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What is The Best Type of Front Door?

What is The Best Type of Front Door For Your Home?

If you’re looking to replace your front door then you’ll be pleased to discover many styles and materials to choose from.  Whether you have a period home or live somewhere more contemporary, you will be faced with a great choice of designs.

A front door can have great impact on how your home is presented. A front door will influence first impressions and initial kerb appeal so it’s important to do a little research before buying.

Once you have chosen an external door design that suits your home, you’ll want to compare the differences in material, thermal efficiency and security. It’s important that your new front door is strong, secure and provides outstanding performance.

Front Door Materials

You can choose from a choice of uPVC, aluminium, or composite. Each of these materials offers weather protection and insulation as standard, and they’ll continue to perform for your home without losing their shape for decades.

Timber front doors however, have a tendency to rot and warp. They are more expensive too.

A uPVC front door is the more cost effective option and is often the go-to for many homeowners on a tighter budget.

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If you’re looking to add light to your space, then you could add a uPVC door with sizeable double glazing panels. You can customise your new door with glass to ensure you control how you light your living space.

You can also add glass panels to aluminium and composite doors, giving you a mix of beautiful natural warmth and durable protection.

However, if you want to add a product that offers you peace of mind, then the best type of front door for you is an aluminium or composite option.

These designs have exceptional strength, and also come with internal security hardware, like reinforced locks and shoot bolts. As a result, you can keep the things that matter most to you safe without worry.

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In any case, however, a new front door gives you the flexibility to create a home that suits you and your family’s needs. Not only will it give you a stunning design that welcomes guests in, but it’ll open a warm and comfortable space for everyone to enjoy. That way, you can benefit from a natural home that’ll save you money, no matter the materials you choose.

uPVC Front Doors

The first option, uPVC front doors are an increasingly popular choice for homes around the UK. They use an incredibly flexible material to give you plenty of possibilities to style your new entrance.

Not only that, but uPVC has energy at the front of its design. It’ll help you to channel the heat in your home better, keeping you warm throughout the year.

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uPVC helps to save energy inside your home, as it absorbs more energy and reduces the space by which heat can escape. It’s air and water-tightness also enable you to stop draughts and damp spots from developing in your living space. Because of their weatherproofing technology, your front doors won’t lose their shape or performance in poor conditions either.

That way, you’ll be investing in a durable door on which you can rely. Not only that, but your new addition won’t fade over time, ensuring continued performance and smoother operation for decades. Because of this, you can add unique colours with confidence, and you won’t have to spend as much money on repairs either.

Aluminium Front Doors

Alternatively, choosing an aluminium design may prove to be the best type of front door for you. Aluminium is a precious metal, which means you’ll get added strength and durability over uPVC.

Not only that, but its exceptional robustness helps it protect your home from pretty much anything. With one of these doors, you can stop worrying about intruders, full stop.

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Aluminium works with double glazing in these doors to create an impact-resistant barrier that keeps your home safe. But, when you work with a trusted supplier from the Double Glazing Quoter network, you’ll also get a precise installation and internal hardware. With these, you’ll get a more secure door and other innovative features that make it a nightmare for intruders.

This remarkable material can also save you more money in the long run. Because aluminium has a more robust build, it can trap more heat than uPVC, making your home even warmer.

That way, you can save more money on your energy bills, and also reduce your carbon footprint. Although aluminium doors cost slightly more, they’ll prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Composite Front Doors

Alternatively, there’s no need to choose just one material. With composite front doors, you can get a blend of several advanced materials in one design.

The composite mixture uses a timber or foam core, uPVC and glass resistant plastic. The materials all work together so that you can get the strengths of them all without their drawbacks.

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You’ll be able to get the look of a timber door, for example, without worrying about it cracking over time. You’ll also get timber’s effective insulation, giving your home brilliant protection from the cold.

Additionally, you’ll get uPVC and GRP, two cutting-edge materials that help your door withstand bad weather and keep their shape.

Composite front doors also give you a durable design that doesn’t fade down the years. Because of this, the colours will retain their vibrancy for decades, giving you an entrance that suits your home’s unique style.

Finally, you’ll get a perfect mix of the traditional and the modern, with a door that has a timeless elegance and some of the best performance available on the market.

Why Should I Get a New Front Door?

Your door is the first thing anybody sees of your home. However, getting the best type of front door also makes a genuine difference in how your home channels energy.

In an older entry, you often find that there are gaps in the design that allow your home’s warm air to escape, and cold air from outside to rush into your space.

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Another reason your door might not be performing is that it uses timber. While timber offers insulation and security, it can lose its performance quickly.

That’s because water and cold air can expand any cracks in the frame, creating gaps for warmth to escape your home. Not only that, but you might end up needing to shell out for repairs as time goes by.

With a new door, you can get all of the benefits of your old one with a beautiful new design. Many of the suppliers in our network offer a range of RAL colours and woodgrain finishes, meaning you can style your door in any way you want.

Additionally, you could choose a composite front door that uses a solid timber core but protects it with advanced materials like GRP.

The best type of front door is one that makes your home feel more comfortable on the inside. These designs can save warmth and energy inside your home, cutting down your household bills and creating a more welcoming living space.

And, thanks to their durable protection and internal security, you’ll feel comfortable in knowing you and your family are safer.

How Much Does a New Front Door Cost?

The cost of a new front door can vary depending on precisely what you want to install in your home. For example, aluminium is more costly than uPVC, while accessories such as knockers and cat flaps can add to the overall price of your new addition.

uPVC doors are the most cost-effective, and will still give you brilliant performance and help to save you money.

However, the aluminium door offers better performance and far better safety. The strength of these doors can give you invaluable peace of mind, as well as a metallic shine that oozes class.

Composite doors are a similar price to aluminium doors, but give you a more traditional look. Not only that, but their blend of materials helps you get the best of them all while saving more money in your home.

Whichever the best type of front door is for you, however, you can get a free, no-obligation quote using Double Glazing Quoter’s online services today.

Use our front door cost calculator to get an instant online price.