how much do entrance doors cost

How Much Do Entrance Doors Cost?

How Much Do Entrance Doors Cost?

Interested in getting a brand-new entrance door for your property?

Front doors are often the very first thing a visitor to your home will see, so it is important that you create a great first impression.

A front door is best chosen to suit the rest of your property, often choosing between a traditional or contemporary design to match or offset the overall aesthetic of the property.

That being said, how much do entrance doors cost and what factors in my design can affect the overall price?

We here at Double Glazing Quoter are here to help you find the very best quotes for your bespoke entrance door design from companies operating within your local area.

Use our free door cost calculator to put together your very own entrance door design, and we will put you in contact with a number of reputable local companies entirely free of charge and with zero obligation to you whatsoever.

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Finding your ideal entrance door for your property has never been so easy!

How Much Do Entrance Doors Cost?

As with many home improvement products, the price of an entrance door can vary on a number of factors, including the dimensions, materials and additional features chosen for it. For instance, uPVC is more affordable than aluminium, while the metal is longer lasting and more secure against forced entry. Types of glass can also affect the price, with the choice of double glazed, triple glazed and patterned glass for an added sense of privacy. Additionally, some exterior door designs are a singular, typically sized door while others can have two or more separate panels that take up a larger area of the wall.

Not only this, but the price of your installation also depends on how many doors you are having installed. A single door can cost between £200 and £1,000, depending on the design specifications, but more than one can push that price up considerably.

For more information on how much your new entrance door is going to cost, don’t hesitate to give us a call to speak to a member of our team who will be all too happy to answer any questions you may have.

Types of Entrance Doors

Front Doors – Front doors need to be heavily secure, being the main entrance to your home for both you and for visitors. Because of this, front doors need to be strongly secure and hardwearing against day-to-day use, with a durable locking system that doesn’t allow for tampering or wearing out. Composite doors are often a popular choice, with a mixture of materials providing a far stronger resistance against outside force and general exposure to the elements.

Back Doors – Often providing an entrance to and from the garden and other outside areas, back doors also need to be heavily secure, whilst allowing in natural light and views from your garden. Glazed doors are very popular options for back doors, with durable double glazing providing a weatherproof seal against bad weather whilst not obstructing the view.

Patio and Sliding Doors – Space-saving and minimalistic in design, patio and sliding doors are a great option for homeowners without much space for a traditional swing arc of a door. With slimline frames allowing for maximum amounts of glazing per panel, when open it allows for a wide entrance and exit that provides ample ventilation and easy access to the garden, and when closed still allows in natural light and great views whilst protecting your home from any rain or cold air.

Bi-folding doors – The contemporary alternative to patio doors, bi-folding doors are able to stretch for almost the entire wall with between four to eight separate glazed panels. Folding back in a concertina shape for discrete storage against the wall, these doors open up the entire room to the outside, providing outstanding and unobstructed views and natural ventilation.

French Doors – A classic look, French doors feature two independently opening doors that open in a swing arc from the centre. When opened, it provides a low threshold, grand entrance into your property from the garden, with additional Georgian bars available to be added for an extra sense of ornate design.

uPVC Entrance Doors

uPVC remains one of the most popular materials for windows and doors on the market, being hard-wearing, durable and incredibly affordable. With a lifespan of around 30 years with very little additional upkeep needed, aside from an occasional wash down to get rid of any residual dirt, uPVC is an available material for all kinds of door designs.

If you are worried about thick white resin standing out against your traditional or modern design aesthetic, then don’t worry as uPVC is able to feature natural wood-grain foil and natural colours to replicate the look and feel of traditional timber frames, without any of the additional sanding, varnishing and repainting that those frames often need every few years in order to keep their appearance looking fresh.

Composite Entrance Doors

Composite doors are incredibly popular options for front and back doors. Featuring a mixture of materials including natural fibres, uPVC, glass-reinforced plastic and others, wrapped around a solid core, composite doors are the most durable and secure of all the types of door available on the market.

Featuring a thermally broken frame and body, composite doors are designed to trap pockets of warm air and create a thermal barrier against any cold air from getting through into your home and preventing any warm air from escaping. This not only results in keeping your home warmer for longer but also helps to save you money on your heating bills and decrease your overall carbon footprint.

As a feature, composite doors also come with a traditional woodgrain foil, replicating the look and feel of traditional timber without any of the drawbacks of actual wooden doors. Along with a number of customisable colour, glass and handle options, this allows you to make sure your new door is perfectly suited to your personal taste.

Victorian Front Doors

If you are living in a period property or have a traditional style home that you want to enhance with some period details, then you may be looking to get a Victorian front door.

Victorian doors are synonymous with style, often seen on posh London houses, but getting one may be easier than you think. The Victorian-style features wood panels with optional stained-glass windows on the upper half of the door, meaning that a lot of our composite doors fit the bill.

Just because you want an ornate appearance, it does not mean you have to put up with underperforming timber doors; composite or woodgrain-style uPVC will fit the bill just as well, if not better, with superior insulation, durability and without needing any repainting or sanding to keep up its sleek and classy appearance.

By using Double Glazing Quoter’s free online installation quotation calculator, you can put together a truly unique front door design that matches an ornate Victorian aesthetic that compliments your property and your own personal taste.

Glazed Entrance Doors

While glazed doors are more commonly chosen for back doors, glazed entrance doors can be fitted anywhere along your property. Bringing in loads of natural light, double glazed window panels in a door can allow for great views outside, but if you are concerned about privacy then patterned and stained glass is available to obscure the view whilst still brightening up your home.

Patio, bi-folding and French doors are all very popular alternatives to traditional doors, and while they are often used as back exterior doors, patio, sliding and French doors have been known to be used as part of a main entranceway. This can prove very beneficial to more contemporary homes looking for a stylish and outstanding alternative to traditional entrance doors for their property.

Front Door Security

Your front door is the first line of defence against both harsh weather conditions and any unwanted intruders, meaning that it is very important that it is as secure as possible.

Most front doors offered by installation companies come with high-security locks, such as Yale multi-point locks, although it is recommended that you double-check with your chosen installer what kind of locks come fitted as standard. Additional safety features, such as internal beading and steel reinforcements can also be featured in front doors, improving both the security and the thermal efficiency of the door. Double glazing on doors is also able to be reinforced, preventing the glass from breaking or falling out if it does smash.

For more information on how to keep your property secure against the weather and anyone trying to gain entry to your home, feel free to contact us through our online contact form or speak to your chosen installation company, who will be all too happy to answer your questions.