pitched roof windows

Pitched Roof Windows

Considering installing pitched roof windows? These days, there is a growing desire to convert existing spaces. It’s a cost-effective solution to changing property. It allows us to make the most of our existing spaces and adds value to home.

This blog has been composed to help those considering installing pitched roof windows into their loft space.

If you have ever felt your home isn’t bright enough then by fitting one of these windows, you can add lots of overhead light.

Adding Value With Pitched Roof Windows

If you are looking to transform the space inside your loft but don’t want to rely on artificial lighting, then pitched roof windows are the ideal solution.

pitched roof windows

If you want to create a habitable room with a view then your pitched roof window will play a key role in determining how much light comes into the room.

You will have to consider what the room will be used for and how frequently it will be accessed. If you had a studio flat or workspace in mind, then you will want as much natural light as possible.

If you are converting your loft into a guest bedroom, then constant light may not be as much of a priority.

Most pitched roof windows can be installed into roofs with up to a 75 degree angle so you shouldn’t encounter a problem. However, it’s best to check with your installer whether these windows would be suited to your particular roof.

Transform Your Loft and Attic

A large glazed area with slim frame makes the pitched roof window an attractive solution to adding more light into a property.

pitched roof windows

Our lofts are known for being small, angled spaces with minimal space for storage. However, a roof pitched window will instantly transform your space into a brighter, more welcoming room.

Creating a light and airy atmosphere, the pitched roof window also offers an attractive view of the sky above.

Pitched Roof Windows: Styles

Centre-Pivot Roof Windows

The centre-pivot roof window design makes opening your home up to fresh air straightforward. They use an innovative top-control bar so that you can pull the windows down and out. They operate on an intelligent central pivot, meaning you can tilt the window horizontally, giving you more space for natural light to flood any room in your home.

Top-Hung Roof Windows

Alternatively, you could add top-hung roof windows to your home. They have a bar at the bottom that you can push to open the window fully outward, giving you stunning views of the outside world. Additionally, you can take control of your home’s temperature, as you’ll benefit from a stunning, energy efficient window when you have them closed.

Side Hung and Top-Third Roof Windows

These two roof windows offer a different method of opening the window. The side-hung opens either on the left or right side of the frame. This allows it to double up as an escape route (depending on the size) and the top-third is combination of top hung and centre pivot.

How Much Do Pitched Roof Windows Cost?

Centre-pivot roof windows start from around £250, with the top-hung window staring from £350.

pitched roof windows

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Are Pitched Roof Windows a Worthwhile Investment?

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