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How Much Do Bespoke Patio Doors Cost?

Bespoke Patio Doors Cost

Bespoke patio doors cost as little as £455 to install in your home. The price of patio doors can vary, though, depending on the design and dimensions you decide are right for you.

For example, you can save money on your doors by choosing a two-panelled patio door, as opposed to one that uses a single sheet of double glazing. These can cost around 40% less, meaning you’ll make significant savings. However, bespoke patio doors put you in more control of the cost.

Patio doors, sometimes known as sliding doors, are a brilliant way to open up your home. In your current home, you may feel disconnected from the outside world.

Your living space may not have a lot of light, and the only way to enter your garden might be through a small, creaky back door. Patio doors are precisely the opposite of those clunky designs. You’ll be investing in an expansive door that has a large glazed area and a slimline frame.

Because of this, you’ll let loads of natural light and warmth into your living space. Also, if you have a conservatory, then patio doors can make it feel more connected to the rest of your home.

Also, you won’t feel exposed with doors that mainly use glass. That’s because you’ll get advanced double glazing panels that are fully weatherproof and reinforced, giving you patio door security. Because of this, wind and rain won’t be able to affect your living space, and you’ll benefit when the weather brightens up.

Installing patio doors can make your home more accessible, comfortable and efficient. You can slide the door effortlessly to create a wide-open space to enter your garden through.

You’ll get terrific noise and heat insulation, to keep your home quiet and warm enough that you can save on your energy bills.

bespoke patio doors cost

Bespoke Patio Door Design

Bespoke patio doors can make any living space stand out. That’s because they have a sleek, stylish design, which hides innovative features. For a start, patio doors use glazing in almost all of their design, save for a slimline frame.

You can choose either a uPVC or aluminium frame for your entry, each of which is a durable material that protects the door’s internal hardware. Because of this, you can rely on your doors to slide smoothly every time you want to open them up.

When you do open them up, you can transform how your home feels. If it’s warm, then you can open the doors to ventilate your living space. That way, you won’t have to rush to the shops to buy any fans, and you can enjoy the summer months more naturally.

Even when you close the doors, your bespoke patio doors will work to keep you comfortable. The glazing reflects warm light into your living space but protects you from excess heat, and harmful UV rays.

Your bespoke patio doors will use an in-line slider in their design, too. As a result, the door doesn’t have a swing arc, which means you can maximise the space in your home.

Also, the slider is an excellent security measure. Patio doors are anti-crowbar, and the glazing locks into the frame at multiple points. You can also choose from blinds or obscured glass to stop prying eyes looking into your home.

Bespoke patio doors can make your home cost less to run, too. Thanks to the double glazing and slimline frame, the whole design creates a thermal barrier for your home.

Not only can you get back in control of rising energy costs, but you can even decrease your carbon footprint.

Comparing Patio Door Costs

uPVC Patio Doors

uPVC patio doors are a more affordable option for your home. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be losing out. uPVC is a superb material for your home. It is flexible, lightweight but still has plenty of strength.

Because of this, it has excellent insulation, and it’ll protect the hardware of your bespoke patio doors from wear and tear. uPVC is a weatherproof material too. If you have a timber back door and its beginning to crack and rot, then uPVC patio doors will put those issues firmly in the past.

uPVC patio doors can start from as little as £455. However, a reasonable guide price to follow is that you can expect to pay between £975-1400 for a two-panelled design.

However, for that investment, you’ll have the choice between a standard white or a woodgrain finish, and you’ll be able to save money on your energy bills too. uPVC has superb insulation and no design flaws, so there won’t be any space for cold air and wind to make your living space uncomfortable.

Aluminium Patio Doors

You can also design bespoke patio doors with an aluminium frame. Aluminium is a step up on uPVC in performance and security. While it can cost more to install, it’ll make an even more significant impact on your living space.

Aluminium also has terrific insulation, but its main benefit is its remarkable strength. With these doors, you can keep burglars well away. You’ll also get multi-point locking systems for the glazing, so your new patio doors will be practically bulletproof.

Single-Panelled Patio Doors

For a truly modern design, however, single-panelled patio doors are stunning. Instead of a two-panelled design, which has a break between the glazing in the middle, you’ll get one panel of uninterrupted glass. As a result, you can turn a wall of your home into a front-row seat to nature.

You’ll let even more natural light into your living space, and you could find that you rely on your central heating even less. Single-panelled designs start from £1375 but provide incredible value to your home.

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Why Should I Install Patio Doors?

Patio doors can cost more than other entrance styles. However, they offer your home an openness, and feeling of space, that other doors struggle to achieve. For example, French doors use less glazing in their design and have a swing arc.

While they’re cheaper to install, you won’t be able to brighten your living space as much, and the opening is more restrictive. Also, the swing of the doors can be a safety risk, so installing a door that sits on an in-line slider could be responsible if you have a young family.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could install bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors also sit on a slider but have a folding design. While the bi-fold door has many advantages, it costs quite a bit more than patio doors to install.

However, patio doors still offer you the same accessible opening, comfort and efficiency that bi-fold doors can. Because of this, you can get more value for money with bespoke patio doors.

How Can I Create Bespoke Patio Doors?

Installing any patio doors in your home can enhance your living space and improve your living quality. But what if you could design your new investment from the ground up? With brand-new patio doors, you can customise almost every aspect of the build.

You can choose bold colours or authentic wood grain finishes for the frame that won’t lose their glow. You could invest in obscured or self-cleaning glazing, for privacy and easy cleaning. Also, there are several accessories like knockers and handles available too!

With Double Glazing Quoter, you can take control of your new entrance straight away. Our online patio doors cost calculator has all of the customisable options you can pick at your fingertips. You can try out different configurations, and compare the prices of different frames, sizes and other features.

You could also work with your installers to create a door that suits your home if you’d like any advice. All of the companies in our network are local experts who are proud to offer a personalised service.

How Can I Cut The Cost of My Patio Doors?

When you invest in bespoke patio doors, the cost can seem high. However, you don’t have to pay over the odds to get a stunning new door for your home.

At Double Glazing Quoter, we can put you in touch with local installers in your area. These companies won’t charge you a premium for their services or their materials, and you won’t have to pay excessive travel costs either.

Additionally, many of these installers have approval from FENSA and CERTASS, saving you the trouble of applying for a certification yourself. You can also compare prices from a range of companies, not only one.

That way, you can get the full picture of the market, so you don’t pay too much for your patio doors.

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