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What is the Average Window Replacement Cost?

The average window replacement cost is between £325-820. However, various factors can affect whether you pay that much for your brand-new design. You might want larger windows or unique designs that are bespoke to your home. Not only that, the installers you work with to replace your windows can have a large impact on the price as well.

At the moment, you might have older windows in your home, which are ageing or underperforming. Older windows can lose up to 10% of your home’s energy, meaning that you could end up spending a lot more on your home’s bills. Because of this, replacement windows of any cost can offer superb value for money, and especially in the long run.

But the average window replacement cost can still climb for other reasons. If you’d like a new design to replace your old one, changing the shape can add to the price. Not only that, unique design features, such as Georgian bars, stylish colours and authentic woodgrain finishes, can sometimes affect the quote you get as well.

If you’d like to take back control over your window costs, though, there’s an option. You can compare prices for several windows by getting quotes from multiple installers. Local companies often have lower prices than the big national brands as they don’t charge high travel costs, meaning you could save more money on your replacement windows cost.

And, with Double Glazing Quoter, you could save up to 40%! You can compare installer prices with us in minutes, and you don’t have to find installers yourself. Because of this, you can end up finding much better prices for brand-new windows. We only work with the best local installers, meaning you’ll always get windows sourced from leading manufacturers with superb, long-lasting performance.

what is the average window replacement cost

Do Replacement Windows Offer Value For Money?

In your home right now, you might have older windows. However, those windows can lose their performance over time. If you have single glazing or timber frames, then materials like this can weaken through the years. Wood can crack and twist in poor weather conditions, creating gaps for cold air to enter your home and increase the risk of condensation or failure.

One way to fix your windows, of course, is to repair the designs. You can get ahead of problems by repairing, too, meaning you don’t have to worry about failures. Repairing your windows, though, is often only a temporary fix. Over time, you may end up needing to carry out the same job, meaning you could get caught in a cycle of rising repair costs.

Instead of repairing your windows, then why not replace them? Replacement windows might have a higher cost, but they offer much more value for money in the long run. Not only will you only make one investment rather than spend money on repairs several times, but you’ll also get a window with better performance and durability. As a result, your windows will be able to save you money.

You’ll get superb thermal efficiency from advanced double glazing and durable profiles, meaning that you’ll keep warm air inside your home and cold air out. Because of this, you can stay warm while spending less on your heating, saving you money on bills and decreasing your carbon footprint too!

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What Makes Your Window Replacement Cost Rise?

If you decide to get a window replacement, then the cost can vary for several reasons. Firstly, the style of window you choose will affect the price. You could go for standard casement windows, which are the most affordable option or opt for something bolder. For example, you could benefit from innovative tilt and turn windows or elegant sash windows for your home.

However, the size of your windows could be equally important. At the moment, you may have more narrow windows, meaning you could be considering going for a larger window size in your replacement. However, modern windows have slimmer profiles thanks to durable materials like uPVC and aluminium, meaning you can let more light in without taking up more space.

You could also find higher costs if you choose to build bespoke windows. Many companies will charge more if you’d like to customise your windows with unique hardware, colours and styles. For example, you might want to add more locking systems for added security or Georgian bars to add period quality to the design. However, some installers will up the price.

One method of cutting that cost is to not work with installers at all. You can order supply-only windows for your home, meaning you don’t have to hire window fitters to install them. However, you’ll have to put the new design together yourself, and you’ll need to switch out your old windows too. But, because this process can be complex, it’s usually worth hiring trusted installers for the job.

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Window Replacement Installers Cost

If you want to save on your window replacement cost, finding the right installer can often be the most helpful. While most people choose big national brands, they’ll pay a lot more than you need to. Big companies usually have large overheads, meaning that they often charge you more to cover them. Local installers, though, have smaller overheads, meaning lower prices. Also, they source their windows from the same companies in many cases, meaning you’ll get the same performance for a lower cost!

You could also benefit from a more responsive service. As local installers are closer to you, they’ll take less time to travel to your door, meaning shorter wait times. You can even get more personalised service from a smaller installation team that cares about homeowners in their area.

Finding the right installers to carry out your window replacement at the right cost is trickier, though. Because there are so many, you can never be sure which ones to trust. You might find brilliant offers on the market, but they may be for poor-quality windows from a rogue trader. Not only that, comparing installers on your own can take lots of your free time up as well.

If you want to lower your window replacement cost by up to 40%, why not search for quotes through Double Glazing Quoter? When you use our network, you can find installers offering great deals in minutes. You can compare their offers, too, meaning more competitive prices and deals that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

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Lower Replacement Window Cost

When you search for a lower window replacement cost through Double Glazing Quoter, you’ll save in more ways than one. You can speak to several companies to compare their offers, helping you save on the window price. However, you’ll also get a high-quality design with superb thermal efficiency, meaning you can save more on your energy bills over time!

You can even get more peace of mind in your installers if they’re part of our network. We review the installers we work with constantly to make sure they’re leading names. Many of them are Checkatrade and Which? members too, ensuring you get installers that you can rely on to replace your windows correctly.

You can get in touch with us using our online contact form today to start the process. And, if you’d like further advice and information, you can always call our friendly team on 0800 015 5679!