door lock

Front Door Lock Types

Front Door Locks Guide There are several front door lock types that you can find in your front doors. Each one plays a unique and significant role in keeping your door secure so that your home can remain a safe […]

Composite Doors

1930s Front Door

What is a 1930s Front Door? The 1930s front door is a stunning design that’s returning to popularity across the UK. These doors have an Art Deco feel to them, evoking the motifs of the period. However, unlike those doors, […]

composite front doors

Composite Front Doors

What is a Composite Front Door? Composite front doors are a spectacular way to enhance the entrance of your home. These doors allow you to get an authentic design that looks like an old wooden door but with modern technology […]

victorian front doors

Victorian Front Doors

Victorian Front Doors Victorian front doors create a lasting impression in your home. These doors have a traditional style, but combine it with advanced performance to give you a unique blend of both. Victorian doors are elegant designs that use […]

fixed glazing

What is Fixed Glazing?

Fixed glazing is a cost-effective way to make your home feel more comfortable. You can fit this innovative glazing within a window, or as a transparent glass panel to fit inside your living space. It’s a versatile addition you can […]

front door

What is The Best Type of Front Door?

What is The Best Type of Front Door For Your Home? If you’re looking to replace your front door then you’ll be pleased to discover many styles and materials to choose from.  Whether you have a period home or live […]

small house extension ideas

Small House Extension Ideas

Small House Extension Ideas Looking for small house extension ideas? Whether you want to add glass, a bespoke roof or even a veranda, you can add value to your home. Extensions are a brilliant way of expanding your home’s space […]

average price for new windows

Average Price For New Windows

The average price for new windows in your house is between £400-600. However, the cost can vary depending on style, size, material and installer. As well as that, there are options for the type of glazing, frame and other accessories […]

replacement glass

Replacing Glass Vs Replacing Whole Window

There are differences between replacing the glass and replacing the whole window in your home. However, both can make your space brighter and help it to save energy. With new glazing, you can give yourself better insulation while keeping your […]

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