, you can choose self-cleaning glass for your doors. This innovative system can break down dirt, meaning you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are a bold addition to any home. They are some of the best conservatory doors in terms of opening up your home. That’s because you can get large designs that turn your living space into a front-row seat to nature.

Not only that, but you can also install them as a connecting door to your garden. These doors use multiple panels of glazing that you can fold in on each other. As a result, the door disappears into the corner of the room.

Because of this, you get a more accessible door, and more space in your home as well. Bi-fold doors are flexible too, as their design is ideal as a partition for breaking up a larger area into two, more private ones.

Also, if a member of your family has mobility issues or uses a wheelchair, you can accommodate them with bi-fold doors too. Install a low-threshold option, which lowers the clearance so that anybody can enter your conservatory or garden with ease.

Slide and Swing Doors

If you want new conservatory doors, why not go with the latest design? Slide and swing doors are a recent addition to conservatories that benefit your home in several ways. These doors work with a fixed first panel, with all the other boards working around it.

When you open the doors, you can slide each panel up to the first one and click them in place. Then, you can swing each one open and stack them together as well, giving you total flexibility in how you open them.

Slide and swing doors are also highly dependable. They use the same durable frames and internal hardware you can get in other door designs. Because of this, they’ll be air and water-tight, insulating your home no matter the weather.

As a result, you can make your conservatory more energy efficient and brighter, benefitting from more natural heat. Due to this, you can stop using your central heating as often, and save money on your bills.


Do I Need Conservatory Doors?

Each one of those designs can be the best conservatory doors for your needs. However, you may think that you don’t need doors if you want a genuinely smooth opening.

Without a connecting door between your home and your conservatory, you can walk in with ease. However, there are a few reasons why that might not be the best solution for your build.

Firstly, choosing conservatory doors for your new build can make it much easier to install. That’s because, with a connecting door, the design will be exempt from building regulations.

The rules stipulate that a conservatory can be exempt if it has a thermal barrier between it and your home, such as a fully-glazed door. As a result, adding one of these stunning designs could help you avoid the hassle of planning permission.

Also, when the weather does turn cold, your conservatory will still grow colder. The effect will be even more noticeable if you have an older build in your home. With the best conservatory doors, you can trap the cold air in your conservatory when you need to, keeping the rest of your living space warm.

That way, you can keep your living area comfortable without needing to use your central heating to make up the difference.

How Much Do Conservatory Doors Cost?

You can spend as little as £950 adding some of the best conservatory doors to your build. For an external French door with a uPVC frame, you can expect to spend around this price.

Your uPVC will protect the door from poor weather, and you can add a unique colour or finish that won’t fade as a result. However, you can also upgrade any door with an aluminium frame. These frames are sleeker, more secure and shinier, for a 15-20% premium.

uPVC patio doors can cost a similar amount for a two-panel design. But, for an incredibly sleek look, you can style these doors to have a beautiful single sheet of double glazing.

That way, absolutely nothing will block natural light entering your home. These doors can start at around £1375. For bi-fold doors, you can expect to pay closer to £2000, with higher costs for more panels, and slide and swing doors can cost slightly less than this.

However, you can save money on some of the best conservatory doors on the market with Double Glazing Quoter. Using our conservatory cost calculator, you can get a more accurate idea of how much you should pay for one of these stunning options. We put you in contact with a trusted network of suppliers and installers from your area.

Because they’re local specialists, you can pay less for travel costs, saving you money. Not only that, but they can install your doors as part of your quote!

Best Conservatory Doors Prices

You can find the best conservatory doors for you using our online quoting engine. This interactive tool lets you choose and compare options from a wide range of styles, colours and sizes.

Once you’ve got one that suits your style and your budget, we can give you a free quote and refer you to suppliers in your area. Many of them have approval from bodies like Which? and Checkatrade too!

Get in contact with Double Glazing Quoter today to find out more adding the best conservatory doors to your home.