grey front doors

Stylish Grey Front Doors

Stylish Grey Front Doors

Stylish grey front doors add both professional style and stunning performance to your home.

grey front doors

By adding a new front door with an immaculate grey finish, you’ll create a classy and discrete entrance for your guests.

Not only that, but you’ll be replacing your current door with a modern design.

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Thanks to advanced technology, your new addition can help to transform your living space inside and out.

When it comes to these stunning doors, grey is anything but dull.

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Instead, it’s becoming an elegant, timeless and stylish finish that elevates your home’s presence.

There isn’t only one grey finish to choose from either. You can customise your new front door with either a pastel grey or grey woodgrain finish.

anthracite grey front door

Additionally, you can select an anthracite grey paint, which sets a new standard for door aesthetics and design.

You’ll be able to modify many other aspects of your new entrance as well, such as the accessories, dimensions and handles.

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Not only that, but you’ll also have a choice of materials for your new front door.

These include uPVC, composite and aluminium frames, all of which can make your doors more secure and more efficient.

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As a result, you can make a worthwhile investment in stylish grey front doors that enhance your whole home.

Although grey is, of course, a stylish and minimalistic look for a door, the benefits aren’t only skin-deep either.

Grey is a darker colour, meaning it can absorb more energy and more sunlight. As a result, you can get more heat in from the outside world during the summer months.

front door in grey

Also, modern front doors have outstanding insulation as standard. Because of this, a grey door can effectively protect your home’s temperature throughout the year, keeping you and your family comfortable.

Adding a grey finish can also help make maintaining your door much more straightforward.

modern grey front doors UK

Grey doesn’t show up as much, meaning that it’ll conceal any marks on your door from view more effectively.

That way, you won’t have to worry about constant cleaning and wiping to maintain its sleek shine.

That way, grey doors are perfect for homeowners who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

What is Anthracite Grey?

The colour has slightly more depth than a standard grey finish, with flashes of blue and green emerging in sunlight.

grey composite front doors

As a result, you can give your door a finish of rich, attention-grabbing quality.

Anthracite grey has a delicate tone too, meaning it feels more warm and homely than other grey finishes.

It’s notably different to the grey colouring you may be thinking of, which is neutral, dull and unappealing.

Anthracite grey is a little darker and has more texture. That way, it’s perfect for a home with a monochrome palette, or to evoke minimalistic styling.

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Above you can see the difference between colours, with the Anthracite Grey on the left.

Because of this, you can create a professional environment when you install stylish anthracite grey front doors for your home.

These doors look superb inside and out, and can even help to absorb more warmth and energy for your space.

Also, you can customise these doors with panels of double glazing or even side panels, to let more sunlight through the design to make your home feel bright and natural.

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Grey Front Door Materials

There are three primary materials you can choose for stylish grey front doors.

In your current home, you may have a timber front door.

While these are the most traditional option, and the wood has a real classiness, they can be inefficient and can lose performance in your home.

As the timber breaks down, your home can lose energy, making it crucial to get an efficient design to replace it.

modern grey front door

Grey uPVC Doors

uPVC doors prices are the most affordable of these materials.

It  is much more durable than timber. That’s because it is a fully weatherproof material, which can withstand even the worst windy and rainy conditions.

Because of this, it won’t rot, twist, or lose its shape under poor weather, and it’ll maintain its performance for years to come.

You won’t even have to do regular cleaning, saving you time as well as money on repairs.

Grey Aluminium Doors

An alternative material to install your stylish grey front doors with is aluminium. Aluminium has all the benefits of uPVC, but with more robustness.

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As a result, choosing this material is the responsible choice, providing your home with added security and protecting what matters most to you.

While it costs slightly more than uPVC, the extra strength is worth the investment.

Aluminium is a much more dense material, and these doors are often thicker as well. Because of this, your entrance will be more resistant to impact, and they can even provide you with better insulation too.

The material also helps to protect the internal hardware of your doors, making it much harder for any unwanted visitors to tamper with the locks or handles.

With a grey finish, aluminium also looks even more stylish.

The material already has a stunning metallic sheen, but an anthracite grey finish can elevate it with patterns of colour.

Also, as aluminium is a modern design, choosing a grey finish can add to the more futuristic style.

As a result, selecting one of these doors gives you the design flexibility to create a unique home.

Grey Composite Doors

Composite is a blend of materials, including timber, that gives you an authentic look without the drawbacks.

grey composite door

As a result, you can have a door that appears wooden, without having to worry about it wearing down over time.

Composite doors are remarkably durable, with the frame able to withstand all weather conditions thanks to using uPVC and GRP in the blend.

Also, they retain their security in bad weather too, not losing their shape or their strength.

Because of this, these doors are the perfect blend of authentic style and cutting-edge performance.

Composite doors can be more costly than the other materials in the range, with prices starting from around £1000, nearly double that of uPVC.

However, your door will be much more robust, providing better security and insulation.

You can save more on your energy bills and create an even more comfortable living space as well.

That way, you’ll have stylish grey front doors that make a genuine difference.

Grey Front Door Prices

To find out how much money you could save by installing stylish grey front doors, start working with Double Glazing Quoter today.

We offer an interactive, online front door cost calculator. This tool lets you pick all the elements of your new door, and find out how they will affect the overall cost. You could choose a modern, classic or even a 1930s front door!

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Then, we’ll put you in touch with a network of suppliers and installers in your local area.

These specialists have approval from bodies like FENSA, CERTASS and Checkatrade. Because of this, you can trust their quality and professionalism.

They’ll ensure you get stylish grey front doors in your home that pay your investment back from the first day of installation.

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