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Choosing a Conservatory or a House Extension

A Conservatory or a House Extension?

Choosing a conservatory or a house extension can be a challenge. That’s because there are differences in the design and the cost that can be crucial.

However, both spaces can help you make your home feel more spacious, open and welcoming. If you and your family feel like you’re starting to outgrow your current space, you can install one of these designs, sparing you from the cost and hassle of moving house.

A conservatory is a bright space that is perfect for giving your home a more natural feeling. While many older designs are infamous for their issues keeping heat, modern solutions have made this a thing of the past.

You can be sure that a new conservatory will stay warm and comfortable throughout the year. That’s because their designs use the latest tech and most advanced materials and glazing.

Alternatively, a house extension is the ultimate addition to your home. These designs allow you to add another room to your house that feels like it was always there. You can match them to your existing home for a seamless extension.

Because of their design, you can also use an extension for almost any purpose. Also, you won’t have to worry about losing heat.

With both of these additions, you can make an enormous impact on the way your home uses energy. Your conservatory will be efficient and able to trap more of your home’s heat inside.

As a result, choosing a conservatory or a house extension can help you stay warm without your central heating, saving you money on bills while expanding your home.

The Benefits of a Conservatory

If you choose a conservatory for your home, you can open your living space up to nature. These builds use double glazing in over 75% of their design. Because of this, natural light can pour into your home, and you’ll have slimline frames that won’t block out any of it.

As a result, your conservatory will be a bright and airy space that’s perfect for summer socialising or relaxing. With a fully-glazed connecting door, that light can spread throughout your home as well.

However, the light doesn’t have to be too intense, either. If you want more shade, then you could add a solid or tiled roof to your design. Your roof will be able to not only reduce glare, but you’ll get better insulation than you would from an ordinary glass roof.

Also, you can improve the warmth in your space even further by adding a dwarf wall or flooring. Dwarf walls can soak up water from underneath, ensuring the structure won’t weaken over time.

Your conservatory will be fully weatherproof. That means wind and rain won’t be able to affect the space. Your glazing will prevent draughts developing, and new glass doesn’t condense as quickly either.

Because of this, you won’t have to maintain these spaces often, and you can even get self-cleaning glass which breaks down dirt for you. Finally, you can customise nearly every aspect of the build to make it precisely suited to your needs.

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The Benefits of a House Extension

House extensions, on the other hand, let you extend your home more naturally. While conservatories can stick out, you can match the materials around the build to your property. Also, you can connect them seamlessly with either a fully-glazed door for openness or a durable one for privacy.

Unlike conservatories, which are full of light and space, you can make a house extension feel more secluded. That makes them ideal for home offices or studies.

There are some limits in how you use a conservatory, but you can use a house extension for almost anything. You could even add a second storey to the build if you want to expand your home even further.

While you could use a conservatory as a dining area, an extension lets you install a brand-new kitchen with it as well, thanks to the solid walls. Also, these walls provide more insulation, weather protection, and security.

Although house extensions can cost more to install, they won’t cause you too much more hassle. That’s because a house extension has similar rules for planning permission to a conservatory. If you work with a trusted installer from your local area, you can design your space to fit the rules, while still having a lot of space.

If you do want your extension to feel bright and airy, you can choose a glass house extension with ceiling-to-floor glazing for a sleek, modern look.

Choosing a Conservatory or a House Extension: Design

When choosing between a conservatory and a house extension for your home, getting the right design is crucial. With a conservatory, you can choose from an enormous range of styles.

If you want a classic look, you could pick a Victorian or Edwardian build, or you could choose a lean-to that has a modern appeal. You can also customise the roofing, flooring and glazing to get a unique look and give you total control of your new space.

However, you can design a house extension to fit any space, no matter the size of your home. While most conservatories have a square floorplan, you could go with something else that suits your needs more closely.

Because there’ll be more brickwork in the design, you can also be bolder with how you use the space. For example, you could create an office, a new kitchen-diner, or even a bedroom. With a house extension, the choice is entirely yours to make.

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Choosing a Conservatory or a House Extension: Placement

Where you place your new space is also vital. If you’re thinking of choosing a conservatory, then where you place it can affect the warmth and brightness of the area. You could decide to design the build to face towards the east, lighting the space in the morning, or westward to get the evening glow.

However, you can add a solid roof or more brickwork to the design to have less of an impact from the sunlight outside.

An extension is far less likely to suffer from this issue, however. That’s because the roofing and walls of your extension will have outstanding insulation. As a result, the sunlight won’t have as much of an impact, although that does mean you could get less light in the space.

Fortunately, you can add as many windows or glazing features as you want to an extension, meaning you’ll take total control of the light.

Is a Conservatory or a House Extension Right for Me?

Conservatories are superb for socialising on stunning summer days. If you’re looking to make your home feel brighter, then they’re an ideal choice for you.

Also, if you have a smaller home, they can be more suited to your garden, and they won’t take too much space outside. However, these spaces use a lot of glazing and less durable materials, making them less insulated and weatherproof. That limits the ways you can use one of these builds.

If you want to add a new bedroom, kitchen, or another substantial addition, then an extension is a better fit. You’ll be able to benefit from more robust materials, meaning you’ll have more reliable warmth.

You can fit more appliances in these spaces too, as they’ll have full brickwork walls if you choose. However, the most important thing to consider when choosing a conservatory or a house extension is how one of these spaces will benefit you.


Choosing a Conservatory or a House Extension: Cost

Choosing a conservatory or a house extension can often depend on the cost. A house extension can cost anywhere from £14,500, up to around £100,000 or more for an elaborate design. The average price of an extension is £30,000. However, you could get a conservatory for as little as £6,000, making them much more affordable.

Of course, there are loads of factors that affect the cost though. These include the size of the build and the features you add to it.

For example, the cost of your conservatory can rise if you’d like to add a durable roof. Solid and tiled roofs can cost around double the price of a glass option. But they can offer you more insulation and comfort, and they can help you to reduce your energy bills as well.

Extension costs can rise on a whole host of things, including the windows and doors you add, as well as the materials you use. With Double Glazing Quoter, though, you can find prices that work for you.

Conservatory and House Extension Prices

Talk to Double Glazing Quoter today to make choosing a conservatory or a house extension straightforward.

You can use our online conservatory and house extension cost calculator to compare both builds. With this tool, you can choose the size, shape and style of your new space, and compare prices for customisable options too. Then, we can give you an online quote within minutes for free.

Also, we can put you in contact with local suppliers from your area. That way, you can compare their prices and save money on travel costs too. Not only that, but we extensively review our network to make sure you work with the best.

Many of our suppliers have certifications from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS, meaning their builds use the highest quality materials, and they’ll provide an installation that your home deserves.

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