front door ideas

Front Door Ideas

Front Door Ideas

Replacing your front door gives you a huge opportunity to showcase new design ideas. Your front door is the first thing most people see of your home.

front door ideas

With a new, bespoke entrance, you can make a lasting impression on your guests with a unique design that reflects your style.

Not only that, but you can get this new look in a door that helps your home to become more efficient.

There are endless front door ideas to choose from out there. That’s why we’ve decided to compile a handy list of them. This way, you can get some inspiration, and you can start to imagine just how stunning a new front door for your home might look.

With endless design options, accessories to choose from and colours and finishes available too, you’ll be in total control of your home’s look with a brand-new front door.

Choose a Front Door Theme

The best place to start is to decide on a theme for your new door.

front door ideas

The theme of your design can inform all of your decisions, and lets you style every aspect of the design around it.

For example, if you want an understated design, you can start with a more minimalistic colour.

Then, you could add to it with sleek handles, obscured glazing and perhaps a woodgrain finish.

Alternatively, you could go in the opposite direction and choose bright, pastel colours, supersized door numbers and patterned glazing.

In any case, starting with a style plan can help you make better decisions and create a door where everything comes together.

You can choose your theme based on the dimensions of your door and your personal needs too, ensuring it suits you functionally as well as stylistically.

Experiment with Front Door Glazing

Another crucial part of your door is the glazing.

front door ideas

The glazing adds light to your living space and is an opportunity for you to add tints and patterns to reflect your personality.

However, you may not have considered the types of glazing you can add to your door. If you want a door that improves your privacy, for example, then you could choose obscured glazing, which keeps your landing away from prying eyes.

Alternatively, you could choose stained glass. Popular in 1930’s Art Deco doors, which are coming back into fashion today, these designs have elaborate patterns that genuinely stand out.

stained glass front door

You could choose a floral pattern, something more geometric, or something so quirky and unique it could only be your idea.

Either way, glazing can play a crucial role when it comes to your front door style ideas.

Create your Front Door Ideas with Cladding

Cladding might not be something you fit into your door, but it can work around the door to make the design pop.

front door ideas

You can add cladding to the surrounding panels to create a contrast, or blend the door in more seamlessly with your property.

You could choose grey cladding and an anthracite grey front door to achieve a moody look, or go against the grain with a bright door and understated surrounds.

Adding this material can also improve the insulation around your door, making the whole front facade of your home work to save energy. That way, you’ll feel the benefits of your design.

You’ll be able to transform the whole area of your home into a welcoming, stunning entrance that makes getting home at the end of the day just that little bit more special.

Get Ahead of the Curve

Now, the puns really begin. Most front door ideas revolve around clean, straight lines.

front door ideas

But, if you’re not a fan of doing what everybody else does, you can add curves to your door that are surprising twists on front door design.

You can get curved glazing, for example, which gives you more space for tints and patterns, and lets more light through into your home.

However, you can also make more subtle design choices to let the curves draw people’s eyes. You can choose doors in which there are curved grooves in the frame, and you can even get an arched porch for the entrance to sit within.

As a result, you’ll be investing in a chic and stylish design that wows your guests when you ask them to come round.

Make your Front Door Vintage

If you have a more traditional home, a cottage, or you love Downton Abbey, then you can capture period style in your new door.

front door ideas

You can choose timber-alternative doors, like composite options, and fit them with era-appropriate accessories.

These can include letterboxes, old-school knockers, and even more. As a result, you can turn your living space into the perfect setting for a costume drama.

Attention to detail will make your new front door stand out on the street. What will also stand out is the performance of your new door, which will be a world away from the period you try to recreate.

Also, you won’t have to worry about repainting these doors or maintaining them. That’s because they have incredible durability, and their vibrant designs won’t fade for years to come.

Go with the (Wood)Grain

Another way to add a timeless class with front door design ideas is to add a woodgrain finish.

composite front door

This addition is a straightforward and affordable way to make your door more elegant and more traditional.

Woodgrain finishes are available across almost all door materials and, usually, only cost a little more to install too. That way, you won’t have to break the bank to achieve a more stylish design.

With a woodgrain finish, you can give your door a sense of depth and texture. Because of this, it’ll stand out and appear sleeker, and the joints and hinges won’t be as obvious to see.

You can also make the effect even more prominent by adding gleaming handles and locks that shine against the more understated woodgrain finish.

Add a Double Front Door

Installing a double front door is guaranteed to make a powerful impression. These more extensive designs give a regal effect and provide you with more space to add unique accessories to the front of your home as well.

Not only that but these doors have a practical purpose as well. You can open them both up to easily transport larger items, like furniture, through your entrance.

Usually, you’ll only use one of the doors as your entrance, and the second one stays shut. But, in the summer months, you can open both if you choose to ventilate the front of your home with warm, fresh air.

The impact these doors will make stylistically is remarkable. When your friends and family see what you’ve done, they’ll think they’re seeing double.

Draw Attention to Your Front Door Ideas with Porch Lights

Lighting can play a crucial role in making your new front door stand out.

front door ideas porch

By adding porch lights above the door, you can spotlight the areas of your design that you most want people to see.

Also, if you come back home late at night, you can have a welcoming light waiting for you when you return. These additions can brighten up the front of your home no matter when you turn them on.

Porch lights have plenty of practical uses as well. You can get movement-activated models which turn on at the first sign of activity.

This innovative system doesn’t only help you get into your home late at night, but can be the first line of defence to alert you to any unwanted visitors outside.

Choose the Right Doormat

Now, I am more than aware that a doormat is not a door. But when you come home and wipe your feet, you want to wipe your feet in style.

front door ideas

Choosing a doormat can be a finishing touch for the theme of your doors, and allows you to add a quirky touch to your entrance. It can be classy; it can be funny; it can have Darth Vader on it; the choice is entirely up to you.

Doormats, also, are a much more affordable design touch than some of the other ones in the range. While they may not have as dramatic of an effect, they do add a sense of personality and character to your home.

There are Two Sides to Every Front Door

Finally, designing the outside of your front door is, of course, vital. But the inside of your front door doesn’t have to be the same.

front door ideas

If you have so many ideas for your entrance that you can’t decide on one, then don’t! Choose two designs that can create a unique contrast, and give you two opportunities to make your front door ideas into a reality.

That way, you’ll have a different experience when you leave the house and when you come back, with two unique looks that stand out for themselves.

You could create a reverse design, with inverse colours on different sides, or even try completely contrasting styles.

The crucial thing when coming up with any front door ideas, however, is that the look of your new entrance is entirely in your hands.

Kerb Appeal

The front door of your home isn’t the only part of your property that needs maintaining.

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Front Door Prices

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