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Make Your Conservatory a Year-Round Room

Can You Use a Conservatory All Year Round?

You can make your conservatory a year-round room by making a few changes to the design. If you live in an older home, you may have bought it for a conservatory that was already there. However, your build may be unusable.

That’s because older designs struggle to retain heat. They often use thin materials like single-glazed glass, which let heat pass through them quickly, meaning the space gets too hot and too cold.

But you can take back control of your space with only a few additions. You don’t have to let this space become an afterthought. A conservatory has the potential to be the focal point of your home, a bright and airy social space that you, your family and guests can enjoy.

You don’t necessarily have to spend money replacing parts of the build either. Adding some decor and furnishings to your space can make a big difference.

If you want to make your conservatory a year-round room, replacing parts of the build can do it. Today, you can invest in glazing, roofing and even doors that can improve how the space channels heat.

Instead of losing heat in the winter and gaining it too much in the summer, you can insulate your space to make the temperature more stable. That way, you can rely on it to stay comfortable, and you can use it every single day.

That’ll also be much cheaper than replacing the entire conservatory. Many homeowners feel like they need to install a brand-new space, but there’s no need. Often, the issues only come from a couple of areas, meaning replacing them can make a massive impact.

As a result, you can also disrupt your life less, as an installer will need far less time to add these solutions to your build.

How To Make Your Conservatory a Year-Round Room

The best way to make your conservatory a year-round room is to invest in replacement options. You can add new glazing, doors and roofing to your space to improve and enhance the build.

Not only can you choose from a range of advanced materials, but you can style them precisely to your home. You’ll be able to select from a variety of bold colours, authentic finishes and even glass tints, meaning you can make your space more unique.

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New Glazing Options

For a start, the right glazing can make your conservatory more of a year-round room. In your current space, you may have single-glazed glass around the build and in the roof.

With only one pane of glass, though, there’s not a lot between you and the outside world. Because of this, there’s less insulation for cold air to get through to affect your home, and your home’s heat can escape more quickly as well.

By adding new glazing, though, you can take back control of your home’s temperature. Modern double glazing is energy efficient, and it uses two glass panels instead of one. Because of this, the glazing can trap your home’s heat in between the panes, creating a thermal barrier for your home.

This solution makes it much harder for cold air to get into your living space. Also, paired with new, thermally broken frames, your glazing can let excess heat out as well.

Because of this, new glazing can make your conservatory more comfortable every single day. You can also customise it to suit your needs more closely. If you feel exposed in your current build and you’d like a little more privacy, then you could choose obscured glass.

Also, for a splash of colour, you can select glass with tints that help you provide a unique ambience to your space. With new glazing, the possibilities are practically limitless.

New Connecting Doors

You’ll welcome far more warmth into your home with brand-new connecting doors too. Your doors are the barrier between your conservatory and your home. Because of this, a poorly designed one won’t protect your living space from the conditions in the other room.

As a result, your whole home’s temperature can plummet, and you might end up using your central heating far more to make up the difference, costing you money all year round.

Rather than let this continue, you could add modern connecting doors that insulate your conservatory. These doors use durable frames, including uPVC and secure aluminium, to keep cold air away from your home.

Not only that, but new entries can help to warm all areas of your home. Many of these designs use full glazing panels and have slimline frames, meaning they can let more natural light and warmth into your living space.

With new doors, you can also bring the outside into your home. Advanced doors have wide apertures, meaning you can enter your garden with ease, and ventilate your conservatory with loads of fresh air in the summer.

Patio, bi-fold and slide and swing doors also have low-threshold options. This option reduces the clearance of the doors, meaning people with mobility issues can go into your garden.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Perhaps the most effective way you can make your conservatory a year-round room is to replace your conservatory roof. The roof of your build comes into the most contact with the sun. Because of this, a weak roof can have a detrimental impact on the whole space.

Some roofs use cheap materials like polycarbonate, which can wear down quickly too. Even double glazing sometimes doesn’t offer the insulation you need.

The best roofs on the market use durable materials. For a start, you could invest in a solid roof. These designs use a mix of slate and concrete to insulate the top of your build. Not only that, but these materials are air and water-tight, stopping cold air getting into your space from overhead.

Also, you can customise these designs by adding a roof lantern. A roof lantern is a single panel of double glazing that acts as a skylight, giving your space a new focal point.

You could also install lightweight tiles for a similar effect. While the roof comprises individual tiles, they seal together for a weatherproof design. You can also customise these roofs in limitless ways – you can choose colours tile-by-tile to create unique patterns, and you can even leave areas of glazing in the roofing, so you control your lighting.

While these solid roofs cost double the price of a glass one, their performance makes this investment worthwhile.

How Can I Furnish My Conservatory to Make It a Year-Round Room?

The initial cost of replacing parts of your build can be high, though. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make your conservatory more of a year-round room. You can add decor and furnishings to give you a little bit of extra warmth in the winter, and help you start to use your conservatory again.

One way you can improve the heat in your space is by adding blinds to the glazing. That way, you can pull them down when you need to add some extra insulation.

Another method of making your conservatory warmer is to change the flooring. Solid flooring can often be thin, meaning cold air can get underneath you and make walking in your conservatory a challenge.

But you could add underfloor heating to your space to push warmth into the space. Also, you could choose carpet flooring that adds another layer of insulation to the bottom of your build.

Conservatory Refurbishment Costs

It can cost less than you might think to make your conservatory a year-round room. You could add new glazing throughout your build for only a few hundred pounds, a new door for closer to £1000, or brand-new roofing for as little as £2500.

However, the prices can vary because of a whole range of factors. The size of your conservatory, the materials you want, and the style of these additions can affect the overall cost.

For example, adding uPVC french doors to your conservatory can cost around £950. But for a bolder design, such as bi-fold doors, you can expect to pay up to £1900 for these innovative options.

Also, you can upgrade your doors with an aluminium finish at a 15-20% premium. Aluminium is more robust and secure than uPVC and can provide you with better insulation as well.

If you have a lean-to conservatory, a new roof can cost around £2500. However, if you have a Victorian build or something bigger, then the price can rise. Not only that, but solid and tiled roofs can cost double the price of a glass roof, although their insulation is much better.

Because of this, you may feel like you can’t make an affordable investment. But, with Double Glazing Quoter, you can get better prices for a whole range of replacement options.

Make Your Conservatory a Year-Round Room with Double Glazing Quoter

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