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House Window Replacement Guide

Your house could be better off with a window replacement. If you have old windows in your house, then they could be losing energy for your home. Designs with timber frames and single-glazed glass can begin to wear down, weaken and underperform over time. As a result, these old windows could be losing up to 10% of your home’s energy.

One solution is to try repairing these windows. However, while you’ll solve the problem initially, it could rear its head again in the long run. All windows have their age, and so repairing old windows could only be prolonging them. That means you’ll end up in the same position again, meaning you end up spending a lot more on repairs than you would a house window replacement.

With a house window replacement, you can switch out your old window for a modern, advanced design. Your new window will feature the latest materials, including advanced double glazing and a choice of durable uPVC and aluminium profiles. Not only that, but it’ll be fully weatherproof, and it’ll feature high-security locks to keep you safe.

And, with many companies, you can fully customise the design of your windows. That means you could pick out a bold design with unique colours, glazing and accessories. However, if you have a more traditional home, you can choose authentic touches to make your new design blend in brilliantly with your older one.

A house window replacement, then, can help in several ways. But Double Glazing Quoter can help your house window replacement go even better. Using our network, you can find qualified window installers in your local area in minutes. That way, you’ll get an installation you can trust with lower prices and wait times!

house window replacement guide

Why Install New Windows For Your House?

You can make your house warmer, brighter and safer with a window replacement. But when and why do you install new windows for your house? There are a few telltale signs for when your old windows might need an update. For a start, the frames around your windows could be wearing down, leaving gaps and cracks that cold air can rush through.

Another issue is your home’s performance – if there are gaps in your window, warm air can escape your home, and cold air can replace it. As a result, you could lose a lot of energy from your home, meaning you’ll rely more on your central heating to stay warm. However, that’s not the only reason a house window replacement could help your home.

Single-Glazed House Window Replacement

In your house, you might have windows with only one pane of glass. Because of this, the design could be fragile, and it could struggle with heat transfer. A single pane of glass can be vulnerable to damage from tennis balls and stress and pressure fractures. Not only that, but the layer of glass doesn’t keep out a lot of cold air for your home.

With a house window replacement, you’ll get a durable, efficient window that protects your home in more ways than one. With two panes of glass, the window will have more resistance to things that can damage it, ensuring it’ll last longer than older designs. Also, double glazing is much better for your home’s insulation, helping you cut the cost of your bills!

Damaged Window Replacement

Also, your windows could damage over time. Not only might the glass chip or crack, but the frames could wear down as well. If either of these parts begins to wear down, the rest of the window could also suffer. Components such as hinges and handles can rust in poor weather, and even locks can lose their firmness.

But, with a house window replacement, you can invest in a fully weatherproof design. You’ll get a choice of slimline uPVC or aluminium profiles that can withstand all weather conditions without problems. They’ll protect the internal hardware in your windows too, ensuring they maintain their quality for decades to come.

Misted Window Replacement

Another problem with older windows is condensation. Condensation occurs when your window isn’t keeping cold air away from your home. The cold air clashes with the warm air inside your home, creating a contrasting pressure. As a result of that pressure, a mist can build up on the inside of your window, blocking out light and potentially becoming mould.

With a house window replacement, though, you’ll get a window that prevents condensation. With better insulation, you’ll ensure that the collision takes place outside your home rather than inside, ensuring it doesn’t affect your comfort. Not only that, but you can get smooth openings that improve air circulation in your home.

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The Advantages of House Window Replacement

By getting a house window replacement, you can update the performance of your home with ease. Modern windows have much better insulation, thanks to a unit of advanced double glazing and uPVC or aluminium profiles. Together, these parts create a thermal barrier for your home, keeping warm air inside and blocking out the cold

. Also, your new windows could block intruders from your home. Along with highly robust frames and glass, you’ll get a window that comes loaded with innovative security hardware. For example, you can get multi-point locking mechanisms that fasten the glass to the frame, and durable handles that resist forced entry attempts.

With new windows, you can also benefit from decades of quality. Your new window will be a weather-resistant design, meaning it won’t crack, twist or lose its shape in any conditions. Your frames won’t even scratch or fade, meaning you can style them in bold colours without having to worry about them fading!

uPVC and aluminium are both durable materials that can perform at their full potential long into the future. With aluminium windows, for example, you’ll get an almost bulletproof structure that can perform for your home for up to 50 years! That’s without regular maintenance too, meaning you can spend less time worrying about your windows and more time enjoying them.

The Cost of Double Glazing A House with a Window Replacement

The cost of double glazing a house through a window replacement could be between £3000-5000. However, the cost could go up or down based on a range of factors. For example, the window styles you choose could have a large effect on the cost. Casement windows cost about £250 on average, but sash windows of the same size could be double that price.

Another factor in the cost of double glazing a house is the frames you choose. Aluminium windows are 15-20% more expensive than uPVC windows to fit, although they provide better performance. Not only that, but additional hardware like handles, security systems and even colours can affect the price.

However, you’ll make a much better investment with a house window replacement than through repairs. Repair costs can climb quickly, especially if you have an old window with multiple issues. Not only that, but many fixes are only temporary ones, meaning they could reoccur within only a few months.

As a result, replacing your windows now could save you a lot of money in the long run. And, when it comes to finding a great deal, that’s now easier too. Rather than exhaustively search for a house window replacement company on your own, you can find the ones you can trust in your area in minutes with Double Glazing Quoter!

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House Window Replacements with Double Glazing Quoter

With Double Glazing Quoter, you can get a house window replacement for a lot less. Using our network of trusted local suppliers and installers, you can find several companies near you who can offer brand-new windows at brilliantly low prices. Not only that, but you’ll be working with reliable teams who won’t let you down.

You can speak with all of these companies to find the best possible deal in your area, and you can negotiate with them to lower it even further. With local companies, you’ll get more personalised advice and service, meaning you can design your new windows with them and create an installation schedule that is much less disruptive.

Because we already have a full list of trusted suppliers, the search will take minutes rather than weeks. Also, you can be sure whoever you work with won’t be a rogue trader. We regularly review our network to ensure the companies meet it all meet the highest standards of service. Also, we ensure that they supply windows from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers.

For added peace of mind, many of these companies have accreditation from bodies such as FENSA and CERTASS. That way, you can be sure that their windows meet the latest performance standards and are compliant with the law. With Double Glazing Quoter, you’ll make a better investment with less cost, less risk and less hassle!

House Window Replacement Prices

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