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The Popularity Of French Patio Doors

How popular are French patio doors? Today, there are plenty of homes across the country that have these traditional entrances. They’re ideal for back doors and conservatories, as they are double doors. That means you can push them open in two different directions, making the space you can enter them through bigger.

However, these traditional designs are starting to get a little older. For example, they don’t use a lot of glass. Instead, they rely on uPVC in most cases. Also, these doors have a swing arc, which can take up space when you open them inside your home and create a safety hazard.

Because of this, these doors might not be the best option for your home. If you have a smaller living space, then there are door designs that take up less room. Alternatively, if you’re building a new conservatory or an extension, then other door designs can open more widely towards your garden.

And many designs use more glass too, letting more light into your home. As a result, you could invest in new, modern patio doors for your property. Today, you’ll have the option of sliding patio doors, which use full panels of double glazing and an in-line slider to open seamlessly, or bi-fold doors that fold into the corner of the room.

But are French patio doors still right for your home? Or would you be better off going for a more modern option? In this article, we’ll take a look at the advantages of all of these door designs. You can discover which ones are the most efficient, most space-saving and most secure for your living space.

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The Popularity of Traditional Patio Doors

French patio doors are a classic option for many homes. With uPVC frames and double glazing inside, they have the materials you need to keep your home warm and secure. Also, you can combine them seamlessly with your home, or in a conservatory.

When you open the doors, you can ventilate your home with ease, thanks to the broad opening section. Not only that, but you’ll let natural light through to your home through the large panels of double glazing. Because of all this, it’s no wonder that traditional French patio doors are so popular. However, is their time up?

If you have older French patio doors, then it might be time to switch them out for newer designs. Over time, the glazing might be weaker, or the uPVC frames may be beginning to wear down. However, you don’t have to replace them with like-for-like options.

While modern French patio doors are still a decent option for homes, you could be better off with sliding or bifold doors. Both of these doors function on an in-line slider, meaning they could replace a wall of your home. That way, they not only take up little space but could help you find more room to play with inside your home.

The in-line slider also improves your patio door security. Features like shootbolts sit within it, and the slider protects them from wind and rain, ensuring they don’t fail. Not only that, but multi-point locking systems also stop intruders from separating the glass panels from the frame.

And, speaking of glass, both sliding and bifold doors offer vast glass panels that almost take up the whole door. These glass sections let natural light flood into your living space. Additionally, both sliding and bifold doors come with the option of aluminium frames, helping you get better insulation!

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Modern Patio Doors

French Patio Doors

French patio doors still have plenty of benefits for your home. These traditional designs have a timeless quality, suiting older properties seamlessly. However, with new designs, you’ll be able to make your home feel more modern. For a start, French patio doors are fully weatherproof. That means the uPVC in the doors won’t crack or twist for decades to come.

Additionally, the double glazing is highly durable, and it’s less prone to condensation and fracturing than a single layer of glass. That means you’ll be investing in versatile doors, perfect for opening up to nature without exposing you to it.

Also, French doors are an affordable investment. Even modern options can cost less than £1000 to add to your home. French patio doors could also help you pay the cost of that investment back over time. Thanks to the uPVC frame and advanced double glazing in the design, you’ll get excellent insulation throughout the year.

That means you can make your home warmer in a natural way, and even make an old conservatory more open and more usable. As a result, you can save money on your energy bills for years to come.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding doors, on the other hand, beat out French patio doors in one crucial respect – the amount of glass they use. While French patio doors have panels of glass inside the door, sliding designs are almost entirely comprised of double glazing. When you install these doors, you can turn a wall of your home into a window to the outside world.

You’ll get slimline uPVC frames, or even aluminium for 15-20% extra, which won’t get in the way of the glass. Because of this, you’ll get brilliant lighting and slim sightlines even when you close your doors. And, when you open sliding doors, you can push them along their in-line slider to reveal a seamless entrance to your garden.

Sliding patio doors also don’t have a swing arc. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about creating a safety hazard in your home, and you’ll get more space. If you’re worried about trapping your fingers inside the door, then weighted springs make it much less likely to happen too. And, thanks to the in-line slider, the doors are anti-crowbar, providing patio door security.

While sliding doors beat French patio doors in many areas, they don’t beat them in a crucial one: the cost. That’s because sliding and French patio doors cost almost the same money, meaning you pay no extra for these modern door designs!

Bifold Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors aren’t the only doors that take up less space, though. Bifold doors are an innovative option that is becoming more and more popular around the UK. Bifold doors also use an in-line slider but have an opening system that is sure to impress.

Instead of sliding into the corner of the room, bifold doors have multiple panels of double glazing that fold in on themselves when you push the door open. That means they’ll fold away seamlessly, leaving a completely open entry to your garden. With a low-threshold option, which reduces the doors’ clearance, you can even make them accessible to people with mobility issues.

While bifold doors are more costly than French patio doors – costing around double the price – they’re a stunning design for your home. You can customise bifold doors to suit you with uPVC or aluminium frames, and unique colours and finishes like anthracite grey. That way, you can turn these doors into a new centrepiece for your living space.

Not only that, but they’re highly energy efficient, replacing the insulation you might be losing if you replace your wall with these designs. And, thanks to the fully weatherproof frames, you’ll get total protection from the elements, even during the winter.

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The Cost of French, Sliding and Bi-Fold Patio Doors

French, sliding and bi-fold patio doors are all brilliant options for your home. However, the right price can often be the main factor when you decide which ones to buy. The cost of all of these doors can rise dramatically, depending on a range of factors.

For example, French patio doors can be more expensive depending on their size. Sliding patio doors are more costly with one panel of double glazing instead of two, while bi-fold designs work the other way around, with more panels equalling a higher price. However, there are ways to make sure you don’t pay out of pocket for new patio doors.

One way is to find a local installer for your new doors. Local companies often charge less than big national brands, and you won’t have to pay any travel costs either. Finding one you can trust can be risky, though. That’s why Double Glazing Quoter can be so useful.

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French, Sliding and Bi-Fold Patio Doors Prices

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