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Do You Need Planning Permission For Windows?

You won’t need planning permission for windows in most cases. But, if you want to replace your window style with a brand-new design, are looking to fit a skylight, or live in a listed building, you may need to meet the rules. Not only that, you’ll need to follow building regulations in any case. These rules make sure the new window you get will perform as it should.

Planning permission is more commonly associated with extensions. However, you’ll need permission to make any adjustment to your home. With windows, there are fewer limits on what you can do. As long as you replace the current window in your home with a design of the same size, it will most likely fall under ‘permitted development’ rules. That means you can complete the installation without applying.

Some installations, though, will need planning permission. For example, if a new window could extend the front of your home outward, such as a bay window, it’ll need to meet the rules. And, if you live in a certain area, enhancing your home could be more difficult as well. Listed buildings and homes in conservation areas have different rules, and some councils can override them with Article 4 Directives.

Because of this, making sure your new window meets all the rules can get tricky sometimes. That’s why it always helps to work with a trusted installer when you fit new windows. They’ll take care of the whole process, and they’ll be an expert in all the rules. Because of this, you can fit new windows with total peace of mind.

Finding that installer is quick and easy with Double Glazing Quoter, too. You can find local installers in minutes through our network, and you can compare their prices. That way, you can easily install and save!

do you need planning permission for windows

When Do You Need Planning Permission For Windows?

In most cases, you don’t need planning permission for new windows. If you choose to replace your windows with new designs of the same size, or the same style, it’ll fall under ‘permitted development’ rules. That means you can build the window without any further planning permission, as you have the right to make the change.

It’s when you want to go for something different that those rules might not be the same. For example, if you’d like to change your window style or size, it might fall outside the rules. However, even a window switch doesn’t usually break the regulations. One example of a new window that does is a design with side elevation to the upper floor without obscured glazing that can open.

The main reason why you might need planning permission for windows, though, is where you live. If you live in a listed building or a conservation area, there will be further limits on how you can enhance your home. Planning authorities will have to review any change you want to make to ensure it’s in keeping with either your home’s style or that of the area’s. Additionally, the council you live in may have Article 4 Directives in place.

These are legal instruments that could allow a council to change the planning permission rules for where you live. As a result, it’s usually a good idea to check if the council has any rules of their own. A local installer can be really helpful here, as they’ll know the regulations off by heart as they pertain to where you live.

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Do You Need Building Regulations For Windows?

You won’t need to get planning permission for windows most of the time. When it comes to building regulations, though, you most certainly will. All new windows in the UK have to be compliant with building regulations, ensuring they meet the high standards for modern designs. However, most installers will source windows that meet these with ease, meaning less worry for you.

Building regulations can help you make sure your windows perform for your home. All windows need to meet minimum targets for thermal efficiency, ensuring they can save energy inside your living space. Additionally, your window may need safety glazing in certain areas to prevent accidents. Other rules make it difficult to reduce the size of your windows, too – you’ll need to make sure any window is big enough to be a suitable fire escape.

While most installers fit windows that meet these rules, you should still be careful. Some local companies will look to scam you with poor-quality windows, which they’ll attempt to sell for the price of one that’ll perform. All windows should have published u-values, though, meaning if a window doesn’t have one available, it’s a clear red flag.

Another way to make sure any window you find meets building regulations is to check for the FENSA logo. Every window installed in the UK needs to meet FENSA standards to be legally compliant. Fortunately, many companies in the Double Glazing Quoter network have FENSA accreditation, meaning you can invest in windows through us with peace of mind.

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Planning Permission for Replacement Windows

If you make sure you get planning permission for windows, then you’ll get a high-quality design. At the moment, you might have old windows in your home that are losing energy. However, new designs can give you control of your home’s climate once again. Your new window will have advanced double glazing and durable frames – compliant with building regulations – that capture more of your home’s natural heat.

Even if you want to get windows that need planning permission, it’ll be worthwhile. For example, you might want to add bay windows that extend the front of your home outward. By doing this, you can create brand-new space in your home and get a panoramic window that offers outstanding views of the outside world. Natural light will flood into your home from all angles.

Also, getting planning permission for any windows is easier with the right installer. By trusting a qualified trader, you can get their advice and expertise every step of the way. When you manage the project yourself, it’s easy to fall foul of a rule here or there. Your installer, though, will know every trap and pitfall in the regulations, ensuring you don’t fall into them.

With the right installer, you’ll have a smooth installation process. And, for a smooth process for finding that installer, Double Glazing Quoter is here to help. We’ve created a network of trusted local installers that covers the whole UK. That way, it takes minutes to search through it to find several companies you can rely on in your area.

Planning Permission For Windows – For Less

With an installer from our network, you can make sure you get windows that meet planning permission rules for less. All you have to do to start saving is search for installers through our online form. It only takes minutes to find the nearest ones to you, and you can compare their products and their prices. Because of this, you’re bound to get a brilliant deal for bespoke new windows.

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