folding patio doors

Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors (otherwise known as bi-folding doors) make any home ready for summer.

Perfect for connecting your living space to your garden, these innovative doors use large double glazing panels and slimline frames to let natural light flood your home. However, they’re not merely a summer option: their design also helps you keep warm in winter and save energy as a result.

These doors, sometimes known as bi-fold doors, stand out wherever you put them.

They can replace a whole wall of your home with their double glazing, and they sit on an in-line slider to preserve the space in your living area. When you open them, however, they come into their own, as the panels fold in on each other, so the doors disappear.

folding patio door

That way, you get a wide-open space for fresh air and light to enter your home, making it feel more natural. As well as that, you can create an accessible gateway between your home and your garden.

You can even install these doors with a low threshold option, that lowers the clearance of the doors and makes them accessible to those with mobility problems.

Why Should I Get Folding Patio Doors?

One of the significant benefits of folding patio doors is the amount of light they let into your home. In your current space, you may have simple doors with smaller glass panels. Because of this, you can feel like the walls are closing in on you, with less light making it seem like you’re further away from the outside world.

Not only that, but these doors may use older materials that lose their performance over time. Many back doors feature timber, which is sturdy but can wear down quickly in bad weather. Because of this, water can infiltrate and expand cracks in the door, creating more gaps for your home’s warmth to escape.

folding patio doors

By installing folding patio doors, you’ll make your living area feel more open and spacious. Not only that, but the double glazing panels work to create a thermal barrier, trapping heat and stopping cold air from playing havoc with your home. They also use advanced uPVC or aluminium frames that are fully weatherproof and are exceptionally durable.

With these bold designs, you can also turn your living room into a social hub that can impress anyone who enters it. They also help you expand on your home’s space, as they fit on an in-line slider and don’t have a swing arc, making your home safer too. And, thanks to internal security hardware, you can have peace of mind that intruders won’t be able to access them.

Are Folding Patio Doors Better Than Other Door Styles?

Folding patio doors are a more significant investment for your home. That’s because they use multiple double glazing panels and they’re a more complex installation, meaning they’ll cost more than other door styles. However, these innovative doors can transform your home with benefits that different designs can’t provide nearly as well.

For example, a standard back door only uses a single panel of double glazing.

Folding patio doors also improve on designs like the French door. A French door’s swing arcs are vast, meaning they can get in the way and cause a safety risk. Because you can slide bi-fold doors right back to opening, you’ll take that risk away and get more life from your door, as the smoother opening will preserve the hardware.

Folding patio doors also even improve on traditional sliding patio doors. That’s because their folding design offers you more flexibility to use your home how you’d choose.

You can install folding doors inside your home if you’d like to separate a larger space into two. No matter where you put them, you can fold them away seamlessly when you choose to.

Can Folding Patio Doors Save Me Money?

Folding patio doors are far more than just their looks. With their advanced double glazing and innovative frames, they can transform the way your home uses energy. With standard doors, you can lose more of your home’s heat through their inefficient builds. Because of this, you end up using more central heating, costing money and putting a strain on your boiler.

These doors, however, can save you a considerable amount on your energy bills. That’s because they have outstanding insulation, keeping your living space warm in cold weather and letting in more natural warmth from outside. As a result, you won’t have to rely on your central heating to stay comfortable, and you can cut costs down massively.

That way, you’ll have more cash in hand for the things that matter most to you and your family. Additionally, folding patio doors can even save you money on your electricity with the amount of natural light they let in. They also give you superb flexibility, as you can open them up in the summer so you can enjoy the outside world from inside your home.

With Double Glazing Quoter, you’ll work with a brilliant local supplier and installer to fit your folding patio doors. They only use the best materials in their builds, including double glazing with A-rated u-values. These designs put energy saving at the forefront, meaning that you can make a genuine difference to your household costs.

Can Folding Patio Doors Secure My Home?

We believe that any investment you make in your home should keep you and your family safe. That’s why, at Double Glazing Quoter, we put security above everything else. When you work with us, you’ll be getting folding patio doors with robust materials, toughened glazing and internal hardware to keep intruders out.

Folding patio doors may appear open, but they’re possibly the most secure door that you can place in your home. With a uPVC or aluminium frame, you’ll get a sturdy material that resists impact, and can withstand adverse weather too. That way, your door won’t become fragile over time, ensuring continued protection.

Your glazing will also be ready to secure your space. Our suppliers make sure your glass features multi-point locking systems that fasten the glazing to the frame. Because of this, an intruder won’t be able to separate them. As well as that, the structures will feature internal shoot bolts, dog bolts and other hardware that will stay firm for years.

With Double Glazing Quoter, you won’t have to worry about people entering your home. These doors can keep your living space safe, giving you and your family the freedom to enjoy its benefits. Our network prioritises security as much as you do, meaning you can get essential peace of mind with us.

How Much Do Folding Patio Doors Cost?

Folding patio doors do cost more than other designs. However, they use more advanced materials and also have a style and look that can truly stand out. Because of this, you can save more money on your energy bills, and you’ll improve your home’s security more with these doors.

You can also create a seamless gateway between your living area and your garden with folding patio doors. Their flexibility also allows you to install them anywhere, and use them to either create space or partition it into more private areas. You’ll get the same flexibility working with Double Glazing Quoter, as our network offers endless choices for your doors.

You can customise the colours, the finish, and you can even decide how many panels of double glazing you want to use. Our network of suppliers will ensure your new doors are made-to-measure and are unique to your home. That way, you can brighten your space, cut down on your costs, and create a home that you and your family will love.

Save Money on Folding Patio Doors with Double Glazing Quoter

If you think that investing in folding patio doors is a superb option for your home, then talk to Double Glazing Quoter to save money with lower quotes.

Take advantage of our bi-fold door cost calculator to design your new doors, and customise them to suit you. Then, we’ll give you an instant quote online and put you in touch with our network. You’ll get local suppliers competing for your services, driving the price down and saving you money on a superb new addition.