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Composite External Doors

Composite external doors are a superb way of making your home stand out. These robust and innovative designs create a lasting impression, ensuring a great welcome into any part of your space.

As an external door, their design and cutting-edge technology also make them perfect for coping with everything the outside world can throw at your home.

With a composite frame, these doors have more strength than anything else. Because of this, you can protect and secure your home from unwanted visitors and keep you and your family safe. As well as that, your door will be able to perform for decades thanks to their long-lasting performance.

external composite doors

Unlike other designs, composite doors use a blend of materials to get the best out of them all.

Composite blends often use a mix of uPVC, a solid timber core and glass resistant plastic (GRP). While these materials have drawbacks on their own, they work together seamlessly as a combination. They provide strength, insulation and efficiency wherever you fit them.

What Are the Benefits of Composite External Doors?

If you have an older door, it may be starting to creak as you open it. That’s because these outdated designs don’t feature durable materials, meaning you don’t protect the hinges and springs.

Because of this, you won’t only lose the smooth operation, but you can also let more heat out of your home as the door starts to crack.

external composite doors

Composite external doors ensure a smooth operation for years to come. That’s because their unique blend of materials is proven to last for decades, even with little-to-no maintenance.

That way, they’re perfect for anybody who has a busy schedule and wants to come back to their home through a stunning door after a long day.

Another significant benefit of these doors is that composite frames are fully weatherproof. Because of this, wind and rain won’t wear your new door down.

These doors are also air and water-tight, preventing draughts and damp spots from developing in your space. As a result, your home will stay warm and comfortable with ease.

Why Are Composite External Doors the Best Option for My Home?

With a composite door, you’ll be investing in a design that has stunning strength. The doors blend uPVC, timber and GRP, as well as other materials, together to create a solid core for your door.

Because of this, you’ll get better insulation, meaning you can enjoy a living space that stays warm naturally.

In your home, you may have more traditional timber external doors. While they offer a classic design as well as sturdiness, wood can wear away quickly in bad weather and over time. For example, rain can enter any cracks in the timber frame and expand them, creating more space for warm air to escape your home and cold air to replace it.

external composite doors

If you have a uPVC door, you’ll already be benefitting from excellent insulation and energy-saving. However, uPVC isn’t as secure or robust as a composite blend.

Because of this, it’s less resistant to impact and less challenging for intruders to break. As well as that, it will also wear down more quickly, losing its vibrancy as well as its strength.

Composite external doors, meanwhile, have the strength and insulation of a solid timber core, with weatherproof uPVC protecting it from wear.

As well as that, you can customise these doors with panels of advanced double glazing. That way, you can add a shaft of natural light into your space. You can even add colours and patterns to the glazing for a personal touch.

Can Composite External Doors Save Me Money?

Composite external doors are an incredibly rewarding investment for your home. That’s because they can transform your space into one that uses energy cleverly.

With a composite frame, you’ll get outstanding insulation and advanced materials that work to trap heat inside your home, keeping you warm no matter the weather.

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These doors allow you to take back control of your home’s temperature. Whichever part of your property you install them in, you’ll be able to warm it up when the door’s closed, and ventilate it with fresh air in the summer.

Thanks to the composite frame, you can keep the unpredictable weather out and create a reliably cool space.

As well as that, the composite external doors from our network are made-to-measure. Because of this, they’ll fit your home precisely and minimise the amount of space your home’s warmth can escape through.

As a result, you’ll be able to keep warm without relying on your central heating, meaning you can save money on your energy bills for years to come.

external composite doors

You could even reduce your carbon footprint with a new composite door. As you’ll be using less energy, you can make your home more natural and more sustainable.

That way, you can do your bit to help the planet while also benefitting from a stunning, vibrant door. And, with Double Glazing Quoter, you can add one of these superb additions for less.

Can Composite External Doors Keep My Family Safe?

However, perhaps the most crucial benefit of composite external doors is their security. While timber and uPVC offer some protection, the composite blend is almost impenetrable. T

heir combination of materials creates a robust shield for your home that will deter any intruders. Because of this, you can enjoy your warmer living space without worry.

When you work with Double Glazing Quoter, you won’t risk installing a door with half-hearted security. Our suppliers only use market-leading materials in their designs.

That way, you can be sure of adding an entrance that can stay firm and secure for decades, keeping its shape and strength no matter what.

While the composite blend is durable in itself, our installers don’t stop there in keeping your home safe. They make sure your new door will feature toughened double glazing, with a multi-point locking system that fastens it to the frame.

Additionally, you’ll get reinforced locks and handles, and internal shoot bolts and hinges that intruders won’t be able to access.

You can also make your door even safer when you work with Double Glazing Quoter. We care about your trust and your peace of mind, so we extensively review our network to ensure our suppliers are right for you.

As well as that, your installers will test every aspect of your new door and carry out any other work to ensure it keeps your family safe.

How Much Do Composite External Doors Cost?

Composite external doors are slightly more costly than timber and uPVC. However, this is because of their combination of multiple materials giving them increased strength and insulation. Because of this, you’ll benefit from more savings on your household bills and essential peace of mind for you and your family.

Thanks to Double Glazing Quoter, you can also get lower prices from the start. That’s because we put you in touch with several composite door specialists, rather than just one. With this process, you won’t have to take an unnecessary risk on a single supplier, and you can compare prices to find the one that’s best for your budget.

Get Composite External Doors for Less with Double Glazing Quoter

If you want to install sleek, stylish and secure composite external doors for your home, then Double Glazing Quoter is the ideal choice.

You can start the journey by taking advantage of our online quote builder. This interactive tool lets you design every aspect of your new door, from colours, handles and even the patterns and tints on your double glazing, as well as how much glass you want. Once you nail down your design, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote.

If you choose to, we’ll then get you in contact with a range of trusted suppliers and installers. These experts have regulatory approval from bodies like Checkatrade, the BFRC and more, so you can be sure of quality service. They’ll provide you with several offers so that you can choose the price and people that you want to fit your new door.