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Key Questions to Ask About Windows

Key Questions to Ask About Windows

If you’re looking to move into a new home, it could be wise to ask about the windows. The difference between wonderful and weak windows can be stark. Also, they can significantly affect the value of the home, both on the initial price and over time.

However, if the home you want to move into has older windows, that use cheaper materials, then that space will be less efficient at channelling energy.

But, with the right windows, you can transform any home into a bright and airy living space that suits your needs. Why not make the home you move into the house of your dreams?

There’s no need to compromise on creating a home that you love every time you get back home to it. Even if the rest of the house is perfect except the windows, you don’t have to give them up. Instead, you can invest in stunning windows with innovative designs.

There are many key questions you should consider when looking at windows. For example, their age, as your windows will wear down much quicker if they are older. Also, checking the materials they use can be crucial.

Windows with single-glazed glass don’t offer a lot of insulation, for instance, while timber frames can also wear and crack in bad weather. Also, checking the designs for mould and condensation can help.

That way, you’ll know precisely what you’re buying. But, if you don’t like the look of the windows, you don’t have to stick with them. You won’t only invest in stunning new materials, but you can also add stylish windows that have unique openings.

You can add windows that evoke timber joinery, but with none of the drawbacks. And, finally, you can customise any window you invest in for a bespoke look.

key questions to ask about windows

Ask About the Glazing In Your Windows

The first question to ask about windows is the glass they use. Glazing can play a massive role in the performance of one of these systems. Many older windows use single-glazed glass, which leads to several issues.

For example, condensation can build up more quickly, and there isn’t as much security for your home as the glass is more likely to chip and crack. But, perhaps most crucially, single-glazed glass doesn’t offer a lot of insulation, meaning your home can lose heat and grow cold.

If you buy a house with these windows, it could be uncomfortable in the winter months. But you can replace the glazing in your windows for as little as £100 per design. You’ll be investing in modern double glazing, which is a far more durable option for homes.

With two panes of glass, it can trap more of your home’s heat in between the panels. That, in turn, creates a thermal barrier for your home that keeps cold air well away from it.

Because of this, you can make sure your new living space stays comfortable throughout the year. And, with new glazing, you can customise the design to suit you. If you want a home where you feel private and protected, for instance, you can choose obscured glass that stops prying eyes looking into your home.

Either way, new glazing can help you save up to £100 a year or more on energy bills, making it a fantastic investment.

Ask About the Frames of the Windows

It could also be wise to check the frames of your new windows. When you look around the home, a badly-performing window frame stands out. That’s because it will often have wear, cracks or other damage that show you its age.

The windows in the home you want to move into may use timber in their design, or cheap plastic. Wood has sturdy insulation, but it isn’t weatherproof, meaning rain can get into the frame and expand gaps, meaning there’s more room for heat to escape.

Not only that, but cold air can also enter your home more quickly, meaning it can lose heat at a fast rate. Instead of putting up with this, though, you can invest in a brand-new window that uses a durable frame.

You’ll have the choice of uPVC, aluminium or even composite. uPVC is the most affordable, with a flexible and robust design that deals with all weather conditions. Aluminium, for around 20% more, offers better insulation and security, while composite frames evoke traditional timber.

However, you won’t only get a new frame. You could also invest in a stunning new window design, which uses a unique system to give you more control of your home. You can get casement windows which you can customise in millions of ways to get the right design, or tilt and turn windows that open in multiple ways for added flexibility.

There are sliding sash and bow and bay window options too, all of which use these advanced frames to save energy inside your home.

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Ask About the Condensation Of the Windows

Over time, older windows can develop several issues. One of them can be condensation, as well as other kinds of build-up. Through the years, these designs can begin to mist up, as the difference between cold and hot air between them creates condensation.

With single-glazed glass, this can happen much more quickly, as there’s less protection against it. Even if there’s no visible build-up, it’s therefore wise to ask about the history of the windows.

Condensation is just one form of build-up. Over time, mould and mildew can also build up. Your window can be particularly prone to this if it uses a timber frame, which doesn’t have any weather protection.

Before you move in, you should at least make sure you clean the windows and try and prevent build up like this from occurring again. But, to avoid the risk and protect your new home, a new window is far less likely to experience these issues.

New windows use double glazing that is far less prone to condensation. Also, with a weatherproof frame, you can stop water ingress from occurring. Not only that, but advanced structures have far less space between them and the glazing.

As there’s only a small area to use, there’s far less chance for mould and mildew to have the required conditions to thrive. That means you can get windows that continue to perform, saving you money and time.

Ask About How Old the Windows Are

Another question to ask about windows is their age. Older windows are far more likely to need repairs and maintenance, meaning they can prove a nuisance from the moment you move in.

Not only that, but older windows are more likely to have fragile designs and more cracks in their materials. Because of this, you’ll lose more heat from your home and more quickly. Cold air will also be able to travel into your home and cause draughts to develop.

However, investing in new windows kicks these issues way into the future. With a durable design that uses a uPVC frame, you won’t have to repaint or revarnish the windows, and you won’t have to clean them as often either.

Even if you don’t clean the windows more than a few times a year, these designs can perform at their peak for 30 years. If you decide to invest in aluminium windows, they could last for 40 years, or even longer than that.

That way, you can make a long-lasting investment in brand-new windows. In some ways, getting new windows sets your home up for the future, and ensures that you’ll be comfortable in it for much longer.

With modern frames and innovative hinges and springs, the windows will also operate more smoothly for much longer. That means you can invest in windows with sophisticated openings without having to worry about them breaking.

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Ask About New Window Prices with Double Glazing Quoter

Even if your new windows have issues though, you can still create the home of your dreams. You can invest in a brand-new window for your home for as little as £150.

Not only that, but you can add bold new designs, like innovative sliding sash windows with a timeless quality, for as little as £550. Each option is also fully customisable, meaning you can add unique glazing, frames and even colours to the design.

New glazing can cost as little as £100 to add if the frame is already performing well. However, for a complete performance, getting a new window is the better choice.

You can ensure that the whole system works to save energy inside your home, secure it and protect you and your family from the elements. You’ll be able to protect the internal hardware of the designs from rust too, maintaining smooth operation and firm security from burglars.

But for the best investment, ask Double Glazing Quoter about new windows. We can connect you to suppliers in your local area who’ll install them for less than a national company. Many of them even have approval from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS, ensuring superb build quality and brilliant service too.

Use our online windows quote builder today to find prices for a range of options. You can choose the glazing, frames and additional features, as well as the size of the design.

That way, you’ll get an accurate quote within minutes. Also, we put you in touch with our extensive network, and you can compare offers from suppliers to get the best deal.

To find out more, get in touch with Double Glazing Quoter today.