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What Does Triple Glazing Cost?

New triple glazing can cost anywhere between 30-40% more than double glazing of the same design. But triple glazing can offer better performance over time. Instead of two panes of glass, you’ll get three layers to insulate your home. As a result, you can capture more of your home’s natural heat with a window that’ll also be stronger and more durable than double glazing.

With triple glazing, though, you end up paying a much higher price per design. Additional glass makes the windows heavier and more complex, meaning a longer installation that’s more expensive. Not only that, there are drawbacks to triple glazing. Heavier glass could cause the window to weaken over time and strain the hardware within.

If you’re prepared to pay more, though, triple glazing can benefit you in more ways than it hinders you. You’ll get fantastic insulation, allowing you to use less energy inside your home. Because of this, you can reduce both the cost of your bills and your household’s carbon footprint. You’ll even get better sound insulation for a quieter, more peaceful living space.

And, in terms of cost, it could end up being a better investment than double glazing in the long run. While triple glazing will cost 30-40% more initially, you can save up to 50% more on your energy bills with three panes of glass in your windows rather than two. As a result, you’ll pay the cost of your investment back a little more quickly.

If you’ve been considering triple glazing for your home, though, you should compare the cost with double glazing. At Double Glazing Quoter, we can provide quotes from local suppliers that are affordable and competitive. With these low prices, double glazing could offer better long-term value than triple glazing. Get a quote to find out today!

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Why Does Triple Glazing Cost So Much?

If you invest in triple glazing, it’ll usually cost a lot more than the equivalent double glazing unit. With three panes of glass in your window, rather than two, the design is more complex. Your new triple glazing units are trickier to manufacture and use more parts, and they’re less easy to install. As a result, they end up costing a much higher price.

Another reason is that triple glazing can offer better performance for your home. You’ll get outstanding energy efficiency with superb insulation that helps you keep control of your home’s climate. Not only that, triple glazing is more durable, making it more resistant to impacts and forced entry attempts. You’ll also get air and water-tight uPVC or aluminium profiles.

But triple glazing isn’t a total improvement on double glazing for the higher cost. In some ways, triple glazing can cause problems. For example, triple glazing units reduce the amount of natural light that can enter your home. With more glass in the way, less sunlight can pass through, meaning you might make your home feel a little disconnected from nature.

Also, triple glazing’s weight could end up putting a strain on the rest of the design. Your frames might suffer because of this, cracking and twisting to expose the hardware within to rust and wear. Your triple glazing window, then, might suffer more problems over time than double glazing windows can.

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Benefits of Triple Glazing

When you invest in triple glazing, you do it to reap the benefits of these designs. Fortunately, triple glazing is more than worth the additional cost in other areas. For example, triple glazing offers better thermal efficiency, helping you save money on your energy bills. Not only that, triple glazing windows are stronger, meaning the glass is less likely to break.

However, there are some benefits that triple glazing offers you may not have thought about. You’ll get better sound insulation, for instance, as the additional layer of glass will have a similar impact on sound waves as well as thermal energy. Additionally, triple glazing can offer more privacy for your home or even an office space, with obscured and opaque options available.

But a lot of the benefits of triple glazing are present in something else – double glazing. You’ll get similar frame options, with uPVC and aluminium profiles. You’ll also get similar security hardware, with multi-point locking systems and robust handles to keep you safe from intruders. You’ll even have a similar choice of designs, as both triple and double glazing can feature in casement, tilt and turn, sash and sliding sash windows.

In double glazing windows, you can even let more natural light into your home, although triple glazing does reduce glare and harmful UV lighting. While triple glazing has some advantages over double glazing, is it really worth the higher cost?

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Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing

An average window with double glazing will cost around £350 to install in your home. However, a window with triple glazing has an average price of £485. So what makes up the difference? Mostly, the higher price is justified by increased energy efficiency. While you can save more on your energy bills and pay the cost of your investment back quicker, though, you do have to pay a lot more at the outset.

Double glazing is also simpler and less expensive to install for your home. Because of this, window fitters won’t have to spend as long turning your home into a workspace, saving time and hassle for you. With a triple glazing installation, you could also pay higher labour costs.

As a result, you could find a better deal with double glazing. At Double Glazing Quoter, we make sure that you can get them with ease. We work with local double glazing companies across the UK, meaning you can find several on your doorstep in seconds. All you have to do is fill in our online form, and we’ll put you in touch with the installers you need.

We only work with local providers, meaning you’ll get lower prices, more personalised service, and even shorter waiting times. You won’t have to pay the higher travel costs and premiums of the big national brands. And, as double glazing is more widely available than triple glazing, you can compare more offers to drive the price of your new windows down even further.

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Double Glazing vs Triple Glazing Cost

With Double Glazing Quoter, you can determine if double glazing is a better option for your home. Rather than pay for triple glazing at a higher cost straight away, you can see how you might save with a new double glazing unit from local suppliers. It’s always worth comparing the cost of both glass types, as you can see which option is better for your chosen window style.

When you search through us, you can also compare prices in minutes, rather than days. You won’t have to find companies on your own, and you can trust them immediately. We extensively review our network to make sure you choose certified companies and ensure you never work with a rogue trader. Many installers in our network have FENSA accreditation, too, ensuring that you’ll get high-quality windows every time.

You can fill in our online contact form in minutes to start the process of getting a double glazing quote. From there, we’ll put you in touch with installers, and you can speak to them all to take total control. Also, why not phone Double Glazing Quoter on 0800 015 5679 today? Our friendly team can compare double glazing quotes with any triple glazing cost to help you make the right investment.

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