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How Secure Are Modern Windows?

How Secure Are Modern Windows?

Modern windows can keep your home secure and your family safe. In your current home, you may have old windows that are starting to become fragile. These designs wear down over the years and don’t have a lot of inbuilt security.

Because of this, burglars know to target windows that appear dated. If you have timber windows in your home, then they can suffer from even more pressing issues. The design can crack over time, meaning an intruder could break through with ease.

However, the most secure options for your home are modern windows. Thanks to new technology and innovative design, the windows of today can give you the peace of mind you deserve. Unlike older models, modern windows use robust materials that don’t wear away.

You can choose a durable uPVC frame or a stunning aluminium structure. Both of these options can take almost anything an intruder can throw at them.

By replacing your old designs with modern windows, you can make a real step up on security. These designs not only feature durable frames but advanced double glazing too. Together, they work to keep what matters most to you safe.

For example, if a burglar looks to prise your window apart, they’ll be met by razor-thin gaps that prevent any lifting of the frame, and multi-point locking systems that keep the glass fastened down.

Additionally, your new windows won’t let you down for years to come. That’s because uPVC and aluminium are both long-lasting materials. You’ll also be able to choose from a wide range of styles, from innovative tilt and turn options to even a sliding sash design.

And, finally, you won’t have to spend as much as you think. You can get modern uPVC casement windows for as little as £250 each for your home.

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Security of Modern Windows

How secure are modern windows? Compared to older designs, they are a huge leap forward for safety, privacy and protection. For a start, new window designs use leading internal hardware. You’ll be investing in a design that has durable locking systems, firm handles that can resist extreme forces and a whole range of optional extras too.

In tilt and turn windows, you can also get a design that opens inward, meaning you can ventilate your home at night while leaving no space for a burglar.

Also, modern windows are fully weatherproof. Because of this, these designs won’t rust or fade away down the years. uPVC and aluminium can both withstand heavy rain and wind without rotting, twisting or warping.

As a result, the frame protects the hardware from any wear, stopping your window from slacking on security. Not only that, but the weatherproof design ensures you’ll get smooth operation every time you open your window, and you’ll prevent draughts from developing in your home.

Of course, security features come into their own when somebody tries to enter your home. However, even when they aren’t, you’ll feel safe and comfortable in your living space. Your new windows give you the privacy and peace you need to enjoy your home as you should.

Both uPVC and aluminium have terrific sound insulation, which means you won’t have to put up with unwanted noise from outside. They also insulate your home from cold weather, reducing your reliance on your central heating.

You can also customise modern windows to make them even more secure. For added privacy, you can choose blinds or obscured glazing. Not only that, but all modern windows are low-maintenance. You won’t have to repaint or revarnish the design for it to keep protecting your home effectively.

Which Are The Most Secure Modern Windows?

uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are the most affordable modern windows you can invest in for your home. However, cutting costs doesn’t mean you’ll be cutting corners. uPVC is a durable design that is highly flexible, weather-resistant, and versatile.
Unlike timber, uPVC doesn’t have any cracks or gaps in its design, so it’ll give your window total protection from burglars, and the weather too. Also, you can customise your uPVC in any colour that you choose, and the scratch-resistant material won’t lose its glow for decades.

The cost of modern uPVC windows, though, is what turns them from a nice idea into a no-brainer. You can invest in a uPVC casement window for as little as £250. Not only that, but uPVC puts bolder window styles, like tilt and turn and sash options, closer within your reach.
uPVC tilt & turn windows are available from only £400, while a sash window could start from £525. With Double Glazing Quoter, you can also get in touch with multiple installers, meaning you can negotiate the price down even further!

Aluminium Windows

Alternatively, you could invest in aluminium windows for your home. These modern windows cost, on average, about 20% more than their uPVC counterparts. However, the extra protection you’ll get more than makes up for the added cost.

Aluminium is a precious metal, meaning it has incredible inherent strength. Alone, this material can withstand significant forces, strong winds and heavy rain, without weakening at all. However, modern windows also feature leading hardware behind the frame.

The aluminium structure conceals and protects your locks and other security features. As a result, they won’t rust over time. That also means you can preserve and strengthen the glazing, making it harder for a burglar to smash.

Because of all this, modern aluminium windows are long-lasting and easy to maintain. If you clean them a few times a year, you can make these windows perform for up to 50 years, or even more. That way, you’ll get peace of mind that lasts a lifetime.

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Secure Modern Window Styles

How secure are new styles of modern windows? Each build you can choose with a brand-new window can give you the security you need. Because of this, the only choice you have to make is the style that suits your home best.
Casement windows are the most affordable window style on the market, and also the most customisable. You can change how they open and close, the colour of the frame, and even the accessories.

However, you can choose different styles that have unique looks and opening systems. For example, the tilt and turn window is a highly versatile option for your home.

You can open the window in multiple ways – inward, outward, vertically – and the design stays locked at the central bar. Because of this, you can ventilate your home without leaving a gap that exposes it. Also, you can tilt the window towards you for straightforward cleaning!

Some modern windows also have a timeless elegance. Sash windows sit flush within the frame like old timber designs. That means you can get an authentic look, but also tighter security with an anti-crowbar design.

Finally, if you live in a traditional home, or want to add genuine space, then bow and bay windows are ideal. These designs extend a wall of your home outward to fit their angled, multi-panelled design. As a result, they offer plenty of space and natural light without sacrificing security.

Secure Modern Windows Costs

How much are secure modern windows? Nowhere near as much as you might think. uPVC windows cost as little as £250 each, while aluminium options could set you back between 15-20% more. However, the price of your windows can vary depending on the style and look you’d like for them.

If you’d like larger windows, optional extras, or customised glazing, then the price can rise. But, with Double Glazing Quoter, you can take control of the cost of your new, secure modern windows.

One way to save money on modern windows is to get them from a trusted local installer. Because they’ll be closer to you, you won’t have to fork out any enormous travel costs. Not only that, but national brands can often charge premiums off the back of their reputation.

Instead, you can get better value for money with a local supplier. Double Glazing Quoter has a trusted network of companies in your area, many of whom have approval from FENSA and CERTASS.

At Double Glazing Quoter, we don’t give you only one option, either. Instead, we let you contact multiple double glazing companies to get different quotes. As a result, you’ll get a broader picture of the market, and you can compare prices to find the one that’s right for you.

You can even negotiate your quote with others in mind so that you can bring the cost down even further. Working with us, you can invest in secure modern windows in a modern way, that gives you a superb deal.

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Secure Modern Windows with Double Glazing Quoter

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