What is Double Glazing?


What is double glazing?Many people ask what is double glazing? Most modern day properties now feature double glazed windows and doors due to the inefficiency of single paned windows. A property with single paned windows can be expensive to heat during the winter months and to cool during the summer, which is why many homeowners are choosing to update their properties. You may have heard of the amazing benefits that double glazed windows and doors offer, but you may also be wondering how it all works – what is double glazing?

Double glazed windows effectively work as two windows in one; they contain sealed units which are made from two panes of glass, that are separated by a layer of thin air. The space between the two panes is usually several millimeters thick, and the trapped air works as an insulator, preventing heat from leaking in and out. A drying agent is also added before the unit is sealed, ensuring that no moisture is present inside the finished unit, reducing the risk of condensation which you will typically find on single glazed windows.

The science behind it

Molecules move more quickly when heated, and when they bump into one another they pass this heat on. In a single glazed glass molecules are packed together tightly, which allows heat to pass in and out of a room easily. The molecules within a double glazed window however, are spread out rather thinly so it is harder for heat to escape, and this is what makes double glazed windows excellent insulators of heat.

Double glazed windows are highly desirable to those wanting to update their properties, a lot of energy can be wasted in trying to heat a single glazed home, which is why double glazed windows are an attractive form of home improvement. The construction of these windows means that less energy is used to heat your home, thus saving you money on those dreaded energy bills!

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