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Cheap Double Glazing Isn’t Quality Double Glazing

Is Cheap Double Glazing Good?

Everyone wants a good deal on the cost of their double glazing so when a double glazing company offers cheap UPVC windows or doors then it can be too much of an attractive proposition to turn down.

If you are indeed looking for cheap double glazing for your property then forewarned is undoubtedly forearmed.

Cheap Double Glazing Installers

Cheap Double Glazing Sounds Too Good To Be True? It Probably Is.

Many double glazing companies or one man band installers can adopt crafty sales tactics to convince you that they’re are offering quality double glazing at the very best deal.

Pitfulls of Cheap Double GlazingThese tactics can run the whole gamut from starting at a ridiculously high price, and reducing it through the course of the appointment, to adopting a high-pressure approach where they will coerce you into signing with them before your ready. Unfortunately, many home owners are bamboozled into a sale.

Cheap UPVC Windows

The prospect of a cheap UPVC window may sound great but how much of that cheap double glazing is quality? You should be familiar with the old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ and in the case of home improvements, this definitely rings true.

cheap UPVC window

When you purchase double glazing, you are also paying for the expert installation as well as the bespoke manufacture of your window so when you buy cheap double glazing, what exactly are you paying for? Not a lot is the answer.

Your home is most likely the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime and one which you have probably saved for, worked hard for and put lots of money into.

By installing cheap double glazing, you are setting yourself up for more work long term as those cheap UPVC doors or windows are likely to let in draughts or break overtime – costing you more money in the long run.

What Is Included In An Average Double Glazed Window Cost?

  • cheap double glazing windowsMeasurements, survey and installation
  • A bespoke, made to measure window for a perfect fit
  • The finishing of the window which includes colour and glazing of your choice
  • Hardware such as security locks, handles or trickle vents
  • A comprehensive product guarantee
  • Certification with local building control

The money you pay covers some of these costs as well as providing the company with some profit – a business has to run. Compare this to cheap double glazing and you can begin to question the quality of product and service.

You may now understand the pitfulls of cheap UPVC windows a bit better but how exactly do you get a good deal? Is it possible to get the best double glazing at an affordable price?

The Best Double Glazing Prices

Another useful method for ensuring you get the best double glazing prices on offer is to take as many quotes as possible.  The double glazing industry as a whole is business hungry in Autumn, and winter meaning that there are numerous discounts and deals to be had if you take the time to shop around.

cheap double glazing deals

It’s a always a good idea to get a rough estimate of expected double glazing prices, so you are aware of what you should expect to be paying.

Our easy-to-use online cost calculator enables you to do just that, leaving you with an instant online guide price upfront.

See How Much The Cost of Double Glazing Should Be!

Get In Touch With Local Suppliers

We always put all of our customers in touch with local trusted suppliers in their region, and recommend taking all three quotes in order to best compare products and prices.

Double Glazing QuotesIt is a pleasure for us to put you in touch with local suppliers whose double glazing prices are far more affordable.

The difference between the prices and approaches of national and local companies couldn’t be more marked.

Local companies have fewer overheads, which enables them to leave you with cheap double glazing quotes instead of inflated prices.

Affordable Double Glazing Prices? Shop Around

You should never feel pressurised to sign and pay a deposit by the end of the appointment; a reputable installer would never expect this and would encourage you to take all the time you need to reach a decision you’re happy with.

affordable double glazing

It can also be helpful to ask friends and family members in your local neighbourhood for any personal recommendations they may have.

If you know a supplier beforehand, it puts you in a much more powerful position to negotiate a considerable discount.

You’ll also have the reassurance of having your glazing installed by someone who aims to do a good job, and has your best interests at heart.