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What Are Modern Window Designs?

Could you benefit from adding modern window designs to your home? If you’ve got old windows in your home, you might be missing out. New designs are a super step up, making living spaces across the UK warmer, brighter and safer. Not only that, these designs last for much longer than their predecessors, meaning you can benefit from them for decades to come.

Modern window designs have left old timber and PVC builds behind. Instead, you can invest in designs with materials like uPVC, aluminium or even composite. All of these options are thermally efficient, highly robust and fully weatherproof for your home. As a result, they’ll keep you comfortable and secure for years to come without regular maintenance.

With modern windows, you could transform your home. Modern designs have slimmer profiles, meaning you’ll get a fuller glass section. Because of this, you can enjoy stunning natural light inside your living space, and you can get better views of the world around you as well. And, with advanced double glazing, you’ll allow the light in without the cold air that often comes with it.

By investing in new windows, you can also design them around your precise needs. Modern window designs are fully customisable with many companies, which means you can control exactly how they look and feel for your home. You can choose from a wide range of styles, colours and accessories to craft the dream design. You’ll get a made-to-measure installation that’s air and water-tight too.

Modern window designs can give you all of these things and more. But only Double Glazing Quoter can give you all of these things for less. You can get modern window designs through our network for up to 40% less than you would anywhere else from trusted local suppliers in your area!

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Modern Window Styles

Casement Windows

With modern window designs, you’ll have the chance to set a new style inside your home. Modern casement windows, for example, are sleek, straightforward and stylish to a fault. With a classic combination of slimline frames and full double glazing, they let natural light pour into your home. However, that design also allows you to keep your home warm throughout the year.

You’ll get advanced double glazing and a choice of uPVC, aluminium or even composite profiles for your design. Materials like these offer superb insulation, capturing more of your home’s natural heat and creating a thermal barrier against cold air for your home. As a result, you can get more from your central heating, helping you cut the cost of your bills.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Alternatively, you could choose an even more innovative design – tilt and turn windows. As their name suggests, you can tilt and turn these windows in various directions to suit you. Because of this, they’re great for smaller rooms in your home where you don’t have much space to install windows. Not only that, the smart opening means easier cleaning as well.

One benefit of tilt and turn windows that people overlook, though, is their secure design. Because they open from a central bar, they’re always locked even when they’re fully open. As a result, you can open them during the night to let fresh air into your home, but the central bar keeps them in place. You’ll have 24/7 protection from intruders and burglars to give you peace of mind.

Sash Windows

Finally, you can still get modern window designs even if you want them to look traditional. One perfect example is sash windows, which evoke classic timber joinery. However, the design is also ideal for modern homes. Because they sit flush within the frame, they have smaller gaps, meaning better efficiency and protection from draughts and condensation.

And, with modern sash window designs, you’ll benefit from much more durable performance. Rather than use old timber, you can get a fully weatherproof design from modern materials. Because of this, your windows won’t crack, rot or decay for decades to come. You won’t even have to repaint or revarnish the windows over time, meaning you can spend more time enjoying them.

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Benefits of Modern Window Designs

Durable Modern Window Designs

Your current windows may have timber or PVC frames. However, both of these materials can struggle over time. Wood, in particular, doesn’t deal well with wind and rain, meaning the whole window can crack and wear down over time. However, rather than replacing the window with new wood, you can get designs with more durable profiles that last for decades.

uPVC windows, the most affordable modern design, can perform for up to 30 years without regular maintenance. And, for a higher cost, you could get aluminium or even composite windows that could get you half a century before they begin to wear down. Modern window designs don’t need regular maintenance either – they’ll keep performing come rain or shine.

Efficient Modern Window Designs

Because modern window designs are more durable, they’re much more likely to keep their shape for your home. As a result, gaps won’t emerge in the frames after a few years. Instead, the whole window will retain its structure, and the materials inside will keep their density. Your windows, then, will give you superb insulation that lasts.

With advanced double glazing, you’ll get two panes of glass working to protect your living space from the elements. Also, your window profiles will prevent cold air from getting around the glass, reducing the risk of draughts and damp spots developing inside your home. So, with modern window designs, you can keep your home warm for years to come and even save money on your energy bills in the process.

Customisable Modern Window Designs

If you invest in modern window designs, then you give yourself a chance to revitalise your living space. You can switch out old, narrow windows for expansive, wide designs that let natural light flood in. And, with many companies, you can fully customise your new windows with new colours, accessories and hardware to make them bespoke to your home.

You can choose from a wide range of styles, and that’s just the start of what you can do. You could opt for bold colours or authentic woodgrain finishes, period-accurate detailing like Georgian or astragal bars, and even sleek and robust handles. No matter your choice, you’ll get a made-to-measure fit that guarantees improved performance for your property.

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Modern Window Designs Prices

If you’d like to add modern window designs for your home, then how do you get the best deal? At Double Glazing Quoter, we turn your question into an easy answer. All you have to do to save up to 40% on brand-new modern window designs is search for quotes from trusted local installers in our network. From there, you can compare prices and products to get the best deal for you.

We cover the whole UK, meaning you’re bound to find the ideal installers on your doorstep. Whichever team you choose will treat your home as they would their own, and provide responsive, personalised service. Also, you can get peace of mind on the quality of your modern window designs, as many of the companies we work with have FENSA approval.

You can use our online contact form in minutes to start the journey to brand-new windows today. You can also speak to our friendly team over the phone on 0800 015 5679 to ask us any questions you may have about modern window designs. We look forward to helping you soon at Double Glazing Quoter!