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Do You Need New Sash Windows?

Do you need new sash windows? If you do, then you could make an incredible addition to any home. Whether you have a modern home or a traditional one, new sash windows blend the classic style of old with the modern benefits of new designs. And, with a fully customisable range of features, you can enhance the look and feel of your space exactly as you want to.

Sash windows are design classics, and staples of period properties. They sit flush within the frame, meaning the design is sleek and elegant. There are no protruding elements either, meaning you get gorgeous views of the outside world. Old sash windows use timber, too, giving them a classy touch.

However, older sash windows are a bit outdated. Most designs use wood which, while beautiful to look at, isn’t as easy to manage. Timber isn’t a weather-resistant material, meaning it can crack, decay and rot in wind and rain. Also, your windows could only use single-glazed glass, which doesn’t insulate your home very well.

With new sash windows, though, you can enhance the performance of your space. Instead of wood, you’ll get durable uPVC which is fully weatherproof, and it can come in authentic woodgrain finishes. Not only that, but your new window will have advanced double glazing. As a result, you can stay warm while cutting the cost of your central heating!

So, if you like the look of new sash windows, why not invest in them today with Double Glazing Quoter? Whether you need sash windows or fancy an upgrade to your home anyway, we can connect you to companies who’ll offer great deals on new windows in your area. That way, you’ll save money, time and worry about where your new windows will come from.

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Sash Windows Glass Replacement

In your current home, you may have older sash windows. These designs are classics, with an authentic quality that makes your living space stand out. However, you might be noticing that they aren’t performing as well for your home these days. That’s because their materials, which can include timber and single-glazed glass, can wear down easily.

One of the main ways you’ll notice this is your home’s temperature. While modern windows should insulate your home, old sash windows can struggle with this over time. However, you can preserve the authentic look of your sash windows while improving their performance. You can replace the glass inside the window, rather than the whole design.

By replacing the glass with double glazing, you can improve the insulation of your windows. You’ll trap more of your home’s natural heat, all while keeping cold air out. As a result, you could cut the cost of your energy bills and improve your home’s comfort. Also, you’ll still let just as much natural light and warmth into your living space.

However, your old sash windows might be suffering from other issues. The frames of the design often wear down more quickly than the glass. Because timber isn’t weatherproof, the frames can lose their shape and strength in wind and rain, causing gaps for cold air to rush into your home. But, instead of repairing them constantly, why not replace them?

Switching Old and New Sash Windows

You may be asking one question, though – do you need new sash windows? After all, you may not want to lose the look of your space. Because of this, you could try and prolong their life through repairs, maintenance, and even secondary glazing. However, with new sash windows, you can get a modern design without sacrificing your home’s classic look.

One sign you may need to replace your old sash windows is by looking at their structure. Over time, the frames can wear down, cracking and twisting. However, that can also allow wind and rain to affect the components inside the window. If you notice the hinges or handles in your windows creaking or rusting, it could be time to switch the design.

Another issue that old sash windows can suffer from is condensation. As the window weakens, it starts to offer less insulation for your home. Because of this, cold air from outside collides with warm air from inside in your home. When this collision occurs, a mist can develop, building on the inside pane of your window.

If this happens often, then it takes a lot of time to manage. Not only that, but it can develop into mould if you leave it alone. Worse still, the sealant could break inside your window over time, meaning condensation can develop inside it. When this happens, your window is at high risk of internally shattering, meaning it’s better to replace it sooner rather than later.

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The Benefits of New Sash Windows

When you bring new sash windows to your home, you won’t be losing a classic design. Instead, you’ll be gaining a brand-new one that opens a world of possibilities your home. The first thing you’ll notice about new sash windows is their slim design. With slimline uPVC instead of timber, you’ll get a broader glazing section, perfect for letting natural light flood your home.

Because of this, you can let more natural warmth into your living space too. However, the double glazing in the design does it while keeping cold air out and reducing uncomfortable glare. That means you can enjoy a warmer, more welcoming living space every day. And, with the impressive insulation of your windows, you can save on your bills!

New sash windows can also help you get peace of mind. That’s because modern designs come loaded with internal security hardware, designed to keep you and your family safe. If an intruder tries to break through your sash windows, multi-point locking mechanisms and anti-tamper locks will stop them. And, as the windows sit flush within the frame, they’re much harder to prise apart with a crowbar.

You can also be sure your windows won’t let you down over the years. With durable double glazing and the option of uPVC or even aluminium frames, your sash windows will perform for decades to come. Additionally, you won’t need to carry out regular maintenance!

The Cost of New Sash Windows

The average cost of new sash windows is between £640-820. While that makes them more expensive than standard designs, you’ll get far more for your investment with sash windows. As they sit flush within the frame, you’ll get an elegant design with no protruding elements. Not only that, but the smaller gaps ensure there’s less room for draughts, making your home even warmer.

Also, you can save money on your new sash windows. For example, uPVC sash windows cost less than aluminium ones, and you can afford to invest in smaller sizes for your home. With their slimline frames and full glazing section, you’ll get much more light and warmth even with a smaller design.

You could invest in bolder sash windows for your home, as well. Instead of traditional flush sash windows, you could install windows with a unique twist. Sliding sash windows have the same elegance as standard sash windows, but they come with a vertical sliding opening. That means all you have to do to open your home up to nature is push the window up. You’ll get a window with a broad opening, ideal for ventilating your space and as a fire escape.

Not only that, but the design will feature clever spring balances which mean you’ll get smooth sliding for thousands of uses. The best double glazing companies also stock fully customisable sash windows, meaning you take total control of the design and the price!

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New Sash Windows Near Me

However, searching for the best double glazing companies and new sash windows can be tricky. Many people choose to find one themselves, which can take a lot of time and effort. Not only that, but it can be risky. You could end up working with a rogue trader, meaning you pay a high price for windows that are of a low quality.

But, when you search for new sash windows with Double Glazing Quoter, you can make a better investment. That’s because we can help you find the best companies in your local area in minutes! We’ve spent years building a network of trusted, responsible local companies. We cover the whole UK, too, meaning you’ll be sure to find a quality installer on your doorstep.

When you work with us, you can speak to several suppliers from our network. That way, you can get the big picture of the market for new sash windows, and you can compare all of their prices to find the one that’s best for you. Also, you can negotiate with each company for even better offers you won’t find anywhere else!

With Double Glazing Quoter, you can make an investment you can rely on, too. All of the companies we work with are trusted local installers, meaning you’ll get more personalised service with less waiting times. Many of them are also Checkatrade members and Which? Trusted Traders too. That means you’ll get an installation as good as your new sash windows will be.

New Sash Windows Prices

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