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Should You Choose uPVC Windows?

Should You Choose uPVC Windows?

Should you choose uPVC windows for your home? Getting the right windows for it can be crucial. You can lose up to 10% of your home’s natural heat through underperforming windows, so the difference having them can make is considerable.

However, many people decide to put up with the windows they have. In your home, you might have timber windows, for example. But these designs crack and wear down quickly, with rain causing them to rust and leave gaps for cold air to rush into your home through.

uPVC windows, on the other hand, are a modern solution that can make your home more suited to your needs today. Instead of putting up with the cold, you can insulate your home and make it more comfortable.

You won’t have to repaint or revarnish the windows, as uPVC is a durable, scratch-resistant material that doesn’t lose its shine no matter it’s colour. Not only that, but uPVC windows can last for 30 years or even more while maintaining their full performance.

Should you choose uPVC windows for your home though? They aren’t the only option that you have. You can design your new windows with a range of advanced materials. If you’d like a window that uses a precious metal with incredible strength, then you can choose aluminium.

If you want a blend of classic style with innovative design, though, then composite windows could be ideal too. Both of these options have superb performance, and you can choose these frames for almost any window style.

uPVC windows are a more affordable option, though. Aluminium windows can cost 15-20% higher than uPVC, while composite often is even more. Because of this, uPVC windows are a cost-effective investment that offers real value for money. With uPVC windows, you’ll transform your home for less.

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The Benefits of uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are incredibly affordable. When compared to aluminium, composite and even timber designs, uPVC comes out best for price. You can install a uPVC window in your home for as little as £250. Also, if you’d like a more extensive design or one in a unique style, then the price stays low.

For a stunning sash window with a sliding vertical opening, you could invest in one of these designs for only £525. Timber windows can often cost thousands, making uPVC a smart choice.

While timber gives you an authentic, classic look, uPVC can modernise your living space. You’ll be able to customise it with unique colours and finishes that can help it stand out anywhere.

Your new windows won’t lose their vibrancy either, thanks to the weatherproof design. uPVC won’t rot, crack or twist under excess water, and it’ll continue to insulate your living space against draughts and damp spots for decades to come.

Insulation is another significant benefit of uPVC. While older, wooden windows can also do this, uPVC can protect your home from the cold for longer. uPVC has no gaps, so there’s no space for cold air to enter your home or warm air to escape.

Also, your new windows will have state-of-the-art double glazing in their design, which will work with the uPVC frame to capture your home’s natural heat. Because of this, you’ll stay warm without relying on your central heating, saving money on energy bills every single day.

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Are uPVC Windows Right For Me?

uPVC windows are a quality addition for many homes, and it can help you cut down your costs. But it isn’t the only option available to improve your living space. While uPVC can enhance your home’s insulation, other materials can offer more performance.

While uPVC windows can last for decades, others could last for a lifetime, with even less maintenance. Because of this, it’s worth comparing uPVC windows to their competitors, and finding which ones suit your home, and your budget, best.

Timber Windows

Timber windows are a classic feature of many older homes. But, while they have a timeless appeal, their performance can make them feel outdated. The wood in the design isn’t weatherproof, which means it can crack easily.

Rainwater can slip into gaps in the frame and expand them, making your home colder and increasing the likelihood of repairs. Wooden windows are also costly, and while you’ll get a brilliant looking design, you’ll have to maintain it consistently to keep it looking its best.

Aluminium Windows

Because of wood’s drawbacks, it could be better to go with more durable materials. One of these is aluminium, the most popular alternative to uPVC windows. Unlike uPVC, aluminium is a precious metal.

As a result, it can offer more inherent strength, and aluminium windows are usually more secure than similar uPVC designs. Aluminium is a more expensive material to fit in your home though, and it has some surprising drawbacks when you compare it to uPVC.

Although aluminium is sleek and stylish, it can weigh more than uPVC. Because of this, you’ll be putting more strain on the frame and the glazing. Also, while it’s a weatherproof material that can protect the internal hardware of your window from rust, the frame puts extra weight on these components.

Because of this, a uPVC window could operate more smoothly down the years. Aluminium can save you more money on your energy bills, but it can cost 15-20% more from the outset.

Composite Windows

However, you don’t have to choose a window that doesn’t have the look of timber to get the performance of other materials. Composite windows use a blend of materials, such as uPVC and GRP, along with a solid timber core.

The result is a window that has the authentic look of wood, without the drawbacks. The GRP coating is scratch-resistant, the uPVC frame offers fantastic thermal efficiency, and you’ll get the security and strength of a sturdy timber structure.

uPVC windows, when compared to their competitors, offer a great balance of high performance and low cost. Also, you can control the budget when you customise the style and look of your windows. uPVC is available across all the types of window you can get for your home.

That means you won’t have to cut any corners on the look of the design, while still being able to cut the cost.

Styles of uPVC Windows

With a broad range of styles to choose from, you’ll be in total control of your uPVC windows. You can customise them in almost every way, from the size to the shape to any additional features.

If you want plenty of flexibility, then casement windows are the ideal choice. The casement design is straightforward, with a slimline frame and large glazed section for plenty of natural light and warmth. But you can modify the model in thousands of ways, including how it opens, the glazing, and the colour of your uPVC frame.

The opening system for your window is crucial. Not only does it affect the amount of warmth and ventilation you can provide to your living space, but it can help with security too. uPVC tilt & turn windows are the perfect examples of this.

With one of these intelligent designs, you can open the window in multiple ways, without unlocking it from the central bar. That means you can slide it towards you for easy cleaning, open it outward for fresh air and light, and open it inward to make it harder for burglars to break through.

Also, you can choose more traditional designs for your home. Take sash windows, which sit flush within the frame for a sleek fit with no protruding elements. You could also choose uPVC bow and bay windows, which extend a wall of your home outward and add period quality to any living space.

You can select any vibrant colour or finish for all of these window styles, and it’ll maintain its glow for years to come.

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uPVC Window Prices

The main benefit of uPVC windows is their value for money. With their double glazing and durable frame, these windows can save money on your energy bills every year. You could even pay back the cost of them after only a few years.

uPVC casement windows can cost as little as £250 each, and tilt and turn or sliding sash windows start at around £500 too. Considering the money you’ll save, and the way you’ll transform your living space, they are a superb investment for your home.

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