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Many homeowners choose double glazed windows, due to their energy efficiency. A double glazed window, can help you to save money on your household bills, as well as contributing to a greener environment.

Here at Double Glazing Quoter, we believe that your double glazed windows should be as energy efficient as possible, and that is why we offer quotes for A, B and C energy rated double glazed windows.  

What are double glazed energy ratings?

Window Energy Ratings Diagram

Double Glazed windows are tested on their ability to retain heat, and double Glazing manufacturers use this energy rating scheme, to show how energy efficient their products are. The rating scheme was created by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), and the ratings range from A-G, quite similar to the ones used in appliances such as fridges. The scheme evaluates every part of a window, including the casement and frame, and positive and negative values are used to conclude how much energy a window will save, or lose once it has been installed.

For example a window with a positive value, will allow more energy to pass through the glass and into a room, rather than being lost through the window itself. On the whole, these values largely depend on the building, local climate, and the temperature inside a room. Costs can vary and obviously depend on the ratings, materials used, and they style and size of a window, although a higher rated window may cost more, it will save you more energy long term.You will find that over a period of time, energy efficient windows will cost less compared to the cost raised by older, and less efficient windows, making them a great investment for your home.

For more information on energy ratings, please click here to access the Energy Saving Trust website.

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