Double Glazing Installation Timescales

Double Glazing Installation Timescales

At Double Glazing Quoter, we know double glazing installation timescales on windows or doors should be uniquely built around you.

That’s why we arrange our installation dates around you and your schedule. Our trusted local suppliers will keep you in the loop on specific timescales.

Thanks to our extensive and trusted network, we know our highly experienced installers will fit your double glazed windows and doors as quickly as possible. They will also do it with the care your unique designs deserve.

Through our network, our installers and suppliers will be able to schedule a professional survey of your home within 48 hours of receiving your quote.

Because you’re in control of your double glazing visions from start to finish, our timescales will vary depending on your design. And it’s because our installers take care to ensure we realise your ideas with real quality.

We can provide a rough guide to the sort of installation timescales you can expect for a variety of styles.

Windowsdouble glazing installation timescales

Double Glazing Window Installation Timescales

For our energy efficient, double glazed windows, our timescales depend on the complexity of your unique window design.

  • Casement Windows

Casement windows, the most popular style, are the simplest to install and will generally be completed efficiently within 10 to 14 days.

Our casement windows ensure that you experience minimal waiting time for a double glazed window with maximal efficiency and aesthetic impact.

  • Tilt ‘N’ Turn Windows

Tilt ‘N’ Turn windows have similar installation timescales to casement windows. However, tilting windows are slightly more complicated to fit because of their unique opening mechanisms.

However, they retain the same uniform frame as a casement window.

You can expect installation two weeks after agreeing on a quote through our instant quote builder. There’s also only a slightly longer timescale for any additional design features.

You can consult with your double glazing installer about any other features you may wish to feature in your unique window.

  • Bay Windows

Bay windows require a similar installation time of two weeks to our tilt ‘n’ turn windows. Although bay windows have multiple panels, each panel is like that of a casement window.

You can expect a 14-day installation timescale for this unique window style. Bay windows will add to your home’s aesthetic as well as make it more energy efficient.

  • Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows provide your home with timeless style, as well as financial and environmental benefits. Their combination of classic aesthetics with modern technology does mean that their installation is a slightly more sophisticated task.

Expect your unique sash window to arrive and make a significant difference to the style and comfort of your home within 21 to 28 days of receiving a quote from our instant quote builder.

  • Curved Frames

Curved frames are a sure-fire way to give your home a sleek, modern look that draws attention from inside and out. The gorgeous sculpted lines of our curved frames require the attention to detail that your home deserves.

As such, you should expect a similar installation time to our sliding sash windows, of around 21 to 28 days.

  • Bespoke Glass

Bespoke Glass is the ultimate product for an individually striking double glazing design that you won’t find anywhere else. For this made-to-measure kind of double glazing, we can’t predict a timescale, but you can agree with it with your local supplier.

Alternatively, you can contact Double Glazing Quoter for an estimation depending on your defined dimensions.

Why Choose Our Suppliers?

At Double Glazing Quoter, we can assure you that all our double glazed windows come from our trusted network. Our fully accredited installers and suppliers are professionals who will diligently realise your dream designs.

Additional features, such as Georgian bars, will add to your installation timescale depending on their complexity. For any additions, use our instant quote builder and negotiate with your installer and local supplier.

 UPVC Doors

double glazing installation timescales

Double Glazing Doors Installation Timescales

  • Double Glazed Front Doors

Double glazed front doors are the centrepiece of the home, and our standard double-glazed designs are the most popular and easiest to install. For an energy efficient front door, expect a usual installation timescale of 14 days.

Additional features such as mail slots, door knockers and pet flaps for the smaller members of the family, may add to your installation timescale.

But no matter your needs, our trusted network of installers and local suppliers will realise your dream door as you’ve envisioned it. Residential doors and French doors will be installed within a similar time as well.

  • Composite Doors

Composite doors have a unique and intricate manufacturing process that gives them increased strength, quality and energy efficiency.

Using a layered timber core and combining it with modern double glazing technology, the composite door requires a little more time to create to capture their timeless quality. You can expect installation to occur within 14 to 21 days of your quote.

  • Patio Doors

Patio doors provide a dramatic ceiling-to-floor glass panel to lift the interior of your home. They let more light into your space without compromising the quality of your furniture and carpets by offering enhanced UV protection.

Much like the composite doors, their unique attributes require a slightly longer installation time of 14 to 21 days to complete.

  • Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors, our most individualistic and visually striking option, are doors with a difference. Coming in configurations of up to 7 panels, their folding feature can leave a wide-open space leading outside, perfect for warm summer days. They can also act as a useful, energy-efficient partition between indoor areas.

For this most unique and stylistic of door designs, installation takes anywhere between 6 to 8 weeks. However, our trusted network of installers and suppliers will ensure to spend that time making sure your order is perfect for your home.

Making a difference to your home doesn’t have to take long.

Start your free, no-obligation quote on your unique energy efficient double glazed window or door now by clicking the button below!



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