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How To Find The Best Price For A Window

How do you find the best price for a window? Whether you’re buying one new window or several, getting a great deal is always at the front of our minds. But, when the time comes to make your investment, it’s not as easy to know if you’re making the right one. After all, you not only want a fantastic modern window, but you want to get it at a low cost.

There are a few factors that affect the cost of a brand-new window. The window style is one, with various options out there that are either traditional or modern. Additionally, the glazing you choose plays a role, with double and triple glazing offering different performance at different price points. The frames can affect the cost of a window as well.

Because of this, you might think that the price for a window could spiral. But, if anything, you’ll have more control over your window costs. That’s because, with several companies today, you can build bespoke windows to your exact specifications. That way, you can choose the style, glazing and frame, and you can customise the design with unique colours and hardware.

Also, you don’t only have to design windows with one company. It’s wise to get quotes from several installers to get a better idea of the right price for a window, helping you see the bigger picture. From there, you can compare offers and make sure the deal you get is one that’ll make good on your investment.

If you’d like to compare prices for a new window, then there’s one easy way to do it too. With Double Glazing Quoter, you can find trusted local companies across the UK with ease. Then, you can compare their windows and prices to get the best deal.

how to find the best price for a window

What is the Price for a Window?

When you get a brand-new window, the price can change because of various factors. But the most important choice is the style of window you add to your home. There are several styles to choose from with unique opening systems that make your home look and feel fantastic. Not only that, but they are functional designs that make daily life a little easier too.

The price for a casement window, the UK’s most popular design, can start from as little as £143. However, the cost can rise depending on the window’s size, with more expansive designs being more expensive designs. No matter how big your window is, though, your casement window will come with double glazing as standard, along with energy efficient frames.

If you’d like a unique window for your home, though, there are plenty of options. Tilt and turn windows, for example, open in multiple directions, making them easy to clean and great for ventilation. Tilt and turn windows can start at around £400, but they give you a lot of functionality. You can fit them into smaller spaces, and the central bar is always locked for reliable security.

And, if you want to bring traditional quality to your living space, you can with a range of window styles! Sash windows sit flush within the frame for a sleek, elegant look, and sliding sash windows open vertically. The cost of a sash window begins at £525, with the cost rising depending on the build’s size and materials.

The Price of Window Glazing

Once you’ve picked the right window style, the next way to control the price of a window is by choosing the right glazing. In your old window, you might only have single-glazed glass, which is thin and fragile. Because of this, single glazing loses a lot of energy for your home, and it’s more prone to condensation and wear over time. As a result, most windows come with double glazing as standard.

Double glazing is two panes of advanced glass, working together to keep cold air out and warm air in. Not only that, but double glazing is more secure, more durable, and even helps with keeping sound outside of your home. Its heat insulation, though, makes the most difference, saving you money on your energy bills.

But, if you’d like to get better performance for your home, why not consider triple glazing? As the name suggests, triple glazing gives you three panes of glass. That way, you can get the benefits of double glazing, amplified. You’ll get a highly secure window that keeps intruders out, and you could save as much as 50% more on your energy bills compared to double glazing.

While triple glazing can cost 30-40% more than double glazing, you could pay the cost of your investment back more quickly in energy savings. As a result, triple glazing proves that sometimes the best price for a window isn’t the cheapest one. You’ll be in control, though, of the choice you make for your style and your budget.

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The Price of a Window Frame

The next option that affects the price of a window is the frame. While the glazing helps with insulation, the frame is perhaps even more crucial. If your window has old timber frames, then it could be wearing down quickly. That’s because wood isn’t weatherproof, meaning it can crack and twist, creating gaps for cold air to rush in and lower the temperature of your home.

With most modern windows, you’ll get a uPVC frame as standard. uPVC is affordable but incredibly versatile, with superb strength and durability in any shape. The frames will have no natural dents and gaps as timber does, meaning no cracks can expand over time. Additionally, the material is weatherproof, ensuring it won’t wear down for decades.

However, you could get better performance at a higher price. For example, your windows will be almost bulletproof with aluminium frames. A precious metal, aluminium has superb inherent strength, making your windows highly secure. These frames protect hardware like multi-point locking systems and hinges from wind and rain, meaning they won’t rust.

Aluminium frames usually add about 15-20% on the price for a window, but you could benefit from better efficiency. Aluminium is denser than uPVC, meaning it can offer better insulation that lasts for longer. That means you could make your investment go further, again proving that the best price for a window is a balance between quality and savings.

The Price of a Window Installer

The price for a window can vary depending on the design. However, it can change even more depending on who fits it for you. If you’d like to get brand-new windows, finding the right company to install them is crucial. However, finding installers that’ll provide a high-quality window, trustworthy installation service, and a fair price is more difficult than it should be.

If you search on your own, your first port of call may be the big national brands. But, while you’ll get a quality window, you could be paying far too much for it. Because these brands have bigger overheads, they can charge more. Not only that, but their installation teams may take longer to reach you, and you could pay high travel costs to get them there.

Because of this, local installers often give you the best deal on the price for a window. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll get the best service. Some local suppliers are more interested in making a quick buck than providing a quality window. As a result, it’s easy to end up working with rogue traders when you search for them on your own.

But, with Double Glazing Quoter, you don’t have to take the risk. We’ve spent years building up a network of trusted local companies who’ll provide what you need to get the right price for a new window. Also, you’ll be able to customise your new window design fully! That means you’ll be in total control of the style, size and the price that you pay.

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Find a Lower Price for a Window Today with Double Glazing Quoter

With Double Glazing Quoter, you can get a lower price for a window with ease. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll put you in touch with our trusted installer network. We cover the whole UK, meaning you’re bound to find several suppliers you can rely on, right on your doorstep. Also, you can compare them to get the best deal for your home!

Once you’ve picked out your ideal window design, you can work with your installers to make the process of fitting it simple and straightforward. They can advise on the window’s design, work with you to find the ideal installation time, and fit your windows with care and courtesy. You can be sure these installers will treat your home as they would their own.

Double Glazing Quoter also helps you pay the best price for a new window. You’ll get a high-quality design, guaranteed, sourced from leading window manufacturers, many of whom are approved by FENSA and CERTASS. As a result, you’ll get superb insulation, security and weather-resistance, helping you save money inside your home for years to come.

Get in touch with us today using our online contact form, and we’ll put you in touch with our network. Alternatively, give Double Glazing Quoter a call on 0800 015 5679 to speak to our friendly team about any questions you might have.