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Should You Choose Cheap Double Glazing?

Should you choose some cheap double glazing in your home? Although you’ll save money in the short term, you could end up paying more in the long run. Cheap double glazing is an affordable way of improving the performance of your home. But, for a bit more, you could make a stronger investment and one that lasts longer too.

Double glazing is becoming more and more affordable for homes in the UK. As a result, though, some cheap designs have begun to emerge. While they may seem like a great deal, the problem that affects some is their low quality. Some cheap double glazing can wear down after only a few years, or it won’t offer a lot of insulation for your home.

Because of this, cheap double glazing may not be the way to go. Instead, for a larger investment, you could get quality products that make a big difference to your home. High-quality double glazing isn’t as expensive as you may think either – uPVC windows from leading companies can cost as little as £150 each, making them a strong investment.

You’ll also be able to save more money over the years. Quality double glazing can last years or even decades longer than cheaper designs, and it’ll perform better for your home. With better glazing, stronger frames and more innovative hardware, you’ll improve your home’s insulation and security massively, helping you cut the cost of your energy bills.

So, there’s a difference between cheap double glazing and quality double glazing. But, when you search for it with Double Glazing Quoter, you might find there isn’t one. We have a network of leading local suppliers who offer quality double glazing from top manufacturers. However, you can get it for more affordable prices with us!

should you choose cheap double glazing

How To Source Cheap Double Glazing

So, how do you find cheap double glazing? Because there are so many companies out there who offer it, it can be tricky to find the best deal. But, if you search through them all, you’ll begin to see patterns in which businesses will offer the best prices in your area. That way, getting double glazing for less becomes much easier.

For a start, you’re more likely to find cheap double glazing from local companies. Local businesses don’t have large overheads like the big national brands, meaning most won’t charge high premiums as they do. Not only that, but you won’t have to pay high travel costs to bring their installation team to your home, further cutting the price.

Another way to source cheap double glazing is by checking for deals. A lot of local companies will cut their prices on some products, especially during the winter months. However, it’s important not to take every deal at face value. That’s because some might be scams from rogue traders who are more interested in making a quick buck than a quality installation.

Also, with cheap double glazing, you may not be getting the best deal anyway. With some designs, you won’t get a lot of performance out of them, meaning you won’t save as much on your energy bills. Not only that, but your home might be cold and uncomfortable, with your product providing more harm than help.

Should You Choose Cheap Double Glazing?

Cheap double glazing can seem like a great option on the surface. After all, you’ll be improving on old single-glazed designs, and for as little cost as possible. But just because you’ll save money now doesn’t mean you’ll save it later. With a lot of cheap double glazing, you might not enhance your home as much as you’d want.

For example, you could get cheap windows that have flimsy frames. Some designs may even use PVC, which is weak, inefficient and struggles in poor weather conditions. As a result, cheap double glazing can wear down more quickly than a high-quality design, and you’ll feel the difference quickly. Because of this, you could end up needing to replace it after only a few years.

Cheap double glazing could also leave your home exposed. That’s because cheaper designs might not feature important security hardware. Your window may not have multi-point locking systems, robust handles or durable hinges in the design. As a result, it’ll be much easier for a burglar or intruder to target your windows and break into your home through them.

Finally, with cheap double glazing, you won’t be able to insulate your home as effectively. Your new window might end up having thin glass and thin frames, meaning only a thin layer of protection against cold weather. That means you won’t be able to save as much on your energy bills, meaning you pay more for your cheap double glazing.

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Does Cheap Double Glazing Add Value?

With cheap double glazing, you can save money straight away. However, what you’ll get in short-term gain, you’ll lose in long-term value for your home. Because of this, a better investment could be a more expensive one. When you pay a bit more for your double glazing, you can get high-quality designs from leading manufacturers that make a real impact on your living space.

You’ll get two panes of durable glass that offer superb insulation for your home. Not only that, but the double glazing can reduce the amount of noise that travels into your home, ideal for privacy. Also, high-quality double glazing features a layer of argon gas inbetween the panes. This gas levels out the temperatures on either side, preventing problems like condensation.

Alongside better glass, you’ll get better materials across the design. Instead of flimsy frames, you can invest in windows with robust uPVC and aluminium for your home. Both of these frames are fully weatherproof, meaning they won’t lose their shape or strength in even the worst conditions. They won’t even fade or scratch, meaning they can maintain their colours for years to come.

And, unlike cheap double glazing, high-quality windows feature the latest security hardware. You’ll get multi-point locking mechanisms that fasten the glass to the frame, as well as robust components that won’t lose their strength for decades. Because of this, you’ll make a better, more responsible investment for your home.

Saving Money with Double Glazing

The biggest benefit of high-quality double glazing, though, is the money you’ll save. That way, you’ll make a better investment over time. With cheap double glazing, you don’t get a lot of insulation. Because of this, some cold air can still pass into your home, with your home’s natural heat escaping in the other direction.

However, quality double glazing can make a huge difference to your home’s thermal efficiency. Some designs are so air and water-tight that they won’t let any of your home’s natural energy escape. Not only that, but they’ll block nearly all of the cold air outside from entering your home. A good way to find out which windows are best for this is to check their Window Energy Rating (WER).

The best windows can save a lot more energy for your home than cheap double glazing ever could. That means you’ll save a lot more money, too. With quality double glazing, you could save over £1000 a year on your home’s energy bills, and hundreds more than you would with cheap double glazing.

As a result, you could end up paying the cost of your investment back much more quickly, meaning you’ll make a better purchase for your home in the long run. And, if you care about sustainability, it’s always better to invest in more expensive double glazing. That’s because your windows could be recyclable, and they can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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Can Cheap Double Glazing Be Quality Double Glazing?

Cheap double glazing, then, may not be the best investment for your home. But who says quality double glazing can’t still be cheap? At Double Glazing Quoter, we’ve always been frustrated that it feels like you can’t get both at once. So that’s why we created our innovative online service, which makes getting quality double glazing a lot cheaper.

With us, you can find local double glazing suppliers in your area in minutes, rather than days. That way, you can work with trustworthy local companies without having to worry about scams. We extensively review our network to make sure you work with the best, and many of them have accreditations from groups like FENSA and CERTASS.

When you search for companies with us, you can also speak to more than one. That way, you can compare their prices, getting a bigger picture of what you should be paying. Also, you can negotiate with each one of them, helping you find even lower prices for your new double glazing! And, once you pick the company you’ll work with, you can consult with them throughout the process for advice and information.

Also, you can create unique designs for your home. Many of the companies we work with allow you to customise almost every aspect of your window, meaning it’s easy to bring a bespoke design to your home. That way, we make cheap double glazing quality double glazing.

Cheap Double Glazing Prices

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