double glazing better than secondary glazing

Is Double Glazing Better Than Secondary Glazing?

Is Double Glazing Better Than Secondary Glazing?

Double glazing could be a better option than secondary glazing for your home. However, it depends on where you live in many cases. For example, secondary glazing is useful if you live in a conservation area.

That’s because planning authorities are hesitant to allow new windows in these homes. Secondary glazing works by covering your existing window with a modern design that you can match up to the old window. Because of this, you’ll protect it, and you won’t lose your home’s style.

If you live in a home with older windows, though, it isn’t the only option. Double glazing replacements can make a massive difference to the way your home looks and feels. Unlike secondary glazing, you can take out your old designs and fit advanced options.

As a result, you’ll be able to restyle your living space with stunning new windows. You’ll allow more natural light into your living space, improve your home’s security, and get a stunning frame with a choice of colours and finishes.

Is double glazing better than secondary glazing, though? While it can offer better performance, it does take more time to install, and some designs can be more costly than secondary glazing. But, if you want to modernise your space and have a near-limitless choice in how you do it, double glazing is ideal.

You can choose from unique window styles like the sliding sash and tilt and turn designs, and even customise the glazing with tints and foils. With Double Glazing Quoter, you can get double glazing for less, too.

double glazing better than secondary glazing design

Double Glazing vs Secondary Glazing: Design

Double glazing is better than secondary glazing for redesigning your home. That’s because one of them can provide change, while the other only preserves the past. With secondary glazing, you can protect older windows from rust and wear.

However, while it allows for extra insulation, installing it can only prolong the inevitable. With a new double glazing window, you can take out your old windows and take control of your living space.

You can lose up to 10% of your home’s energy through poorly performing windows. As a result, you can grow uncomfortable in your living space, especially when the winter rolls around. If you have old wooden windows, then you may already know how quickly they can warp and crack under excess water.

When this happens, you get caught in a cycle. You repair the window, repaint and revarnish it, but this might only give you a few months before you have to repeat the same process.

Although secondary glazing can help you preserve your classic windows, double glazing can give you a timeless one. Thanks to the option of uPVC, aluminium and composite frames, you can create a design that blends in seamlessly with your home.

Each of them come with authentic woodgrain finishes, while a composite design has a solid timber core. As a result, you’ll get the perfect look for your home, but with far better performance and energy efficiency.

Double Glazing vs Secondary Glazing: Energy Efficiency

Your current windows can lose a lot of your home’s energy. With new double glazing, you can capture it, and save money every single day. At the moment, you may be relying on your central heating to keep your home warm.

However, with windows that let your home’s energy pass through weak and thin designs, heating your home can feel like trying to catch your tail. Double glazing windows stop the cycle, giving you a durable design that gives your home a thermal barrier.

Advanced double glazing uses the latest technology to insulate your home. You’ll get a bespoke window with almost no gaps, meaning there’s little-to-no room for cold air to enter your home, or for warm air to leave it.

Because of this, you’ll get excellent insulation wherever you place your new windows. The whole design works together with a durable frame, which also helps you keep the cold away. You’ll be able to stay comfortable at home and save money on your energy bills too.

While secondary glazing can improve your home’s insulation, it doesn’t deal with the source of the problem. Your home’s heat will still pass through the old design, and the additional layer of glazing you’ll get will only do so much to keep your home warm.

Instead, you can transform the way your home uses energy for good. Also, the slimline frame means you’ll get outstanding natural light and warmth in the summer, meaning you can heat your living space naturally.

double glazing better than secondary glazing prices

Double Glazing vs Secondary Glazing: Security

Is double glazing better than secondary glazing for keeping you safe, though? You may think not, and that’s for one apparent reason: secondary glazing puts more window between a burglar and you. With secondary glazing, you’ll have two windows, with the first one providing excellent security and protection.

If the first layer fails for any reason, which is unlikely, then your old window can still give you a fallback option. However, that doesn’t mean double glazing can’t do the job.

With a new double glazing window, you’ll get a choice of frame. Rather than wood, though, you’ll be able to select materials that are robust, reliable and ready to protect you and your family.

Aluminium is available, for example, which offers leading strength and resistance. An aluminium window can resist forceful impacts and protects the window’s hardware from rust and wear. That way, the locks and locking systems in the window won’t lose their strength, so you can rely on them for years to come.

Double glazing also provides extra security. You can choose toughened glazing, for example, which gives you extra reinforcement against any threats. Not only that, but the extra pane of glass helps you make your home more private. You’ll get better sound insulation so that you can enjoy your living space without any distractions.

Also, you can choose obscured glass, which blocks your living space from prying eyes. While secondary glazing can secure your old window, double glazing can secure your whole home.

Double Glazing vs Secondary Glazing: Weather Protection

When the weather turns on you, double glazing could be better than secondary glazing too. That’s because, while secondary glazing helps you preserve your old windows from wind and rain, double glazing doesn’t need any help.

Instead, you’ll get one, sleek window which can deal with anything the British weather can throw at you. Also, you can choose from a range of stunning window styles for your home, some of which have innovative ways of dealing with poor weather conditions.

For example, a tilt and turn window helps you clean up the effects of weather with ease. You can tilt the window towards you for easy cleaning so that you can clear leaves and dirt without a problem. You can even invest in self-cleaning glazing, which can make it much harder for muck to stick.

Because of this, you can also reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your windows. While timber windows need constant repainting and cleaning, modern double glazing retains its shine for decades.

Thanks to the weatherproof technology of your new window, you’ll stay warmer as well. Double glazing windows are far less likely to crack and twist, meaning fewer gaps for cold air to enter your home through.

And, while secondary glazing helps you to insulate your home, the space between the panes is much tighter in double glazing. Because of this, you’ll create a heat vacuum that makes it far more difficult for cold air to enter your home.

double glazing better than secondary glazing

Double Glazing vs Secondary Glazing: Cost

Double glazing windows are better than secondary glazing in another way, too: cost. While it can cost as little as £350 to add a secondary glazing window to your home with the right provider, double glazing can cost as little as £250.

The price can, of course, rise for both of these products though. Because of this, it can be beneficial to get a design that suits both your style and your budget. Not only that but with Double Glazing Quoter, you can get your window from a supplier that suits you too.

While you may want to work with a local company for new double glazing or secondary glazing, it can be hard to find the right one. Many of them can charge high premiums, and they don’t complete the job your home deserves. That’s why we have an extensive network of trusted local suppliers in your area.

When you get a quote from us, we can refer you to several of these companies. Many of them have approval from FENSA and Which?, certifying both their windows and their installation service, for total peace of mind.

To get prices for double glazing better than you’ll find anywhere else, get in touch with Double Glazing Quoter today. You can use our online quote builder to pick every part of your new window, from style to shape to size, and we’ll provide a quote within minutes.

Then, we’ll refer you to our trusted network, who can make your bespoke window a reality for an affordable price.

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