Double Glazed Window Energy Ratings

Energy Ratings for Windows

When investing in a double glazed window, energy ratings are crucial.

You want to be sure that you’re getting not only an excellent deal but excellent quality. Thanks to our quote builder and trusted network of installers and suppliers, Double Glazing Quoter can guarantee both.

You can be sure that they’re bespoke, made-to-measure and will be an investment that will put money in your pocket from the first day of installation.

Our double glazed windows are energy efficient, help you save money on bills and reduce your carbon footprint. But Double Glazing Quoter go the extra mile by offering quotes for double glazed windows with only the best energy ratings.

That way, we ensure the double glazing you buy is great for your home and provides excellent savings.


What do Energy Efficiency Ratings Mean?

The energy rating system, created by the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council), evaluates how windows use energy. From casement to frame, the system judges the energy efficiency of each component.

The energy rating scheme tests every single component of a window – including the casement and frame – to determine its complete energy efficiency.

Then, the window is given a rating from A to G, based on their productivity. Energy ratings for windows work the ratings for home appliances, such as washing machines and fridges.

Double glazed windows are tested for their thermal efficiency and how they retain and dispel heat. They are analysed them for their insulation to both energy and noise, seeing how much sound your windows block from getting into your home. And they’re checked for their solar gain, to ensure they animate your living room with natural light, without any harmful UV rays.

Once the window is thoroughly tested and accredited by both trusted professionals and regulators, it will receive a WER (or Window Energy Rating).

WER’s allow you to buy quality double glazing with confidence, knowing that you’re buying approved, energy efficient windows for your home.


Which Energy Rating is Best?

At the top of the range is A-rated double-glazing, rising to A++ on the very best energy-efficient windows.

A-rated windows have top-of-the-range thermal efficiency, incredible insulation and superb solar gain to get the most amount of light into your living room.

Additionally, B and C rated windows are also considered to be highly efficient double glazing too. Both are guaranteed to provide you with savings on your household energy bills over standard windows.

Meanwhile, windows ranging from a D to a G rating are far less energy efficient, durable, and much more likely to wear.

Nowadays, legislation now demands that windows have a minimum WER (Window Energy Rating) of C to meet European quality standards.

Double Glazing Quoter only offers highly efficient windows within the top bracket of the energy rating system. That way, we ensure your window is one of the best on the market, no matter what.

Through our easy-to-use quote builder, you can choose a gorgeous, made-to-measure double glazed window that’s unique to you, instantly.


Energy Ratings


The letter rating given by the BFRC to any window is called a u-value.

The higher your window’s u-value, the better your window will be at insulating your home and reducing your carbon footprint.

Windows with high u-values not only make an efficient home; they make a more valuable house. Beautiful double-glazed windows are sure to attract prospective buyers.

They’ll not only purchase your home when it’s time to move on but value it at a price you know your home will deserve.

Getting the most energy efficient window for your home is a simple and straight forward process with the u-value guide. The scale can be read both by letter and by colour to ensure there are no unnecessary complications.

Our trusted network of installers and local suppliers can guarantee you energy efficient double glazing with an excellent u-value. You’ll be able to ask them any questions you have about u-values and energy efficient windows across a wide range of window styles.

At Double Glazing Quoter, we promise to give you the peace of mind to make an investment that will undoubtedly benefit you and your home for years to come.

Our double glazed windows are a brilliant investment for your home – providing better insulation, security and even just a better-looking wall.

You might not think that installing a new double glazed window could make so much difference. But a window with a high u-value proven to save money on energy bills no matter wherever you place them!

It’s a difference you’ll feel throughout your home and in your pocket.


double glazed window prices

Energy Performance Factors

When testing to see how energy efficient a window is, regulators look at every part of it to see how each one uses energy. When designing your dream double glazed window, a brilliant way of evaluating its energy efficiency is to check how it performs against three key factors.

These are the main factors regulators use to calculate a window’s performance. As well as this, you can keep track of how energy efficient your window is over time, to make your investment provide benefits for even longer.

  • Thermal Transmittance

Thermal transmittance gauges how well your window can retain heat, as well as keep unnecessary heat out. It’s a critical test of your window’s durability, as well as how well your double glazing protects your living room from harmful UV rays.

Windows with fantastic thermal efficiency will save you more money on household bills, and keep the heat in your home more constant. If your window has an energy value sticker, you can check the thermal transmittance (or u-window) box to see how your double glazing scores.

  • Solar Gain

Solar gain describes how well your window can channel natural heat from outside into your home. Testers judge how well the double-glazing harnesses this energy by expressing it as a value between 0 and 1.

The closer your preferred window gets to 1 on this scale, the better it is at enriching your home with natural warmth. If your window has an energy value sticker, you can check the solar gain (or g-factor) box to see how your double glazing scores.

  • Air Leakage

Testing for air leakage ensures that your windows have durable structures, are air-tight and brilliant at stopping unwelcome draughts. An air-tight window will increase your window’s energy rating considerably by preventing warm air escaping and cold air coming in.

Any window that gets a low score when tested for air leakage will have superior performance, reliability and enhanced energy savings. If your window has an energy value sticker, you can check the air leakage (or l-factor) box to see how your double glazing scores.


double glazed window prices

Energy Efficiency

Double Glazing Quoter is committed to getting you instant quotes for the most energy-efficient windows on the market. With a double glazed window, you can take control of your home’s energy efficiency with ease.

Insulation: Good double glazing puts another pane of glass in-between your home and the outside world. With their excellent insulation, your double-glazed window will help your house keep warm in the winters and keep cool in the summers.

Additionally, the higher your window’s u-value, the fewer draughts and cold spots will able to take over your home’s temperature, making rushing to the radiator a far rarer chore.

Damage & MaintenanceHave you ever had to see a sofa, armchair or carpet discolour and fade under the sun? A double-glazed window blocks out far more UV rays from entering your home, meaning your living room will stay lighter for longer.

And if that wasn’t enough, double glazed windows are maintained as effortlessly as a standard window, with even less condensation and dirt to scrub away.

Noise: Tired of commotion outside, keeping you up? A double glazed window stops sound getting in as well as out.

An energy efficient window will give you some deserved peace, as well as the peace of mind to fill your space with the noises you enjoy.

Cost Efficiency

Bills: With less need to rush to the radiator on those cold winter nights, a double glazed window can bring your household running costs down considerably.

Double glazed windows can give you savings of £100 or more on energy bills alone in a detached house. An energy efficient window is an investment guaranteed to put extra money in your pocket from the first day of installation.

Property Value: Making your home more comfortable to live in is one thing, but what about your home’s next owners? A double glazed window can increase both the energy efficiency and look of your home as well as its value.

You can be sure that prospective buyers will want to put more money down on buying a beautiful property cared for by your investment.

Environmental Efficiency

Reducing your Footprint: Imagine less need for central heating, stronger UV protection and less energy escaping your home. Double glazed windows are proven to be far more environmentally friendly than standard windows.

The higher your window’s u-value, the more significant the impact you’ll make in protecting our planet.

Double Glazing Quotes

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With Double Glazing Quoter, getting a quote is as simple as one, two, three:

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  1. Choose your style

When it comes to your vision, take control by looking around the wide variety of designs and materials on offer. We’ll connect you with our installers and trusted local suppliers who’ll make your dream window a reality.

  1. Choose your measurements

No matter what you need, enter your precise window measurements into our quote builder. We’ll make sure your double glazed window is made-to-measure for any room.

Follow our measurement guide, and you’ll know the precise window dimensions you’ll need:

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