composite front doors

Composite Front Doors

What is a Composite Front Door?

Composite front doors are a spectacular way to enhance the entrance of your home. These doors allow you to get an authentic design that looks like an old wooden door but with modern technology that helps it perform.

You’ll get a solid timber core, but also a blend of other materials, such as uPVC and GRP. That way, you’ll protect the timber from losing its shape.

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Because of this, composite front doors are much more durable than wooden ones. They won’t rust, rot or twist in poor conditions, meaning that it can continue to protect and secure your home effectively.

Not only that, but the blend of materials makes the door more robust, giving it better insulation and privacy. You’ll keep cold air out of your home, and create a quiet space without distractions.

Composite front doors don’t only keep cold air away from your living space either. Their advanced materials help the doors trap more of your home’s warm air inside. As a result, you can save more energy inside your home, and you can reduce your heating usage.

You’ll benefit from a more natural living space, and you won’t have to spend as much money on soaring energy bills.

Because of this, composite front doors are becoming a better investment for your home every single day. You’ll get a door that looks stunning too, available in a wide range of RAL colours and finishes.

You can also choose other features, like knockers, handles and glazing, to add to your doors to give them a personal touch. That way, you can make an addition to your home that’s as unique as you are.

Modern Composite Doors

Modern composite front doors can take your home to the next level. For a start, their blend of materials allows you to retain the authentic look of timber doors, but without the drawbacks.

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If you already have a wooden door, you can forget about repainting, revarnishing or repairing your door regularly. Instead, you can replace it with an advanced design that saves you time and money.

In these doors, you’ll get a solid timber core that gives you superb insulation and strength. However, you’ll also get materials like uPVC and GRP, which coat the timber with a protective, weatherproof layer.

Because of this, composite doors can last for decades without losing their shape or cracking. Also, they won’t fade over time, meaning they’ll stay vibrant and colourful.

composite front doors

Also, the blend of materials makes these doors better at saving energy. With household bills on the rise year after year, its never been more vital to make your home more efficient.

Composite designs can make sure the entrance of your home welcomes you to a more efficient, and more environmentally friendly space. Your doors can trap more of your home’s heat, reducing your reliance on your heating.

Not only that, but these doors can make your home safer as well. Composite doors are impact-resistant, and they use superb internal hardware that the materials protect from view.

Because of this, they’ll quietly ensure you and your family won’t have to worry about any unwanted visitors. Composite doors make a genuine difference to your lifestyle and are the perfect investment for a modern home.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Composite Front Door?

Fully fitted composite front doors can cost between £1950-2850 as a replacement option for your home. The price, however, can vary depending on the size of your door, and the customisable features you’d like to add to it.

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For example, adding a wood grain finish can cost a little more, but it’ll give you a far more authentic timber look.

Another factor that makes a difference in the cost of composite front doors is glazing. You can customise your new door with panels of glass, available in multiple tints and patterns.

These doors come with double glazing as standard, which means the glass will also help to warm your home, while also allowing for more light to enter your living space through your door.

The customisable features you choose to add to your new front door will also affect the cost. Side panels, for example, extend the door outward and make your entrance more grand, but the panels come at a higher price.

Additionally, subtler features like knockers or letterboxes come at a premium too. However, they help you achieve a faithful period look that is both authentic and impactful.

You can reduce the cost of your composite front doors by getting a supply only option. That means you’d have to fit them yourself though, which can be difficult and time-consuming.

With Double Glazing Quoter, however, you can get in touch with trusted fitters who’ll install your doors for you expertly. They’re local specialists that you can trust to provide you with excellent service.

Composite Doors Size Colour Guide Price
1200mm x 2100mm White £1950 – £2150
1200mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £2350 – £2600
15000mm x 2100mm White £2050 – £2250
15000mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £2500 – £2750
1800mm x 2100mm White £2150 – £2350
1800mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £2600 – £2850

How Long Do Composite Doors Last?

One of the crucial benefits of composite doors is their longevity. Unlike old timber doors, they can continue to perform for your home for decades, and with little-to-no maintenance.

That’s because the composite blend combines various materials, so you get the benefits of all of them. As a result, these doors are a long-lasting investment for your home.

Composite Front Door Ideas

Composite doors can perform for up to 40 years, while still giving you all of their benefits. You’ll be able to trap more heat in your home and save as much on your energy bills throughout the years, and your doors won’t lose their strength either.

Another benefit is that you won’t have to spend as much money on repairs, as composite doors have much more durability.

Their long-lasting design also means that you can style your new doors with complete confidence. You can get composite doors in a vast range of colours and finishes, including wood grain.

The cost can vary depending on the choices you make, but you can get a rough idea by referring to the pricing chart above. No matter your preference, though, you can be sure your doors will continue to shine for decades.

Are Composite Doors Better than Wood?

Composite front doors are a brilliant way of giving you a door with an authentic wooden look. However, they outstrip the performance of timber doors in almost every way.

For example, timber offers plenty of insulation, but composite doors are more robust and use more advanced materials in their design. As a result, they can trap more heat inside your home, and keep cold air outside more effectively.

composite front doors

Because the doors have a denser design, they can also give your home more security and privacy. Not only do they block out excess sound, keeping your home quiet, but the door’s strength ensures it’ll be hard for intruders to break.

You won’t have to rely on the materials alone, however. You’ll also get internal security hardware inside your new door that firmly protects your living space.

As well as that, composite doors also retain their smoothness for longer. uPVC and GRP are both very flexible materials, and they work to protect the internal hinges and springs in your door.

Because of this, they won’t rust as quickly, meaning they’ll continue to work smoothly for use after use. That way, you’ll make sure your new door benefits your home for a lifetime.

Composite Doors Supply & Fit

Many people decide not to invest in composite doors because they worry about how long they might take to install. When you go direct to a supplier, you also don’t know the quality of the door that you’ll get, and the fitting may be shoddy and take a lot of time.

However, you can cut out these risks and reduce the worry of supplying and fitting composite doors when you work with Double Glazing Quoter.

While we won’t supply and fit your new front door for you, we’ll refer you to a local expert who can. We extensively review our network of trusted suppliers so that you can be sure of working with brilliant specialists.

They have years of experience in your area, and many have approval from bodies like Which? and Checkatrade. Because of this, you can trust them to give you a quality service.

Not only that, but you can even save money by using our services. Rather than go to a supplier directly, you can use our online composite front doors cost calculator.

This interactive tool lets you choose every aspect of your new door, from the size and shape to the style and accessories. You can get multiple free quotes to compare the cost of several doors to find one that suits your needs and your budget.

Then, you can get in touch with several suppliers to compare their prices so that you can save even more money on your investment. They’ll make sure to supply and fit your doors to the highest standard, using leading materials and providing courteous service.

That way, working with Double Glazing Quoter, you can make the best possible investment in composite front doors.