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Cottage Windows

Cottage windows are classic designs, updated with modern materials for your home. Cottage windows are sometimes known as Georgian or Tudor windows and are a catch-all term for windows that suit older properties. These designs used to feature timber frames as standard and could come in casement and sash shapes.

However, those old cottage windows are blasts from the past now. Designs like these struggle with bad weather, meaning the timber frames could crack or twist to leave gaps. Not only that, single-glazed glass was common in these windows, which doesn’t offer a lot of insulation. If you have these old cottage windows in your home, they could be losing up to 10% of your home’s energy.

But that’s where new cottage windows come in. These designs give you all the benefits of older builds, with stylish looks and authentic quality. However, they also provide all the advantages that new windows can provide your home. You’ll get better insulation, the security you can rely on, and a fully weatherproof design that will stand the test of time.

And, because there’s such a broad range of cottage windows out there, you can always find one that suits you perfectly. With some companies, you can even customise your new cottage windows! As a result, they’re the ideal replacement window for a traditional home, and they can bring period class to modern ones as well. And, with Double Glazing Quoter, you could get cottage windows for less.

Whether you’d like new cottage windows or replacement designs, Double Glazing Quoter can help you save. You can search for prices from trusted local companies and compare them, helping you find a great deal in minutes. You’ll get a high-quality design with a made-to-measure fit and at up to 40% less than you’d pay otherwise!

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New Cottage Windows

You might think cottage windows are old-hat from their name. However, modern cottage windows take what’s best from older designs, combined with all the benefits of brand-new windows. Instead of thin glass and wooden frames, you can invest in windows with advanced double glazing and uPVC profiles. You can also style the uPVC with a woodgrain finish to keep an authentic appearance.

From there, the window can shine for decades. The double glazing creates a thermal barrier for your home, which stops cold air coming in and warm air from escaping out. Because of this, you’ll be able to stay warm inside your home while relying less on your central heating, saving you money on your energy bills.

If you already have cottage windows in your home, then new designs are the ideal replacement. You’ll keep the style of your home, but you won’t have to put up with the cold or the damp. Modern cottage windows have air and water-tight profiles, meaning your window won’t suffer as much from condensation and draughts. The window, therefore, can last longer.

And, above all, modern cottage windows stand the test of time. While old timber designs require fairly regular maintenance, newer builds can deal with wind and rain all by themselves. Your new windows will last for decades without repainting and revarnishing, and the components inside won’t wear down either. That way, you can make your home more secure for much longer as well.

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The Benefits of New Cottage Windows

Thermal Efficiency

New cottage windows have double glazing and durable frames as standard. Because of this, the whole design offers superb insulation throughout the year. With two panes of glass, you can capture more of your home’s natural heat in the winter and even reflect heat away in the summer. The glass can also reduce glare, meaning you won’t have to squint to see in your home.

Around the double glazing, uPVC profiles can last for decades. The material is weatherproof, meaning it won’t break up for years to come, and it’ll maintain its shape. As a result, no gaps will emerge for cold air to get through, and the dense material insulates against cold air. That way, new cottage windows could save you thousands on energy bills over their long lifespan.

Authentic Style

New cottage windows don’t lose what’s best about the old designs. Even though you won’t have timber frames as standard, you can recreate a classic look with ease. You can fit your windows with uPVC frames that have authentic woodgrain finishes. These finishes are highly durable and won’t require any repainting or revarnishing to keep them looking their best.

Also, new cottage windows are available in a variety of build styles. If you’d like an authentic style, then there’s the option of sash cottage windows. Sash windows sit flush within the frame, meaning they evoke traditional timber joinery. The designs also have smaller gaps between the glass and the frame as a result. That means there’s less space for cold air to enter your home or for an intruder to prise the window apart.

Durable Design

Old cottage windows can start to underperform after only a few years. But, if you replace them with brand-new designs, you could add decades to the clock. New cottage windows have fantastic longevity, and it all comes down to the materials used in the design. With durable uPVC frames, you can be sure that your windows will stand the test of time.

The frames protect the internal parts of your window from wind and rain, meaning you’ll get a smooth operation every time. Not only that, security features like multi-point locking systems won’t rust or wear down either. Because of this, you can protect your home from intruders, and you can get invaluable peace of mind. You won’t even have to clean your windows regularly to keep them looking their best!

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Saving Money on New Cottage Windows

Getting new cottage windows will only enhance your home. However, getting them for the right price is less certain. Most of the time, making sure you get the best cottage windows for your home depends on who you invest in them with. Everybody wants to find a company that can offer them a great deal on a high-quality window that doesn’t take too long to install.

However, while many choose the big national brands for peace of mind, they pay way too much. With more overheads to cover, these big companies usually put premiums on their products and their installations. They’ll also take longer to get to your home, meaning higher travel costs and wait times. While you’ll get great cottage windows, the price you’ll pay will be far too great.

That’s why finding local installers through Double Glazing Quoter is so useful. Local teams are often smaller, but they still get their windows from the same leading manufacturers as the big brands. Because of this, trusted local installers could provide high-quality windows at much better prices. By comparing quotes through us, you can save up to 40% on your new window!

We also make it easier and less risky to invest in new cottage windows. You can find the nearest installers to you in minutes, meaning you can start comparing offers straight away. We also review our network regularly, meaning you’ll only work with installers you can trust. Many of these companies are Checkatrade and Which? members for your peace of mind.

Cottage Windows Prices

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