fixed glazing

What is Fixed Glazing?

Fixed glazing is a cost-effective way to make your home feel more comfortable. You can fit this innovative glazing within a window, or as a transparent glass panel to fit inside your living space.

It’s a versatile addition you can install in many parts of your home, and one you can uniquely shape and design to fit spaces you otherwise couldn’t brighten up.

Fixed glazing can help you save money in your home in more ways than one. For a start, it can be cheaper to fit than a brand-new window, as you won’t need to add an opening system.

However, while it will stay closed, it can open your home up to better performance and energy-saving. The fixed glazing can preserve your home’s natural warmth better than older glass.

By installing fixed glazing, you can take control back of your home’s lighting and warmth. Not only will you prevent cold air from entering your space, thanks to the air-tight glazing, but you’ll add an area for natural light to flood into your home.

That way, you can make your home a brighter, more welcoming place with outstanding views of the outside world.

You can also install fixed glazing in many window styles. As a result, you can find a new look for your living space while reducing the cost.

While you may not be able to open the window to ventilate your home, you’ll be able to add brilliant sound insulation and security to your home.

With Double Glazing Quoter, you can find an installer that’ll provide you with a market-leading design.

Why Should I Get Fixed Glazing?

Fixed glazing can make your home feel a little closer to nature. With its sleek design and concealed security features, you’ll get wide-open views from your living space.

If you currently live in a home that lacks light or perhaps isn’t as spacious as you would like, installing fixed glazing can make a genuine difference.

Not only that, but fixed glazing is brilliant if you live in a colder area. While ventilation is a big reason for getting a window, you may not need it in the winter months.

Alternatively, you may want only to add a brand-new design feature, that serves to impress your guests. For either idea, fixed glazing can provide you with the solution, and for less than you may think.

In a window, fixed glazing may remove its ability to open, but makes up for this with increased privacy and insulation.

The fixed glazing can be completely air and water-tight, preventing your home’s warmth from escaping and cold air from replacing it. As well as that, your glass will be fully weatherproof, protecting your home from poor conditions.

Fixed glazing is also a brilliant option for those with busy lives. Through the Double Glazing Quoter network, you can get a choice of self-cleaning or even solar glazing. Self-cleaning glass can break down dirt, meaning it won’t need regular maintenance, while solar glass can help to generate energy for your home. That way, your fixed glazing panel can do the hard work for you.

Is Fixed Glazing a Better Option for My Home?

With regular double glazing windows, you can get an innovative opening system that allows fresh air to flood your home. However, fixed glazing can give you more security and privacy instead.

For a start, your fixed glazing will be inseparable from the frame, thanks to a multi-point locking system, and there’ll be no opening system for intruders to attempt to break.

Also, with no opening system, you won’t have to worry about maintaining the smoothness of the window. As a result, your window will be less prone to rust causing damage, thanks to the weather-resistant glass.

Your fixed glazing will also have superb sound insulation, meaning you and your family can enjoy a more secure living space without distraction.

Another benefit of fixed glazing is that it gives you more flexibility. With a standard double glazing window, the opening system often has a wide arc, meaning you need more space to fit the design.

With a fixed window or even a panel of double glazing in the wall, there’ll be far less obstruction. Because of this, the glazing can fit into smaller spaces and could be safer too.

Finally, fixed glazing often costs much less than standard double glazing windows. For example, a fixed uPVC casement window can cost £150, saving you a hundred pounds over the design with an opener.

That way, if you don’t feel like you need the opening, you can save money and get a beautiful design too. Also, you’ll still feel the benefits of advanced double glazing in your living space.

While fixed glazing can save you money from the start, it can also help you to pay back your investment over time.

By installing a fixed glazing panel, you can also improve the lighting in your home, making it feel more natural. As a result, when the summer arrives, you could find that you don’t need to use your electricity as much either.

Also, a fixed glazing panel is a highly desirable feature in living spaces, and you might get higher offers for your home when you decide to move on.

Can Fixed Glazing Improve My Security?

Fixed glazing can also give you some genuinely invaluable benefits. As a fixed design, they can be more robust as they won’t have to worry about smooth operation and movement. Therefore, they’ll prove to be a firm deterrent for intruders. In a fixed glazing window, you’ll also get a durable frame with internal security hardware as standard.

You can choose from various materials for your frame, including uPVC and aluminium. These modern structures work with your glazing to protect your living space, and they’ll help you trap heat inside your home as well.

Alternatively, in a fixed glazing panel, you can build the glazing directly into the wall for even greater security.

Fixed glazing can also make your home feel more private, giving you more control of your living space. You’ll get sound insulation that keeps noise from outside away, and you can get obscured glass as an option too.

Obscured glass stops people from getting a clear view of your home, and also provides subtle shading, reducing glare from the glazing.

How Can I Customise My Fixed Glazing?

By using Double Glazing Quoter’s services, you won’t only add fixed glazing that makes your home brighter. You can also customise it to be entirely bespoke to you. With the suppliers in the Double Glazing Quoter network, you’ll be able to choose glazing in a range of RAL colours, as well as finishes, to add a sense of personal style to your new addition.

You’ll also be able to add a fixed glazing option to any window style from our suppliers. That means you can still get the window design of your choosing, but you can save money and improve privacy.

For example, you can get a flush sash window that sits flush within the frame, providing a sleek and secure design.

You can even get fixed glazing as a frameless option, leaving only the stunning double glazing. As a result, the design becomes less bulky, providing you with outstanding views of your garden.

That way, you can bring your living space closer to the outside world, and fit your fixed glazing seamlessly with your home.

How Much Does Fixed Glazing Cost?

Fixed glazing windows can start from as little as £150 for a casement option. However, if you want to add another style, such as a sash window or even bow and bay designs, you can expect to pay more.

However, adding fixed glazing can reduce the cost, removing the opening but still providing you with light and warmth that can save you money on bills.

The price can also vary depending on how you choose to customise your glazing.