How to Measure Double Glazed Windows

How Do I Measure For Double Glazed Windows?

Measuring for double-glazed windows might seem like a daunting task on the surface. But with our measurement guide, we at Double Glazing Quoter can show you how to measure double glazed windows easily.

Once you have your unique dimensions, it’s as easy as entering them into our instant quote builder. They can be entered in inches, centimetres and millimetres, saving you even more time without having to do tedious conversions!

It’s important to make sure you measure your windows accurately. That way, you can ensure that your energy efficient double-glazed window is made precisely according to your home’s needs.

That’s why Double Glazing Quoter asks for your window measurements within our quote builder to ensure that your new window is perfect for your home.

Once you have your ideal window, we’ll put you in contact with our network of trusted installers and local suppliers from across the UK. They’ll source your double-glazed window’s design and materials to the nearest millimetre.

With an exact measurement, your installers will be able to provide professional advice on creating your unique, made-to-measure window.

They’ll work in line with building standards, as well as exactly what you want for your home.


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Equipment for Measuring Windows

When it comes to measuring your windows, there’s no need for a professional to do a simple job.

All you’ll need to get the accurate dimensions of your window is a notepad and pen, as well as some measuring tape – even a ruler will do!

While you’re measuring your windows, make sure to note down each one of your results. To get the most accurate dimensions, its best to take an average of multiple measurements of both your window’s width and height.

If you have bow windows or any other window with angular dimensions, you may also need an angle finder. An angle finder will provide the perfect dimensions for your new double-glazed windows.


Advice for Measuring Windows

Make sure you take all your window measurements from inside your home!

Don’t just measure to the stops and interior trim of your window: go all the way across. Taking your measurement from the stops will make your new window a fraction too small!

Be as accurate as possible! Our network of trusted installers and local suppliers will make your window to your exact measurements.

With precise dimensions, they can give your window the perfect look and increase your window’s energy efficiency!

How to measure your double glazed windows

    1. Measure from PLASTER to PLASTER

    Take your tape measure and quickly measure the width of your window from plaster-to-plaster from three points: the top, middle and bottom of the window opening. Once you’ve got all your measurements, take the smallest one and use it as the width. Remember, for any part of your window that isn’t uniform in height, take a note of the largest measurement of this area and provide it to your installers.

    1. Measure from PLASTER to WINDOWSILL

    Take a measurement of the height between the plaster and the windowsill. Ensure that you take the measurement from the very bottom of your windowsill, otherwise your new double-glazing won’t quite fit your window frame.

    1. Take AVERAGES

    Once you have both measurements, take an average of 3 across the width and height of your window. This should give a more accurate measurement, as well as eliminate any possible variables from manipulating your results.

    1. Measure from WINDOWSILL to FLOOR

    Simply take a measurement between the very bottom of your windowsill and your floor to complete your measurements. If this measurement reaches below 80cm/800mm, then add toughened glass to your window quote inside the builder to meet the current regulatory standards.


    Once you have all your measurements, just double check to make sure you’ve got everything right – you don’t want to order a window that doesn’t fit! If you’re still unsure, you can always ask your installers to do a re-measurement themselves to give you total peace of mind that your new double-glazed window will be simply perfect.

    For any extra advice and assistance measuring your windows, refer to our diagram both above and below, as well as this simple instruction video on window measurement:

Measuring Windows Video

Making a difference to your home doesn’t have to take long.

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