Refining Your Orangery

Refining Your Orangery

Refining your orangery has never been more straightforward. That’s because, today, you can invest in affordable replacement options that make an enormous impact on your space.

If you moved into a home with an orangery already in place, you might be struggling to use it. Older designs can use single-glazed glass and could have hollow walls with no insulation. Because of this, they can lose heat and become uncomfortable.

But you don’t have to put up with it. Your orangery has the potential to be the centrepiece of your home. Rather than leave it in the cold, you can refresh it with only a few minor additions.

For example, you could add new decor and furnishings, such as blinds or flooring. However, you can also make more radical changes to transform your orangery. You could replace the roof, add new glazing, or even insulate the brickwork.

That way, you can reclaim your current space, rather than building a new one. That would mean you’d have to tear down the old one, costing more money and taking far more time to complete.

Instead, you can replace parts of your build in a matter of days, meaning refining your orangery won’t give you a lot of hassle or disruption. Also, it’ll be far cheaper to do than getting a new space, saving you loads of money on your investment.

By refining your orangery, you won’t save money once either. You can save again and again every single day. That’s because your orangery will have better insulation, and you can even brighten up the rest of your living space as well.

As a result, you can warm up your home more naturally, without the use of your central heating. That way, you’ll save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Benefits of Refining an Orangery

The benefits of refining your orangery are enormous. At the moment, you may feel unable to use the space as it gets too cold in winter and too warm in summer.

As a result, you have an area of your home already ready to take pressure off the rest of it. If you and your family feel cramped in your current home, refining your orangery can free up the whole of your living space, giving you more freedom.

If you have walls that don’t have insulation, then they are a brilliant place to start. While brickwork is a robust material, water can seep through the material over time and collect, especially as there’s nothing inside to soak the water up.

With new insulation, you can soak up this water and prevent it from making your orangery colder. Also, there are cavity trays available that you can fit in the walls to collect the water and drain it away from your home.

Also, refining your orangery can help you feel more secure inside your home. After a while, your orangery can weaken and lose its strength. If you have old doors, they can start to creak and lose their shape, meaning that burglars could target them.

Fortunately, you can invest in modern doors that have durable frames, robust locks and internal hardware that keeps intruders out. They’ll be weathertight too so they won’t lose their strength for decades.

Finally, you can improve the value of your home when you decide to move on. A modern orangery can raise your home’s price by up to 7%, and you could find that you get more offers for your space too.

That means that, even when you’ve left your old orangery behind, it can still save you money on moving to a new home.

How Can I Refine My Orangery?

When it comes to refining your orangery, you have all the options at your fingertips. You can replace almost any element of your orangery, and install it to your space within days.

Not only that, but you can style your new additions to be bespoke to you. You’ll be able to choose from a range of bold colours and finishes for new roofing, doors, and other features. That way, you can not only enhance the performance of your home but its style as well.

Orangery Wall Insulation

Your orangery will most likely use more brickwork than glazing. Adding double glazing to the design can help improve your home’s efficiency. However, ensuring your walls have insulation will make a more significant impact.

Hollow brick walls can let heat escape your space more quickly, and cold air has less struggle to replace it as well. But, with cavity wall insulation, you can put a durable barrier between you and the cold.

Cavity wall insulation is a combination of materials that can soak up cold air, and water too. Because of this, you can make your orangery much warmer, and you won’t have to rely on your central heating to make up the difference.

Not only that, but you can add a cavity tray into the wall to collect any excess water, stopping it from seeping through the orangery’s structure. That way, you’ll preserve your build for longer.

Orangery Doors

Another way of refining your orangery is to replace the doors. These features in your space make a significant impact on how it performs.

Of course, you have two main doors in your orangery: the ones that connect it to your home and the ones that open out to the back of it.

If both use cheap materials or have lost their shape over time, then cold air can enter the orangery from outside, and also pass into your living space, making you uncomfortable.

However, new doors won’t only make your home warmer, but they’ll make your orangery more accessible too. You can add entries that use full panels of glazing, such as patio designs, meaning natural light can flood your living space, making it warmer.

Also, you could choose bi-fold doors to open out to your garden, as they have a wide aperture that makes them ideal for ventilating your home. With a new door, you’ll open your home up to more warmth.

Replacement Orangery Roofs

Much like in a conservatory, the roof of your orangery plays a crucial role in how it performs. Your roof channels more of the sun’s energy than any other part of the build, meaning a bad roof can make your space grow cold quickly.

If you feel like you’re losing heat from your roof, then replacing it can make a huge difference. Also, as an orangery traditionally uses a roof lantern, you can add one that combines classic style with advanced technology.

You’ll be able to replace your roof with a brand-new lantern design within days. You’ll get double glazing in the lantern, as well as a durable blend of slate and concrete in the rest of the roof.

Because of this, you’ll be able to get an air and water-tight ceiling that stops draughts developing and a lantern for beautiful lighting. A replacement roof can also help you save a considerable amount on your energy bills, putting more money back in your pocket.

conservatory to orangery conversion

Orangery Decor

Refining your orangery doesn’t have to cost too much, either. Instead of replacing parts of the build, you could decide to add smaller features that make a big difference.

One way to refine your orangery is to add blinds around the design. Modern blinds are like insulators that you control. In the winter months, you can pull these shutters down over the glazed parts of the build to stop cold air coming into your living area.

Also, you can invest in underfloor heating. Underfloor heating puts warmth into the floor of your orangery, meaning your feet won’t freeze when you walk through it.

Not only that, but you could add a layer of carpeted or wooden flooring above it that provides another layer of insulation. However, the brickwork base in your orangery can do a lot of this work too, meaning it isn’t a vital addition.

The Cost of Refining Your Orangery

It can cost as little as £950 to replace the doors in your orangery, and adding cavity wall insulation can cost even less. You can apply for a grant to add insulation to your home from the government; however, it’s not a guarantee that your application will succeed.

But that means that refining your orangery will cost far less than adding a brand-new one to your home. New orangeries can cost at least £20,000, far more than these solutions do.

You can also save more money on refining your orangery with Double Glazing Quoter. Unlike most, we help you to work with the best, rather than supply ourselves.

We have an extensive network of trusted suppliers across the country, meaning we can put you in touch with local ones. Specialists like these won’t charge excessive travel costs, and many of them have approval from bodies like FENSA and Which? too.

Refining Your Orangery Prices

Refining your orangery can cost you far less when you work with Double Glazing Quoter.

You can use our online orangery quote builder to pick the options you’d like to add, in the dimensions and colours of your choice. We can give you an instant quote for free, and put you in touch with the local specialists who can refine your orangery for you.

And, if you’d like to upgrade your conservatory, look into a conservatory to orangery conversion!

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