French Doors

French Doors

If you’re looking to create additional space in your property, then french doors are the perfect option. Resolute and refined, they ooze streetwise sophistication, creating a seamless transition between exterior and interior in the process.

French Doors

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Additions such as tinted glass help to increase your property’s exposure to natural light. Alternatively, if you live on a main road, you may prefer to select opaque glass to provide you with extra privacy.

French doors are also an excellent means of improving your property’s security. If you opt for opaque glass, then your property’s visibility to intruders is greatly reduced.

Additions such as engraved designs in the glass can also help to obscure your property’s interior from view.Locking systems in french doors have become much more sophisticated in recent years too.

UPVC French Doors

Unlike the older models, new UPVC French doors have an extra secure locking system. Perfect for keeping out pesky Mother-in-laws and other unwanted intruders!

An additional benefit of installing french doors in your property is that they provide increased insulation for your home. The gap between the two panes of glass increases insulation, whilst simultaneously drowning out noise from outdoors.

They are built to withstand the weather too, enabling them to fight the elements like a true British bulldog!  If your property is located in the shade, then the full glass panes of french doors will be greatly beneficial. They’ll flood your property with natural sunlight, leaving your whole home feeling cosier than a warm-buttered crumpet.

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