double glazing reduces heat loss

How Does Double Glazing Reduce Heat Loss?

Installing double glazing in your home could help you reduce heat loss. Right across your living space, there are windows, doors and even conservatories that might be losing heat. Designs that use single-glazed glass don’t provide a lot of insulation, […]

modern windows

How Secure Are Modern Windows?

How Secure Are Modern Windows? Modern windows can keep your home secure and your family safe. In your current home, you may have old windows that are starting to become fragile. These designs wear down over the years and don’t […]

fixed glazing

What is Fixed Glazing?

Fixed glazing is a cost-effective way to make your home feel more comfortable. You can fit this innovative glazing within a window, or as a transparent glass panel to fit inside your living space. It’s a versatile addition you can […]

average price for new windows

Average Price For New Windows

The average price for new windows in your house is between £400-600. However, the cost can vary depending on style, size, material and installer. As well as that, there are options for the type of glazing, frame and other accessories […]

replacement glass

Replacing Glass Vs Replacing Whole Window

There are differences between replacing the glass and replacing the whole window in your home. However, both can make your space brighter and help it to save energy. With new glazing, you can give yourself better insulation while keeping your […]

replacement window styles

Replacement Window Styles

Looking for replacement window styles? Replacement windows come in a wide variety of designs. Rather than sticking with your older windows, you can invest in a beautiful design that can refresh your home. With some of the bold styles available, […]

best double glazing

What is The Best Double Glazing?

What is the best double glazing? It’s a question that depends heavily on how you want to utilise it in your home. Nowadays, you can get double glazing installed into a whole host of home improvements, such as windows, doors […]

folding patio doors

Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors (otherwise known as bi-folding doors) make any home ready for summer. Perfect for connecting your living space to your garden, these innovative doors use large double glazing panels and slimline frames to let natural light flood your […]

doors essex

Composite External Doors

Composite external doors are a superb way of making your home stand out. These robust and innovative designs create a lasting impression, ensuring a great welcome into any part of your space. As an external door, their design and cutting-edge […]

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