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House Extensions Chelmsford

House Extensions Chelmsford, Essex

Are you considering a house extension in Chelmsford?

House extensions are a great way of adding extra space to your property. As they say, sometimes it’s easier improve rather than move.

Whether you opt for a traditional extension, Orangery extension or conservatory extension, it will bring a lot of value to your Chelmsford property. And we’re not just talking in terms of monetary value.

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A house extension will improve your overall living, adding much needed light and space.

If you were ever in need of a bigger kitchen, dining room or living area, a house extension gives you the perfect opportunity to create the space you’ve always wanted.

Compared to moving home, it also comes at a cheaper cost. Less fees, less stress.

House Extensions Chelmsford: How much do extensions cost?

How much can you expect to pay for your Chelmsford house extension?

While many other home improvement installations usually come with a fixed price, when getting a house extension in Chelmsford the price can vary wildly depending on your very own design specifications.

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For instance, the size of the extension, the materials you want it built from, where you live, what roof you want and what doors and windows you want to be installed into it.

Because of this, house extension costs are typically generated by square meter; with the estimated, average price for a house extension in Chelmsford 2017 being around £1,250 and £1,750 per square meter.

However, this price can rise to over £2,000 per m2 within the London area and elsewhere in the South East.

Location is an important factor in the price of house extensions, with certain areas of London being far more expensive than other areas throughout the UK.

24m2 Extension Costs

When estimating the cost of your new house extension in Chelmsford, it is important that you have the right dimensions in mind.

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The price of an extension is usually calculated per m2, meaning that a or 24m2 (3x8m or 4x6m) extension will typically cost you around £30,000.

However, this price can increase or decrease depending on different factors, including where you live, how many storeys your extension will have and what materials and additional features you want to be added.

Single Storey House Extensions in Chelmsford

A single storey house extension in Chelmsford is going to be the more affordable option than a double storey extension. Price per square meter typically doubles when an extra storey is added on top.

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Because of this, if you are only looking at increasing the size of your ground floor, then it will cost you far less than a two-storey extension.

Adding a single storey extension will improve your downstairs layout and should, if done right, increase it’s value.

Single Storey House Extension Cost

The price for a single storey house extension in Chelmsford, as mentioned above, is around £30,000 for a 24m2 extension, around £1,250 for every m2 covered.

Double Storey House Extensions in Chelmsford

Sometimes a single-storey extension just won’t add enough space to your property, especially if you want to make room for new family members.

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Even if you simply want to expand your space to make it a much more comfortable property, by adding additional space upstairs you can make a new bedroom, bathroom, study or even allow for an ensuite.

If you are finding that your property is too cramped, choosing to get a two-storey extension for your house extension in Chelmsford is a far more affordable and less stressful option than moving into a new property, especially if you are not prepared to uproot your life just for that bit of extra space.

Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful things you can do, so while a two-storey extension is a more pricey option than a single-storey, it is only the fraction of the cost of a full house-move and will save you and your family a lot of additional anxiety and stress.

Double Storey House Extension Costs

Getting a second storey installed typically increases the cost of your house extension in Chelmsford by around 50%, with the upper floor both covering the same amount of square meters and also needing additional reinforcements to make the upper floor structurally sound to walk around on.

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Function and Fixtures

Windows and Doors

When designing your new house extension in Chelmsford, it is important to take into consideration what kind of windows and doors you want fitted. These are more than just an afterthought, as windows and doors can often make or break the overall aesthetic of your property.

Windows – With dozens of options for window design, including casement, sliding sash, tilt and turn and even bay windows, you can choose from uPVC, timber and aluminium frames to complete the look; as well as what size, colours, and style of glass you want. For a more in-depth look at our range of double glazed windows, check out our information page here.

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Bi-folding doors – If you are looking for a way of opening up your home more to your outdoor or garden space, then bi-fold doors offer a great way of merging the inside with the outside. Being able to extend for the entire length of a wall, many people use bi-folding doors to unzip both your kitchen and living areas out into the garden, allowing for ease of access, natural light and lots of ventilation. Because of their slimline frames, even when closed these doors create a fantastic view outside, whilst protecting you and your property from the worst of the British weather.

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French and Patio doors – For a more traditional appearance, French doors and Patio doors are also a great option if you are looking for ease of access in and out of your home. With low-threshold options available to allow for easy access for prams and wheelchairs, these doors will allow you to utilise your outdoor space on a daily basis especially during the summer months.

Roof Lanterns

If you are getting a single-storey house extension in Chelmsford and are looking to bring in more natural light into your home, then roof lanterns are a great alternative to traditional windows, which can often leave you feeling exposed and lacking wall-space. Lanterns work similar to skylights, made with slimline frames that maximise the amount of glass per window and allowing large amounts of sunlight to come into the room. Their raised, triangular shape gives your extension additional height, creating the illusion of extra space.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

One thing which many homeowners dread when looking into getting any kind of home improvement is planning permission, with long waiting times and additional fees costing you more in money and stress than you were intending to spend. However, if you are only getting a single-storey for your house extension in Chelmsford then you may very well be exempt from requiring any planning permission.

Thanks to recent changes in planning permission legislation, while certain criteria need to be met (mainly depending on the size and height of your extension), most single storey extensions are considered to be ‘permitted development’. This can mean that your installation work can begin almost immediately from when you receive your initial quotation.

For more information on planning permission and to see whether your house extension in Chelmsford qualifies as a permitted development, please consult the government’s Planning Portal or speak to your chosen installer.

Project Management Extension Costs

Managing your own project can involve a lot of your free time, buying in materials, organising workman and keeping a close eye on your budget and finances. However, hiring a project manager for your house extension installation can really help take a lot of the stress and hassle off of your shoulders.

While you will still have control over the design and chosen fixtures and fittings of your extension, a project manager will make sure that your installation work is completed both within budget and on schedule. They will work closely with the other members of the team, including builders, surveyors and any other consultants you have brought on for the project.

The cost of hiring a project manager often depends on the size of the work, with many charging a fixed rate per day, while others charge between 10% and 20% of the labour price. Because of this, the price can vary depending on how long your installation takes to build.

For more information on the price of hiring a project manager, why not speak to our team through our online contact form, or contact your chosen installer.

House Extension Quotes

No matter what kind of house extension you choose to get for your property in Chelmsford, we here at Double Glazing Quoter are here to help every step of the way.

Use our free online quotation calculator to put together your very own bespoke design, and we will put you in quick contact with a range of recommended, trusted local installation companies operating in your area.

All our quotes are free of charge and with zero obligation, allowing you to use the engine as many times as necessary so you can find your perfect price.

Getting a house extension in Chelmsford has never been so easy!