Design Your Dream Orangery

Design Your Dream Orangery

With so many ways to customise them, it’s easy to design your dream orangery. Orangeries are a step up for your home, and a fantastic way to expand your living space. Unlike conservatories, which use double glazing all over their build, orangeries use more brickwork in their design.

Also, they have a centralised roof lantern rather than a glass ceiling. Because of this, these spaces blend in more naturally with your home, and they’re warmer too.

An orangery can brighten up your whole home. If you live in an older home or even a bungalow, you might have solid walls that make your space feel dark and cramped.

One of these designs can help you to free up space around your home, and let natural light in to make it feel more natural and comfortable. Also, because orangeries use more robust materials, you can stay warmer and design them to suit more purposes.

Not only that, but you can design your dream orangery by customising each aspect of the build. You can choose the size, the shape, and you’ll be able to style it with bold colours and unique finishes.

You’ll even get to choose unique connecting doors with opening systems that let you open your home up to the outside world. An orangery costs more than a conservatory, but less than a house extension. And it’s a perfect blend of both builds.

What is an Orangery?

So, what is an orangery? These spaces are traditional designs that expand your home seamlessly. They have a similar function to a conservatory, but their design makes them more usable, and they blend in more closely with your home too.

Initially, people used orangeries to grow citrus fruits all year round, and they were a symbol of wealth and luxury. Nowadays, however, orangeries are a way of adding a beautiful design that enhances your living space.

Many people don’t know how to tell these designs apart from conservatories. The best way to do it is to look at the base and the roof.

Unlike a conservatory, an orangery will have a brick base, which means its a stronger build and it has better insulation underneath. Also, it uses a roof lantern, which is a flatter design than the high-pitched roofs conservatories famously have.

Also, your orangery will use far more brickwork than a conservatory. Because of this, your space will be more private, with better sound insulation that blocks out unwanted distractions. Your brick walls will also secure your home more effectively, meaning you won’t have to worry as much about intruders.

Finally, an orangery is more efficient than a conservatory and stays comfortable throughout the year. It can even help you reduce your home’s energy bills!

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Is an Orangery Better than a Conservatory?

In many ways, an orangery is better than a conservatory. For a start, their brickwork design blends in more naturally with your home. You can customise the brickwork in your design to match your property, or you could contrast it for an eye-catching look.

Because of their more robust build, you’ll also be able to keep bad weather well away. Your brickwork will be weathertight too, and it’ll feature cavity trays and wall insulation to soak up excess water.

Also, your orangery will be a more secure build for your home. You can add a modern connecting door to your design that has firm security measures.

It’ll use a durable uPVC or aluminium frame which protects internal hardware in the door. Because of this, it won’t rust, and it’ll continue to secure your home for years to come. When you add these doors to the brickwork build, you’ll have a space that gives you peace of mind.

One drawback of these spaces is that they cost more than conservatories. An orangery starts from around £20,000, with the average price being closer to £40,000. However, these designs are more energy efficient, meaning you can save more money on household bills than you could with a conservatory.

Not only that, but orangeries can improve your home’s property value by 7%, helping you when you decide to sell up. You could get a conservatory to orangery conversion for your home today!

Can I Use an Orangery All Year Round?

When you design your dream orangery, you can do it with more purposes in mind. That’s because the design of an orangery suits more ideas, thanks to the brickwork walls.

The brickwork also gives you better insulation and control over your home’s temperature. That means you can design these spaces with a permanent purpose in mind, such as a home office. The solid materials will work to ensure the room stays warm every single day.

As a result, you’ll be able to use an orangery all year round, and more reliably than you can use a conservatory. In the winter months, you’ll be able to insulate your home from the cold, making rushing to the radiator a thing of the past.

You can also open up orangeries in the summer, as they still use plenty of glazing. That means you’ll have a bright and airy space that opens up to your garden and makes your whole home feel naturally cool.

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How To Design Your Dream Orangery

You’ll be able to design your dream orangery when you invest in these stunning spaces. That’s because you can customise several elements of the build, and add features to make the space suit you and your family’s needs.

For a start, you can choose connecting doors to make walking into your space and your garden more of an event. You could select designs that use in-line sliders that you can push away to reveal a wide-open space for ventilation.

You can also add small features to your orangery to help you get the feel of the space just right. Orangeries use a roof lantern which you can fit lights and speaker systems on to set the mood.

Because of this, you could turn your orangery into a social space where you and guests can dance freely. Also, you can design your dream orangery around the lantern. You could put a dining table under the glass skylight for a beautiful overhead view.

Additionally, you can modify the amount of glazing you add to the build. You may want to add a conservatory to your home, but think that it might not be warm enough throughout the year.

Instead of taking the risk, you can add more glazing to an orangery while still keeping parts of the brickwork. As a result, you’ll be able to get an ideal balance of light and warmth, and you’ll have gorgeous views of the outside world as well.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Design My Dream Orangery?

An orangery is different from a conservatory in many ways. But one way in which they’re similar is when it comes to planning permission. You won’t need to go through any more hassle to build an orangery, as they have the same rules.

Due to this, you won’t have too much trouble meeting the regulations if you work with a trusted installer to fit your orangery. They’ll provide you with advice and information, so you don’t go through any extra hassle.

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How Much Will My Dream Orangery Cost?

An orangery can cost anywhere between £20,000 and £82,000. However, you can design your dream orangery to save money on your investment, while still getting the right space for your home.

One way to do it is to limit the size of your orangery. You can add more glazing to the build to provide the feeling of space, and you’ll have less trouble beating planning permission. That way, you’ll save money and still add a spacious room to your home.

You can also save money by working with a local supplier and installer to fit your new build. Local specialists won’t charge nearly as much in travel costs as a national company, and they’ll get to you more quickly too.

Not only that, but a local installer can often offer you more friendly and personalised service. They’ll be more likely to work around your schedule and negotiate a price with you so that they get one over the national brands.

That’s where Double Glazing Quoter can help you design your dream orangery. We can put you in contact with trusted specialists in your area, saving you the time and risk you take on trying to find one yourself. Also, you can work with us to get an orangery that’s bespoke to you.

You’ll be able to take advantage of our unique online quote builder to pick and choose features for your new design and ensure they suit your style and your budget.

Design Your Dream Orangery UK

Design your dream orangery with Double Glazing Quoter, and you could save money on your investment.

Use our online orangery quote builder to design your dream orangery, and we’ll give you an instant quote for free. Then, we can put you in touch with several local suppliers in your area.

You can talk to multiple companies to get better offers, so you make the best possible investment. Many of our suppliers have certifications from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS, meaning you can invest in confidence.

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